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  1. Happy Birthday Focus_IRE!

  2. This is the First Step in the Guide - Car Washing Hope this helps everyone Happy Washing Car Washing.doc
  3. Focus_IRE

    Diy Alloy Wheel Refurbishmnet

    Yeah Lenny mate that was my intention all along and really think it would break up the dull look off the wheels
  4. Focus_IRE

    Diy Alloy Wheel Refurbishmnet

    Thanks very much mate, the centre caps are actually painted also not overlay
  5. Focus_IRE

    Diy Alloy Wheel Refurbishmnet

    Right lads latest pic of the alloys, here it is Will put more pics up over the weekend, must be washed first lol
  6. Focus_IRE

    Diy Alloy Wheel Refurbishmnet

    Will add them mate must wash it first lol
  7. Focus_IRE

    Diy Alloy Wheel Refurbishmnet

    Right everyone, Here is the big unvailing of the finshed wheels: I am fairly happy with the results myself and I think thta the Ford Sea Grey will go well with the moondust silver car. What is everyone's opinion on it? P.S. - Wait until you all see the centre caps ;)
  8. Focus_IRE

    Diy Alloy Wheel Refurbishmnet

    Hi Mate thanks. Yeah i did paint the gloss myself I am doing the whole lot of the refurb and painting myself mate. The black is actually black hammerite I painted onto it. Hi Mate yeah thats the plan anyway hopefully it will work lol
  9. Focus_IRE

    Front Fog Lights With Intigrated Drl's

    +1 Technically they are legal and I would have thought you would get away with them. I am being a devils advocate now going asking does anyone know of anybody driving a new volvo with fog DRLs and have they been stopped?
  10. Focus_IRE

    Weird Fluter/rattle

    Hi Mark, Does it sound like its a metal on metl sound? I had a simillar issue with mine and what I found was that the heat shield on the turbo was hitting the steel radiator pipe and by pushing it back and putting heat resistant tape on stops the two rattling together,
  11. Focus_IRE

    17" Alloys On A Focus

    Hi Sal, I personally don't think 17" alloys would look too small, here is a picture of a focus lowered 35mm and i think it loks well with the alloys.
  12. Focus_IRE

    Diy Alloy Wheel Refurbishmnet

    Right so lads here is the latest update on this thread: Here are some pictures of the wheels with just the black paint on sides and inside alloy: And here is a picture with the first coat of etch primer They will be painted this weekend and then clear laquered, hoping to have tyres and all ad on car on Wednesday/Thursday
  13. That is a smashing Fiesta mate! Really like the colour and wheels fair play. Have you pictures from start to finish to create a project build thread would be interesting to see mate
  14. Focus_IRE


    Hi focusdriver, I agree with all the lads about the washing up liquid, over time washing constantly will dull the paint work on the car and cannot be gotten back no matter how much polish you use. Autoglymm shampoo as said above would probably be the best but the turtle wax one would not be far off. I would use either WD40 or raw kerosene to remove tar, put kerosene into a spray bottle, give a liitle squirt on tar spots and leave for a few minutes then start washing your car. Also use a microfibre wash mitt and the two bucket technique to wash the car to ensure no dirt gets onto the car. For wax I personnaly have use the Autoglym High Defintion Wax which is slightly costly but lasts for ages as you use very little and will last for months.
  15. Focus_IRE

    Bus Build Thread!

    Good man Clive thanks for clearing that up was actually really curious hope nobody wasa offended with what I was asking. :)