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  1. From FordEtis: Focus 04-08/Focus C-MAX 03-07, 1.6L Duratec-16V Ti-VCT (115/120PS), Jeans (Metallic) Primary Features: Build Date: 27.02.2005 Vehicle Line: Focus 04-08/Focus C-MAX 03-07 Body Style: 4 Door Estate Version: Series 32 Engine: 1.6L Duratec-16V Ti-VCT (115/120PS) Transmission: 5 Speed Manual Transaxle - B5/IB5 Drive: LHD FWD Emission: Stage IV Emissions Air Conditioning: Manual Air Conditioning Territory: (+)"SF" Paint: Jeans (Metallic) Interior Fabric: Humy / Mondus / Dark Flint Minor Features: Saarlouis Plant Built Security Lock Group No.1 With Convenience Group Less Marketing Flex Prep Pack Less SVO Application/Label Marketing Level 1 Less Electronic Stability Control Less Global/Auto Closing Power Front Windows One Touch Down With Manual Rear Windows With Tinted Glass All Round Less Windshield Heat Shielding Less Heated Windscreen Less Temp Controlled Glove Box Less Overhead Console With Small Floor Console Less Front Floor Mats Less Rear Floor Mats Less Load Area Cover With Load Floor Carpet Less Roof Rack With Dipping Rear View Mirror Drivers Power Heated Convex Mirror With Pass Convex Elec/Heated Mirror With Rear Center Head Restraint Less Driver Seat Lumbar Support With Drivers Heated Seat With Heated Passenger Seat With Driver 4 Way Mnl.Seat Adjuster With Pass 2 Way Manual Seat Adjust Less Trailer Coupling Ignition Key With Remote Unit With Moulded Gearshift Knob With Central Locking System Less Door Entry Remote Control Unit With Variable Intermittent Windscreen Wiper With Headlamp Washer Less Sun Roof Air Curtain Restrnt LH Air Curtain Restrnt RH With Driver Air Bag With Passenger Air Bag With Side Air Bag - Drivers Side With Side Air Bag - Passenger Side Less Isofix Hard Point Attach With Mini Steel Spare Wheel With Load Levelling Rear Shocks 6J x 15 Steel Wheel 195/65VR x 15 Tyres 15" Mid Wheel Cover - Style C Non Locking Lug Nuts With Standard Suspension With Mechanical Parking Brake Less Brake Emergency Assist With Brake Emergency Assist Less Anti-Lock Braking System 4 Wheel Anti-Lock Braking System Less Skid Plates Standard Front Seat With Fixed Foot Pedals Less Auxiliary Heater With KMH Speedometer Less Radio Pre-Equipment Pack (+)RDS Less A/V Jack With Centre Antenna ICE-Low Level CD + AM/FM Radio ICE Feature Pack 20 With 6 Speakers Less Family Entertainment System With Column Stalk Radio Controls Less Smokers Package With Halogen Headlamp Less Headlamp Control Sorry for long list, I am not first owner so I have no idea what was standard and what was extras were bought...
  2. My GEM is 4M5T-14A073-CD and I successfully enabled CC... Edit: It is year 2005 left hand drive Focus mk2.
  3. Yes, PCM is the problem child as you cannot activate CC that easily from it. If you are lucky enough your PCM may already have CC ativated, but apparently not as it's not working. You need to enable CC from PCM... Please see last 10 pages about it. And you can verify that your steering wheel and buttons works by using test mode: - While holding rear window heater button down, turn ignition on - Keep pushing heater button until you hear beeb -> test mode is on When in test mode, all input buttons from steering wheel etc. should induce audible beeb and flash indicators should flash also. So you can test that GEM will recognize all your buttons.
  4. CC usually needs to be enabled from three places - that and how to do it is what we have been discussing for last 20 pages. From what modules did you enable CC?
  5. That Russian picture is too low resolution and has too much compression artifacts to tell. But most likely they have used existing SMD resistors... One could draw schematics from PCB and decide what kind of connections would be neeed...
  6. Simple push buttons do not have polarity nor do resistors have polarity. You do not need to worry about negative and positive wires (with this circuit).
  7. Dude, there's no point to drive from dealer to dealer and burn gas trying to find some kind of special resistors when they are not required :) In electronics you will usually pick nearest standard value for requested calculated value when dealing with resistors unless dealing with something quite special. I highly suspect Ford would have used some kind of ultra high precision resistors with extraordinary temperature coefficient. I mean, here in Finland it can be -40C and in tropic it can be +50C and cruise still works - resistors will change value a lot at these temperatures...
  8. Use two 150 ohm resistors in series for 300ohm and two 255 ohm for 510? Then again, most likely you can use standard 301 ohm and 511 ohm resistors, should be well inside tolerances I bet (and putting two 1% resistors in series could be more off than one 1% which value is off only by 1 ohm to begin with).
  9. You are out of luck, sorry :/ Ford garage could perhaps enable cruise using Ford's own IDS software, but they won't do that for free. Or you can hope that developers of ELMConfig will add support to your ECU in future... Edit: Remember, ELMConfig is done by individual volunteers, they may or may not add support to your ECU. You can check out their forums using Google Tranlator / Chrome and see if they have any development going on...
  10. Most likely you used ELM-FF2, right? It cannot enable CC from PCM, you need to use ELMConfig for that, read all the previous posts.
  11. Could you be more specific, what software did you exactly use and from what modules exactly you did enable CC? Terminology seems to differ from your software and software you used (IPC <> HEX, BCM <> ???). Anyways, you need to enable CC from three different modules. If you enabled it only from two (IPC, BCM), you still have one module left. Won't work without it... Also, you need to press + or - button after you press ON to cruise actually to activate.
  12. jarp

