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  1. Is now on unofficial holiday till Tuesday woooo!

  2. Was so good not having to do my experiment in the dark today- no bruises from walking into things!

  3. tickets booked for @GlasgowWarriors @Glasgow7s wooo only 32 sleeps till the best day of rugby!

  4. Got to love karma :D

  5. happy #firhill friday everyone!!

  6. will be filling up my tank tonight but not beacuse of fuel strike/panic buying beacuse it pay day #fuelwatch

  7. Woo abstract submitted- time to play the waiting game!

  8. so wish i was outside in the sun but no im chained to my desk.... need to get abstract fininshed........

  9. Can't complain @GlasgowWarriors for the seats and the great game! http://t.co/UVwbtqhU

  10. life sure is a rollercoaster at times.

  11. Is grateful to my good friends whom at the moment would be truly lost without them!x

  12. is wondering if i will make it home without breaking down again hmmmmm.............................

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