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  1. Could be the idle control valve but its more common if the speedo is dropping for it to be the Vehicle Speed Sensor.
  2. No they are a complete tw@t to change. Once you have the door card off the handle simply pulls from the door. Simple you'd think. It is, right to the point where you have to get the control cable out of the old handle. Be especially careful prising it out with a screwdriver cos you break that plastic too much holding it in and you're paying for a new cable too. Once its out the old one its as easy as just pushing it back into the new one. When I did mine I believe it took me about 4 hours. If you have manual winders on your back doors they can be a sod to get off too. I found holding the winder out with a screwdriver and inserting a set of long nosed pliers in the gap and pulling the clip out holding them on was easiest.
  3. I didnt mis quote you I said drive slowly using the highest gear possible for the speed keeping the revs low to avoid the wheels spinning. Then I went on to say braking slowly and early using the gears to slow you rather than just the brakes which I believe backs up what you were saying. Low gears are NEVER your friend on ice. The higher the gear the lower the torque and chances of wheel spin. My mistake came in quoting your post in mine and for that I apologise that this shoddy forum software doesnt do the same as most others when you click the reply button.
  4. Old Ford diesels used this spec oil (well my old mondogger did) but as stated the newer TDDi and TDCi ONLY use 5W30 semi or fully synthetic. It wont have come down to selling you a dearer spec oil as 5W30 isnt that cheap for good quality Semi-synth. You'll be looking at about £35 for 5 litres.
  5. Turning off the engine will have an adverse effect. Huge amounts of fuel are used to start and engine compared to nigh on nothing to keep it ticking over. Make sure your windscreen blowers arent on full demist if you have air con fitted as it will use air con to clear the windscreen quicker even though the little light isnt lit on the air con button. For a car with a 30mpg average text book, I dont think 28mpg average is poor at all this time of year. Engines love cold air. More cold air means more fuel used. Summer makes cars more economical. Mine pulls like a train this time of year and the mpg falls from 45mpg running around to about 42mpg. But in summer its back to normal.
  6. Not true, you should always drive slowly use the highest gear possible for the speed keeping revs low. This reduces torque through the front wheels reducing the chances that they will spin in the ice. Setting off in second gear and changing up between 1500-2000rpm (in a diesel) should keep you safely on the black stuff without sliding. Also when slowing brake early and gently changing down through the gears so the engine helps slow you down not just the brakes and tyres.
  7. There shouldnt be no. If you're lucky and the keyfobs not totally flat already you might get away without reprogramming it. I change the battery in mine religiously every 12 months. Would cause me some right hassle if mine when and I was out. My front doors are delocked and it would be a pain in the a$$ climbing over the sub-box in the boot to get inside.
  8. He told you wrong. All they have to do is plug the computer into the OBD port and upload the new key chip codes and cut 3 spanking new keys for you. There are some places you can get the key you have cloned so the car thinks the both are the same key. You could just buy a new remote part for about £50 and put the chip from your old keyfob into the new one. That is if you need a new one. I think reprogramming central locking yourself will do the trick. Remotes arent supposed to need reprogramming after changing a battery but its not unheard of. My brothers needs doing from time to time.
  9. Did you try reprogramming the car in case the synch has gone between the car and remote? Process.... Insert key to ignition and turn to position 2 and off 4 times in 6 seconds. You will hear a chime. Remove the key and press any button on the remote. You'll hear another chime. Reinsert key and turn to position 2 and off again. Wait a few seconds then try see if it works. If its not that no Ford cant get you another key from the reg. They will get you an complete new set of keys and reprogramme the car on the computer and make your wallet £120 lighter for the privilege.
  10. First time I took mine off I damaged the black plastic but managed to repair it ok. A mate in a body shop showed me how to get them off easily.
  11. You can push them from the inside if you move the mirror on the outside edge you can pop the edge out out to get it started. Saves removing the glass.
  12. Not strictly the easier way. The easier way is to look under the mirror. You'll see where to insert a screwdriver the push the clips out at the bottom. Theres no clips at the top so this is the easier option.
  13. 1, Normal 2, Normal if you have your blowers on full demist. Fords utilise the aircon when on full demist (even though the lights not on the switch), this clears the windows quicker. Called Quickclear, most confuse the term as meaning its got an heated front windscreen. 3, Not sure, could be a few things. Worth having it looked at for this one.
  14. Air around a battery wont cause a problem. Moist air will though. Damp can drain a poorly charged battery fairly quickly but most people protect the terminals with either copper slip or vaseline to keep moisture out.
  15. Some run without them indeed. Actually its only the diesels that come with one as standard. As stated it is to keep the noise down outside the car but it does serve well as a keep the !Removed! off the bottom end protector too. The biggest downside is get an oil leak and it'll be running dry before you realise its even leaking.