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  1. Rear Speakers And Installing Sub

    hello mate ive got a mk7 to and have a sub in the back bit of a pain but just find an ignition live on the connector block on the back of stereo its one of the thicker leads so to test just pop the wire for amp(remote) on one of the big wires turn ignition on then if amp light comes on u have the right wire then turn off amp shud go off =)
  2. i hate rain rain rain make why white wheels dirty!!!!

  3. i hate rain rain rain make why white wheels dirty!!!!

  4. Fiesta Mk 7 MPG

    yeah i was quite concerned about mine aswell but driving at about 50+ i can average about 55.2 atm but thats driving and paying attention to how i used the accelerator but driving around without a care for fuel about 43.3 ish
  5. look for it in the cosmetic mods also body/areodynamics section
  6. just chilling in the sun atm

  7. just chilling in the sun atm

  8. http://www.carbonmods.com/ check out the carbon zetec engine cover looks cool plenty of other stuff on here as well
  9. Better Acceleration Aften Xxx Miles / Km

    im also having this issue not sure if its just the way i drive i hate following that stupid green shift light but mine has dun about 7k at the moment i live in gloucester and work in bristol but averaging about 50.1 miles to the gallon good bad i really dont know hope someone can shed some light on this subject
  10. my work so far

    just a few pics of me possibly invalidating my warranty lol
  11. just colored my inside trim a lovely white

  12. cheers steve this website is great lots of interesting stuff on here just got me a 11 plate zetec s 1.6 tdci in blue

  13. Welcome to the Ford forums shaneus :)