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  1. Is now on unofficial holiday till Tuesday woooo!

  2. Was so good not having to do my experiment in the dark today- no bruises from walking into things!

  3. tickets booked for @GlasgowWarriors @Glasgow7s wooo only 32 sleeps till the best day of rugby!

  4. Got to love karma :D

  5. happy #firhill friday everyone!!

  6. will be filling up my tank tonight but not beacuse of fuel strike/panic buying beacuse it pay day #fuelwatch

  7. Woo abstract submitted- time to play the waiting game!

  8. so wish i was outside in the sun but no im chained to my desk.... need to get abstract fininshed........

  9. Can't complain @GlasgowWarriors for the seats and the great game! http://t.co/UVwbtqhU

  10. life sure is a rollercoaster at times.

  11. Is grateful to my good friends whom at the moment would be truly lost without them!x

  12. is wondering if i will make it home without breaking down again hmmmmm.............................

  13. Hi Yesterday while sitting in traffic smoke started coming out from under the bonnet so i pulled over and looked and the coolant tank was empty. So i filled it up with water and nothing came out. so i drove it about 15 miles and then checked and it was back down to half. Filled it up to the max level and drove about 25 miles home and no coolant leaked out, anybody have any ideas what is wrong? TA
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