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  1. Genuine Dilemma, I Don't Know What To Do

    "Extend the wiring" for £3000.00. Did you ask them where to exactly ? The southern hemisphere ? Pull the fuse to the port for now, as indicated. Round this way the is an epidemic of Fords being stolen using this method.
  2. Kuga Alloy Wheels

    Hi, did you source your wheels for this as i have a set of 4 mk1 kuga 18" alloy wheels for sale , they have done 15,500 miles, Tyres are continentals, wheels are in good condition though 1 of them does have a slight scuff in the diamond cut. They are on ebay with pictures if you are interested. regards, Paul.
  3. Mondeo 2.5 Ghia V6 - Not Starting

    Hi, more than likely it is just your battery, electronics do funny things when the voltage drops too low for them to work properly. I had the same issues with the stereo and dials on my Kuga when i was installing my towbar and had the doors /hatch open for a few hours with the radio on, when i came to start it i had similar symptoms as yours plus warnings on info display that key battery was flat etc. good luck.
  4. St170 Runs Cold

    Ditto above, or check the cooling fans are not running all the time.
  5. Warranty Question

    Hi, Im sure that will be fine, though its best to stick to the recommended servicing mileage plus or minus 500 miles if you are going to be doing more than 12,000 miles a year, though i appreciate its not always easy due to time constraints etc. have fun.
  6. Warranty Question

    Hi, i just re- read your original post, its possible the original book was mis-laid and that is why there appears to be parts of the booklet unfilled, I would'nt lose any sleep over it, you WILL have a warranty, just make sure you have every thing you may need in the future like the radio code in case the battery is disconnected etc. locking wheel nut key or code if you have them, that sort of thing, get the dealer to supply them if missing, regards, Paul.
  7. Warranty Question

    Ok, i understand, though it would still come with 3 years manufacturers warranty from new - provided it is serviced to the manufacturers recommendations so if it is coming up to a year old call your local dealership when it is due and when they service the car get them to clear up any questions you may have about the service book/ warranty. Regards, Paul.
  8. Warranty Question

    Hi, if like me you purchased the car through a Ford dealer, i would imagine that it was a Ford Direct vehicle, you should be able to confirm this through other paperwork you may have or you may have a "Hologram" sticker on the nearside at the top of the windscreen, part of the Ford Direct deal is that you are supposedly guaranteed confidence in the car as it hasaparrently been inspected and automatically comes with the balance of the manufacturers warranty (3 years) from date of first registration. As the other poster replied to you though, it may be best to get this cleared up on your next visit to the dealer, Regards, Paul.
  9. Folding Mirror

    Hi Bill, and thanks for your answers, my Kuga is just coming up to 3 years old and today i have booked it in for a service and MOT next week, i mentioned that i still have the mirror problem and that i had heard about a software fix for it to "prompt" them and they have made a note of it. I intend to get an extended warranty next week as its my own car and i do intend to keep it, by the way its supposed to be 205 bhp though the RAC man who was a ford tech previously, told me those 5 pot volvo engines in the Kuga are not as de-tuned as much as would be expected, so who knows. Regards Bill, Paul.
  10. Folding Mirror

    Hi Bill, not sure if you got this problem sorted out but i have the same issue with my 2011 drivers door mirror , always when folding out and usually if i had the problem in the morning, when i eventually got it to unfold, it would then be ok for the rest of the day, i mentioned it to the dealer but their attitude was that because they could'nt re-create the fault in the workshop, they were not prepared to change the switch or the mirror so just left it !
  11. Welcome to the Ford forums KING KUGA :)