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  1. Is now rocking a SE Arc S 1.4 Ghz yeah

  2. My new lol Palm Pre and the Galaxy S wifi 5.0 all got for an amazing £182 both with 12 months warranty. http://t.co/Zwu9kk8J @AstragaliUSA

  3. I have let the wife use the car today and she said the brake pedal is a lot higher than what it was before they bled the brakes. from the first 25 miles which is when she picked the car up from the lease compnays dealer drop off point. So it looks like they might have fixed it, so going to give it aother try and hopefully its done. The ford dealer we took it to told me how they wold test it, which from the sound of it would only me long runs and to me we could test it better as we are urban drivers so lots more use of the brake's. thanks to everyones help. hopefully its sorted out. fingers
  4. I have been in touch with the Local Ford Dealer and they claim, all they did was put it up on the ramps and look for any leaks, as they could not find any they bled the brakes and then took it for a 50 mile run. and it did not happen again. ? Cheers
  5. I was told if there was air in the system, then we would not have had the brakes from day 1. From what I read if there is air in the system then bleeding should fix it. But as the Ford dealer says it did not happen again within 50 miles then there is no fault. I guess bleeding might have fixed it, but we are not willing to risk a crash etc, but not sure what to do. Thanks
  6. Sorry its a bit long. Hi My Wife has just got last friday a Fiesta Edge TDCi on a 3 yer lease. The problem is it seems to have a intermittent brake pedal problem. For the first 25 miles it worked Ok, But when I got into the car and the first time I pressed the brake pedal in sank to the floor and had very little braking effect. After a while the pedal came back to the top after some more presses while driving the car. Then the following day I did a brake test by doing the following, i press the brake pedal 10 times with the engine off and it went really hard and I held my foot on the ped
  7. Let's hope #alcatrazwatch is not a big waste of time like lost was. Looks ok so far. Let's just hope they know where it's going.

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