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  1. I have a 57 plate sea grey tdci cmax, I've always fancied one day changing the standard plastic 5 spoke wheels with some nice black/ gun metal grey alloys, but never really got around to it or tbh can't afford it ATM. anyway the other day I noticed a ford with the same trims as me but missing one and noticed that behind the plastic is a black 5 spoke steel wheel. so I decided to take off the plastic and give mine a good clean by getting rid of all the brake dust etc to see what they'd turn out like. they don't look to bad and could quite easily be mistaken for black alloys. what I want now it's to match the bolts with the steel colour as they are currently standard steel alloy colour. q1. the alloy nuts have a cap on them is it possible to remove these caps or not as I was looking to replace them with black ones off Ebay and if not is it possible to get covers that will fit over them, I've had a go and they don't seem to be budging. q2. am I better off just buying a set of black nuts to replace all the standard alloy ones, and is anyone able to suggest where. q3. I'd also like to fill in the centres of the wheels with caps, I'm presuming you can get these of f Ebay making sure the size fits? q4. has anyone else done this with thier standard steel wheels? thanks in advance
  2. Welcome to the Ford forums wakey :)