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  1. Help and info

    Thanks for the info I'll have a look over the next few days (IF i get stuck i'll be sure to ask) Thanks again guys
  2. Help and info

    Is it the same if there are disc brakes on the rear?
  3. I have a leak

    Look around the engine, look for WHITE power type marks. These will be caused by a water leak... This could indicate where the leak is from. The causes of losing water are almost endless. Check what here and if you have no joy ask again but let us know what you have tried.
  4. I have a leak

    Check the oil dipstick for grey colouring or creaming.... As the water usage could be caused by a head gasket leak, Although it could also be down to many other things too. Check the dipstick, Also that all hoses are tightly secured and not loose. If all seems ok let us know again and will offer other possiblities
  5. Hi I am looking for info and a how to Guide as to how i go about changing the rear wheel bearing on my focus (W reg 2.0 zetec Disc on rear) How do i remove the old old and what tools will i need to do it? I have done wheel bearing on Vauxhall's (Old ones) but never on a ford. ALL Info and help Greatfully recieved Thanks Al