    Mk2 Xenon Headlamp Retrofit

    What you did explain makes perfect sense. I thought there are some kind of motor or solenoid which pops washer up from bumber but pressure makes more sense. That's what I meant with that dummy jet comment... My headlamp washers do operate simultaneously every time I use windscreen washer. There are no separate switch for them and I cannot prevent headlamp washers operating even if I would like to. I will look into wiring issue again but not sure if I have time soon... Thanks for your link I will look into it and try to locate that controller connector!
  13. jarp

    Mk2 Xenon Headlamp Retrofit

    Sorry it took this long, I was away for a while... I took one headlight off and took picture of washer jet. Picture is attached (click to enlarge). Its from left hand drive car, right side headlamp. You can see from the picture how water hose is connected, but I do not see any electrical connections? Are these just dummy jets, one separate pump is somewhere else (too lazy to check schematics now ;)? Or then connections are hidden inside car chassis, cannot see there properly... Ps. My headlamp connectors have only 7 wires so no HIDs for me - at least without adding extra wires but that would be too much...
  14. jarp

    Mk2 Xenon Headlamp Retrofit

    Great pictures, thanks! Did you find rear sensor also? Ah yes, adaptive lighting is AFS then yes, the control module is the same. If you go to ELMConfig and Headlight Control Module and then configurration, you can see that you can configure module as HID or AFS (and yes there is HID configuration option for GEM also). But if you will retrofit HIDs to your car, won't you lose AFS? Or does AFS support both halogen and HID? I really do not know since I never took any look to AFS schematics or anything... I really do not know why I have washers but not HID :-) Perhaps the car originally had HIDs or something but they broke and halogens were retrofitted b dealer instead as they are cheaper. Or something like that. I will check out the wires when I have some time, thank you for your great pictures! Ps. According to schematics sensor connector should be on right hand side on both left hand drive and right hand drive cars. Yes I have left hand drive indeed.
  15. jarp

    Mk2 Xenon Headlamp Retrofit

    Great stuff! But where is connector for HID control module and where is this "halogen jumper" located? If this "jumper" or whatever it is is not repositioned, according to schematics HID lights would still get leveling signal from manual knob and who knows if signal level is even compatible... Also HID module would be wired totally wrong without moving this jumper... According to schematics these wires are not routed through GEM, so it cannot be software only thing... Edit: And who would crash his HID-equipped car for me and sell HID related parts for me? Anyone? ;) Buying everything from scrap yards will be quite expensive, at least here in Finland...