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  1. Zs Range & Motorway Mpg

    Thanks everyone for the replies,whats it revving at,at 70mph? I've a 2010 1.8 vvt astra and thats like a plane taking off inside it at that speed
  2. Zs Range & Motorway Mpg

    Hi everyone I'm interested in the zs 1.0 125 and just wondered how many miles your getting to a tank of fuel and what it's mpg is like on a motorway at higher revs with it only being a 5spd. I used to have a 2006 zs tdci 1.6 and that was woeful at high speed on mpg. Any help appreciated
  3. Zetec S Fiesta 2009 Tdci Mpg+Usb

    ah could you pm a cost mate?
  4. Zetec S Fiesta 2009 Tdci Mpg+Usb

    ahh nightmare then,how did u do yours nathan?
  5. Zetec S Fiesta 2009 Tdci Mpg+Usb

    thanks nath,nice fiesta! are them parts hard to fit?
  6. hi everyone im looking at getting a 90bhp tdci zetec s,just a few querys whats the mpg like at 70? is it possible to fit a usb port? i know some of the later models have this,really need one for my music any help appreciated pete
  7. Usb For Fiesta??

    hi everyone ive got my eye on a few zs's (2008 on)one concern is that i use a usb stick for all my music.will i have to buy one with a usb already fitted or is there a way i can fit an interface or have it retrofitted?? ive seen the ford music box advertised,would i be able to use something like this? any help would be appreciated pete
  8. Hi everyone im looking at buying a new sportier hatchback as my jobs relocating closer to home.I like the look of the zetec s (having owned a 2006 tdci zetec s for a few years,it was a little flat on acceleration though) and fancy the 1.6 zetec s over the 1.6 diesel as il only be doing a 20 mile round trip daily couple of questions to anyone that can help does the 1.6 petrol give good economy?on motorway or just short distances? any problems anyones had with it? should i just get the tdci and remap? any help would be appreciated thanks
  9. Welcome to the Ford forums boroninja :)