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  1. 59 Zetec S To The New St - Worth The Switch?

    Btw MartynS, it's a cracking drive - Saturday can't come quicker! All the best.
  2. 59 Zetec S To The New St - Worth The Switch?

    Thanks again guys. This forum is great for this sort of thing. Will have to do some maths to see whether it can be done. Cheers fellas. Keep opinions coming!
  3. 59 Zetec S To The New St - Worth The Switch?

    FOCA, same question to you. All things considered, would you upgrade your ZS to a ST? Cheers.
  4. 59 Zetec S To The New St - Worth The Switch?

    Thanks for the replies so far guys. In response to Clarky2013, if you were able to trade your ZS for the ST, could you justify the price hike? Just interested. Cheers fellas.
  5. I'm the proud owner of a black Zetec S, and have been for 2 years. I have made some adaptations, purely cosmetic, including adding a white strip of DRLs under the headlamp units, upgrading the lights to LED or otherwise better, and finally adding the custom grille at the front. It makes for one proud owner. And then we have the ST - what a car! A really top drive. Apart from the opinion dividing front end, better in every way. Personally I think both old and new are good looking cars. But this is the question - is it worth upgrading to? I thought I'd pose this question to a more objective audience on here rather than friends/family who seem to think that they're identical (true to an extent) and a car is 'just a car'. What do you all think? Anyone out the made a similar change? Again, worth it? I was thinking about adding the Mountune engine upgrade too. Long message, I know - my bad. Thanks in advance guys, really stumped on this one!
  6. They're not called 'Neon LED' strips are they? If they are, any idea of where I could get my hands on some suitable stuff...? This sort of thing, only in white obviously. Thanks again.
  7. Hi there - I have a Zetec S which I've fitted with a strip of white LED DRLs under the headlamp units. The strip of lights show individual lights as seen in the DRLs of the first gen. Audi R8. I've noticed out on the road that all new Audi models have a new form of DRLs in a continuous light 'bar'. Rather than seeing individual lights, it is one strip of light. In my opinion, these look much crisper and cleaner than the ones I have installed. You can also find these 'bar DRLs' (as I call them), in various configurations, on some Mercedes and Volvos too. Firstly (if anyone knows what the hell I'm on about), does anyone know what they're called?? Secondly, can they be bought and installed as with my previous set? All help is welcome - I am completely stumped by this one... Alex
  8. Guide on how to fit DRL's to mk7 fiesta

    You might as well just have sidelights on and leave it at that... Besides, strictly speaking, you'd still need a relay to drop the power of the DRLs whilst the dipped/sidelights are on. Thought I'd ask...
  9. Guide on how to fit DRL's to mk7 fiesta

    Mate, you are a legend. This is now exactly what I was looking for. That last blue one looks best for me, so I'll buy that and install it asap. I'll drop a photo on here to show the finished work! This is what forums are all about. A free site with people sharing their knowledge. Classic stuff - cheers Lenny!
  10. Guide on how to fit DRL's to mk7 fiesta

    Cheers for that Lenny, that's pretty much exactly what I'm looking for! I don't suppose you'd know how to wire it to get the 50% dimming function would you? That's what I'd prefer tbh...
  11. Guide on how to fit DRL's to mk7 fiesta

    Hi there guys - Firstly, thanks to benholden2008. Have been following the step by step guide which was cracking, so thanks. In addition to it though. I want to fit after market LED DRLs to my new model Fiesta Zetec S 59 plate. I've been reading up about it, and according to UK law on fitting DRLs, they must light automatically on ignition but turn off once sidelights are applied. This would therefore go against attaching the lights via cable lock connectors to the sidelights. Firstly, does anyone know whether this is definitely the case? That being so, how could you wire the lights so they do meet UK Law standards on DRLs? Any help would be really appreciated as I'm stumped about this one... Cheers, Alex
  12. Welcome to the Ford forums TheLyonKing90 :)