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    Logging in

    Sorry Vinny, but its clear to see who started it here. Yet again on this forum I am the victim of slatings (the exact reason I stopped coming on here many months ago) so time does not change anything. I've had enough of it on here. I've given this forum more than enough chances and its always the same. I ask a question about a problem I have and end up getting myself and now my car slagged off in open forum. Well if thats how its gonna be then I'm sorry thats not a forum I'm interested in being around. Good luck and goodbye.
  2. SierraYankee99

    Logging in

    Huge sticker...????? See the sig lovely boy. What sticker???? And the tints are to prevent the thieving scum from seeing See what I mean Jonny, always on my case. TheSilverFox, please dont reply to my threads any longer. As for accusing you of PM'ing me to admin I have zero idea what you are on about. If this was indeed my brother then thats between you two not me.
  3. SierraYankee99

    Logging in

    Thanks pal, I'm used to this contributor doing this sort of thing. He does exactly the same sort of thing to me on Focusowners. The skill is rising above it. Being time served and a useful contributor doesnt matter to some people. Had I solved my own problem then it wouldnt be a problem. Its not a big issue but as stated in my original post its very annoying, especially when I'm trying to log in at work in my half hour dinner and I have to log in two or three times and it would be nice if I could AT LEAST get a response from Steve. If your car took 3 times to start EVERY time you got into it would you accept that it starts on the third try or want the problem sorting so it starts first time every time? Thats what we have here. Personally I dont think its anything to do with cookies or it wouldnt happen on all the PCs I use. Also, the chances are if I'm having this problem, others are too or maybe cant login at all. Who knows.
  4. SierraYankee99

    Logging in

    This has been going on for over 2 months now and started with a nice post asking why. I received sarcastic answers guiding me to PM admin as I would get a faster response. This I did when changes had been made and Steve instructed me to PM if it didnt solve it, which it didnt. I did this WELL before Christmas and to date have had zero response. I feel my thoughts and feelings about how this is being handled are reasonable and well founded thanks.
  5. SierraYankee99

    help needed

    Could be the idle control valve but its more common if the speedo is dropping for it to be the Vehicle Speed Sensor.
  6. SierraYankee99

    Ford Focus Zetec Mk1

    No they are a complete tw@t to change. Once you have the door card off the handle simply pulls from the door. Simple you'd think. It is, right to the point where you have to get the control cable out of the old handle. Be especially careful prising it out with a screwdriver cos you break that plastic too much holding it in and you're paying for a new cable too. Once its out the old one its as easy as just pushing it back into the new one. When I did mine I believe it took me about 4 hours. If you have manual winders on your back doors they can be a sod to get off too. I found holding the winder out with a screwdriver and inserting a set of long nosed pliers in the gap and pulling the clip out holding them on was easiest.
  7. SierraYankee99

    Logging in

    Still no reply either by PM or on here. This is absolutely diabolical management of a forum in the highest degree!
  8. I didnt mis quote you I said drive slowly using the highest gear possible for the speed keeping the revs low to avoid the wheels spinning. Then I went on to say braking slowly and early using the gears to slow you rather than just the brakes which I believe backs up what you were saying. Low gears are NEVER your friend on ice. The higher the gear the lower the torque and chances of wheel spin. My mistake came in quoting your post in mine and for that I apologise that this shoddy forum software doesnt do the same as most others when you click the reply button.
  9. SierraYankee99

    white smoke

    Old Ford diesels used this spec oil (well my old mondogger did) but as stated the newer TDDi and TDCi ONLY use 5W30 semi or fully synthetic. It wont have come down to selling you a dearer spec oil as 5W30 isnt that cheap for good quality Semi-synth. You'll be looking at about £35 for 5 litres.
  10. SierraYankee99

    Focus 1.6ltr poor mpg

    Turning off the engine will have an adverse effect. Huge amounts of fuel are used to start and engine compared to nigh on nothing to keep it ticking over. Make sure your windscreen blowers arent on full demist if you have air con fitted as it will use air con to clear the windscreen quicker even though the little light isnt lit on the air con button. For a car with a 30mpg average text book, I dont think 28mpg average is poor at all this time of year. Engines love cold air. More cold air means more fuel used. Summer makes cars more economical. Mine pulls like a train this time of year and the mpg falls from 45mpg running around to about 42mpg. But in summer its back to normal.
  11. Not true, you should always drive slowly use the highest gear possible for the speed keeping revs low. This reduces torque through the front wheels reducing the chances that they will spin in the ice. Setting off in second gear and changing up between 1500-2000rpm (in a diesel) should keep you safely on the black stuff without sliding. Also when slowing brake early and gently changing down through the gears so the engine helps slow you down not just the brakes and tyres.
  12. SierraYankee99

    Logging in

    The problem happens when I log in manually. When it relies on a cookie a la keep me logged in it works fine. I cant do that on a shared computer at work though. As for waiting for admin its like waiting for a bucket of horse !Removed! from Shergar for my roses. It aint happening.
  13. SierraYankee99

    Logging in

    Again, nope. I use firefox
  14. SierraYankee99

    Spare key for focus

    There shouldnt be no. If you're lucky and the keyfobs not totally flat already you might get away without reprogramming it. I change the battery in mine religiously every 12 months. Would cause me some right hassle if mine when and I was out. My front doors are delocked and it would be a pain in the a$$ climbing over the sub-box in the boot to get inside.
  15. SierraYankee99

    Logging in

    Same as you, to the last time I logged in.