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  1. Not looked at exhausts but www.sp-tuning.co.uk will do a re-map for £350. I don't have any possible bhp and torque figures but "Jamie" at sp said that model of engine should do well when mapped.
  2. I have to admit that my mpg is finally creeping up! I've done 4345 miles and it's now showing an average mpg of 37.6 at 23 mph. Now i have regularly re-set the mpg and mph readings to get an accurate reading. Just thought i'd give an up-date! :-)
  3. Is there much difference in price from the Focus Zetec S 180 to the Titanium?? Just to add that i'm unlikely to buy another Ford after the lies and subsequent wriggling out of the issue and responsibility Bristol Street have shown ! The official stats on mpg are 47. Mine has never been above 34 in 2700 miles! And generally sits about 33 mpg. The situation is made worse by the fact that there is little power below 4000 rpm, but i went ahead with the purchase as i was convinced it would only get better. Anyhow, i would advise those that are thinking of buying the Zetec S 180 petrol to think hard about it and whether you could live with a real life mpg of an mpg sp low!! For anyone that is interested, i'm not the only one in this situation and you can read abit more by clicking on the below link. http://www.talkford.com/topic/196983-do-i-buy-10-or-16-focus/
  4. Just looked at your location Jamie. Thats spooky as i live just outside Evesham, in Offenham.
  5. Thanks for the imput Jamie. I've heard similar but different stats. The dealer said new cars don't need to be "run in" but should reach there maximum potential within 1500 to 2000 miles. I suppose everyone has there own opinion about the "bedding in/running in" I will certainly be taking the car back for inspection!
  6. Apologies for the late reply, I've been unwell and pre-occupied with a stressful house move. As if theres a non stressful house move.... Anyhow. Graham, you've hit the nail on the head!!! I feel a little embarassed to be honest. There are so few of the Zetec S petrols out there it was nice to have something a little different. Now i feel foolish and naive as all bar a few fools out there like me saw the writing on the wall!! I'm so dissatisfied with my Focus Zetec S 180 petrol consumption, i'm returning it with a percieved "fault” to be rectified. You can’t bulls**t a potential buyer parting with the best part of 20 grand that a particular model does a “combined 47.9 mpg” when in the reality of day to day driving you’re getting 32 – 34 mpg!! I’m no boy racer but i’m also no dreaded Sunday pensioner driver! But my Vauxhall Vectra 1.9 cdti, from memory was given an indicated average of about 49 mpg. And no matter how hard that car was driven it always returned a minimum of 47 mpg!! It was the first Ford i’ve owned, and if “they” can tell such basic blatant lies like that, it will certainly be the last!!! Just to add that i never got the car "re-mapped" and i've now covered around 2500 miles.
  7. Just found the brochure from Ford and it said combined is 47.9!! Most of my driving is consists of 10 mile round trips to my local town on A roads. It also has a small tank range, 390 going on the trip computer.
  8. I think the fuel economy is cr4p to be fair. Although i don't do many miles so it's not to big an issue for me. I kind of feel conned. From memory i'm sure on paper the stats were around 44 mpg in varied conditions. Yet mine's averaging 33 mpg. 70% of the time i just plod along, even changing up gear when the dash indicates to do so for max mpg, and using "stop start". The other 30% is more spirited (hate that word!) driving than caning it to death. And although it has the 178 bhp it deliveres the power so linear it's hard to make out much of a surge when the turbo cuts in. Although that said, it does pull well, especially when the car hits 4000 rpm. Perhaps i'm missing the point?? I'm no car reviewer, and it's been along time since i've owned a car with such a small engine. But my other car, (until sold) is a 2004 127000k Vectra 1.9 cdti mapped from 150 bhp to 190 bhp (ish) and it would leave the Focus for dead! I drove both today, "back to back" and it confirmed my feelings. Having said that i am very happy overall with my Focus. Hope that helps??
  9. The best i can find at this blurry eyed time of the morning is the link below. I love mine despite a few niggles that don't impress me about the car. I've not seen another one on the road as yet, and having the extra lower front and rear black gloss trim theyed be easy to spot. I'm hoping thats a good thing!! http://www.talkford.com/topic/190723-focus-mk3-zetec-s-launched-with-180bhp/page__hl__%2Bfocus+%2Bzetec+%2Becoboost__fromsearch__1
  10. Well Ive had the zetec s around a month now and covered just over 1000 miles. Overall i'm very happy with it. The engine pick-up at low revs seems to have definately improved. However, the main performance doesn't really come alive until you hit 4k on the rev counter. Brakes are outstanding as is the overall handling. A couple of negatives. The rear parcel shelf is really flimsy to say the least! Also, the body panels do seem abit flimsy to. Depress in very easily when washing the car. Especially the rear quaters. The fuel tank seems a tad small, but this may be in comparison to my vectra. A full tank gives 390 miles. I've sorted a remap with www.sp-tuning.co.uk for £350 all in for gains of around 40bhp. Wife won't let that happen until i've sold my vectra though! :(
  11. Clive, when the engine has "loosened up" do you think the performance will increase overall??
  12. Oh yes, the shiny shiny was like a drug to me! :D I've had a test drive today and the deal is done! I should pick it up in 7 to 10 days. Soooo excited :D :D
  13. And this one! Can you tell i'm soooo excited!!?? :D :D :D
  14. Then this. And i was hooked!