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  1. 2002 Focus Estate Wheel Alignment Woes

    As far as I can tell, they didnt adjust the rears at all which makes sense from what you describe with seized bolts etc.
  2. 2002 Focus Estate Wheel Alignment Woes

    It does make sense that possibly the wheel has become bent but then surely the garage would have checked for that when I returned it complaining of vibration & light steering etc as they were well aware of how the accident happened.
  3. During the recent snow I was unfortunate enough to have slid on the ice into a kerb whilst trying to turn a corner. Despite going at only a few miles an hour, the resulting impact sheared my passenger lower wishbone and of course kerbed my alloy on that side. After a £150 bill with new wishbone fitted and 4 wheelalignment completed im back on the road. However I now find steering gets light at more than 30mph and I have a slight vibration. I presume the vibration could well be the kerbed wheel being out of balance but what would cause the light steering? I have a print out of the alignment with the following figures, can someone tell me if it sounds correct and if possible quote what the ford spec for camber, caster & toe-in is please. My figures are:- Caster Left front 2.08 Caster Right front 2.35 Camber Left front -1.03 Camber Right front -1.08 Toe-in Left front 0.09 Toe-in Right front 0.05 Total Toe-in 0.55 Steer ahead 0.01 Camber Left rear -2.46 Camber Right rear -2.21 Toe-in Left rear 0.16 Toe-in Right rear 0.21 Total Toe-in 0.36 Thrust angle 0.03 Thanks in advance.
  4. My 2002 Focus estate TDDI has just started showing the following symptoms:- when idling with dipped headlights on, if I switch on either of the heated window elements the headlights dim. Is this due to the regulator in the alternator on its way out or the battery starting to die? Also on the subject of batteries what amperage should the battery be?
  5. 2002 1.8 Tddi Uneven Idle

    Latest update:- Tried BG244 no much difference. Car drives lovely then you come to a traffic light etc, it idles ok for a few sec then goes lumpy then back to normal randomly revs dont seem to drop however. very slight increase in revs brings it back on song. My next thoughts are sticking injectors or EGR valve? Anyone got any more advice please before I spend out.
  6. Focus Mk1.5 Headlight Wiring

    Can someone please tell me the colours/usage for the headlamp wiring on a 2002 Mk1.5 Focus?
  7. I have a 2002 Focus TDDi with 83k on the clock. I recently replaced all air intake pipes as some were about to split but after only a month i see the insides are coated in wet oil. Would this be my turbo oil seals going? and would that mean a new turbo? Also assuming this means oil loaded air is being combusted, would that also be the cause of an irregular lumpy idle which is corrected by very slight acceleration? Any help appreciated please.
  8. 2002 1.8 Tddi Uneven Idle

    My 89k 2002 1.8tddi Focus has an annoying idle issue (probably common but i dont know??) it idles when warm at 750rpm but every 10 seconds or so the engine note changes and it drops engine speed slightly and then picks up again and repeats. It feels like a misfire but then surely it would happen all the time? It drives fine with no issues its just at idle i notice it. It has had new fuel, oil & filter. Could it be glow plugs? Any thoughts please?
  9. 2002 Focus 1.8 Tddi Idling Low

    My 2002 tddi drives very well no hesitation or lack of power but when idling at junctions feels like its about to stall actual idle speed is just above 700 rpm in spec i know but it doesnt feel right. Can this be adjusted up slightly (if so how?) or would there be something causing it to be low like partially blocked pipe etc? Any replies appreciated.
  10. I have just got hold of a 2002 80k focus 1.8 tddi which goes well and is very tidy but has two slight annoyances first listed here. When going over bumpy roads (thats most of devon then!) i get a "knock" which seems to come from drivers side wheel area. I get the same noise when I first brake in the mornings then after that braking doesnt make a difference. Would this be track rod or drop link worn? Any advice would be appreciated.
  11. Welcome to the Ford forums PSABIN8951 :)