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  1. Focus 1.6 Tdci Dpf Removal

    As you probably know. This wasn't the cause of the problem and the garage still has my car. They have an auto electrician coming out tomorrow, not sure what he is going to do as the garage said they have done everything they car with what equipment they have.
  2. Engine Management Light And Em Warning

    Hi guys. Just a quick update on the matter. Still haven't got my car back.!! So frustrating. They have an auto electrician coming out tomorrow as apparently they have gone as far as they can with the equipment they have. I'm not sure what the Auto electrician is going to do? Any ideas. Just wanted a bit of advice really to see where I stand as they have my old car that I PX'd and cash down up for sale. If they have done any work to the PX car and I say I don't want the new one which is currently under going work. Do I have to pay for any work that has be done on either car. The car that I PX'd had a scrape on the rear bumper and it looks like they have either painted it or polished it.
  3. Engine Management Light And Em Warning

    Well. I thought it would have been sorted but turns out the engine malfunction warning and engine management light are still there so what ever the turbo recirculation valve is. This wasn't the cause. Will post again once I hear something tomorrow.
  4. Focus 1.6 Tdci Dpf Removal

    Just had word from the garage and the problem that caused the faults that I posted earlier was a turbo release valve. Not sure what significant role this plays. Can anyone expand? Thanks.
  5. Engine Management Light And Em Warning

    Hi. Just had word from the garage and the part for my car has just arrived....... Apparently it's due to a turbo release valve. Will be picking the car up shortly and will let you know how it drives. What's people's thoughts on this. Thanks.
  6. Focus 1.6 Tdci Dpf Removal

    SNAP! It's the first time I've owned a focus. I had a 58 plate (newer shape) ford fiesta 1.6 diesel zetec s which run as sweet as a nut. Not sure if it had DPF but I traded it in for a 07 Ibiza FR. Me and my partner are expecting our first child hence the reason for the 5 Door focus. The guys at the garage seem like decent people so I'm confident they will sort I just don't want to be going forward and backwards all the time due to the same problem as I have read many people have done. Do you have a link to their Web site? May look into having it done. Also get a day out too so bonus. I'd rather travel and have it done through a recommendation than test someone. What milage does the belt want to be changed?
  7. Focus 1.6 Tdci Dpf Removal

    Its ok. Ive just recently stopped smoking and adopted a polar bear so when I comes to saving the planet I think it owes me. As for removing the DPF. If I knew it had one I wouldn't have bought it. And if it means removing it to stop me shelling out hundreds of £££'s every 6000 mile then I'm sorry Ghandi I'm going to remove it - well that's if the law allows me too ;) But as before thanks for your opinion - truly noted.
  8. Focus 1.6 Tdci Dpf Removal

    How much did it set you back if you do t mind me asking and whom do you recommend. What is involved (as a package) once the decision has been made to remove the DPF.
  9. Focus 1.6 Tdci Dpf Removal

    Hi all. Just dropped my 08 plate Focus titanium off at the garage after only buying it last night. Engine management light came on, went into limp mode followed by a ping noise what brought up a message saying engine malfunction. Dont know if it is due to the DPF or not but I will just have to wait and see what the guys at the garage say. Just wanting to know if anyone has anymore up dates on whether removing the DPF is a good idea (as the last post was in 2013) and whether the law has changed since. Reply appreciated.
  10. Engine Management Light And Em Warning

    Hi Simon. Thanks for that. Just dropped the car off at the garage after driving through to Leeds and there were no trouble I. E no knocks bangs coughs ect just a loss of power meaning I was unable to take the car past 50 which wasn't an issue if anyone has ever drove from Barnsley to Leeds in a morning as you can make it passed that due to the copious amount of traffic. Pulled in to the garage and explained the situation and the guys were more then happy to take a look. He suspects that It may be the DPF also. Just waiting to hear back from him and will post the outcome. Again, thanks for your reply.
  11. Hi all. Haven't been on here for a while. Apologies for that. Just purchased a Ford Focus 1.6TDCI Titanium on a 08 plate. Driving home from Leeds to south Yorkshire and the engine management light came on, about a mile after that a warning pinged up saying engine malfunction. I have done the Dashboard diagnostics thing and that came up with 9601 & 5750. Not of which can explain the fault of why I went in to limp mode on the A621. Managed to make it home but can't seem to pin point what it could be. Car is going back to the garage tomorrow but just want an insight to would it could be if anyone can help The car has just over 77000 miles on it and has just been MOTed. Replies appreciated.
  12. Photo Uploads!!!

    cheers pal but how's that work?
  13. Photo Uploads!!!

    I find it very frustrating that I have a take a picture on my phone and then log on to my computer so I get it on here. is there no way I can upload straight from my phone??? anyone??
  14. hi all, can some one please tell me in sort terms how to make a signature please. would be very great full if someone can do it for me ;) greenmk7 ;)
  15. Interior Mods

    i once saw a kid on another forum who put a boost gauge in the circular air vent on the drivers side. looked quite decent ;) maybe an option.