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  1. MK3 Phone Interference?

    Let me know how it goes mate.
  2. MK3 Phone Interference?

    I get interference on mine as well. Used to it now so don't really notice it much. Was surprised to be getting interference on a stock setup.
  3. Got HEKOs on my Focus and have used them on many previous cars without issue. The fronts will hold in by themselves without even the tape. The rears simply require the clips. They wont scratch your windows, I have tints and they're fine.
  4. Mk3 remapped! 1.6 TDCI (115ps)

    I see what you're saying but a fixed map will more than be good enough to deliver extra power and gains at an affordable price, which is what I'm after.. If you are BHP chasing and want to squeeze every bit of power you can and have further modifications to add then I agree your unit is the best choice.
  5. Mk3 remapped! 1.6 TDCI (115ps)

    Retuning of the map is good if you need it, but I wouldnt be changing anything on the car, I don't see the point its only a small diesel.A bit of extra power is all i would be after which the one I posted is well capable of. Also a race mode on a 1.6 TDCI......lol
  6. Mk3 remapped! 1.6 TDCI (115ps)

    Anyone have any experience with the Tuning Box from TDI? https://tdi-tuning.com/car/ford/focus/16-tdci-113-bhp-115-ps-85-kw-260-nm-192-lbft/crtd4-twin-channel-diesel-tuning-box-chip This is the one I'm considering.
  7. 1.6 TDCi average MPG?

    That's a bit low. I'm getting 54 MPG in my MK3. Give it a service as mine was 49 MPG before i serviced it so an improvement of 5. Give it a full service: oil, oil filter, air filter, pollen filter and not forgetting the fuel filter.
  8. Jerky throttle at low rpm

    Yes mate full service done - haven't noticed it yet so, so far so good. Also, MPG is up and cars response to power is better.
  9. Red or yellow calipers

    On a red car? I'd go yellow, out of the two options.
  10. Painting calipers. Is it difficult?

    You can also use Hammerite.
  11. MK3 1.6 TDCI Fuel Filter Change Question

    Thanks mate. Hmmm, there are 8mm or 10mm versions. May go with the 10mm one. Ive seen mixed reviews on them to be honest but will give one a try. If it fails I will just manually fill the filter like i did on my old A4.
  12. Focus Dash Cam fitting - black box behind mirror

    Mines getting connected to a switched live. Haven't looked at the fusebox yet so cant comment on that. And I agree with @alexp999 I rather do things myself as I know its a quality job. Some garages can't be trusted.
  13. Focus Dash Cam fitting - black box behind mirror

    The NextBase hardwire kit is very straightforward. I suspect the term "hardwire" makes it sound more difficult than it is. Piggyback connector for a fuse in the fuse box, earth to a bolt on the body and run the wires up the A pillar. Be doing mine at the weekend, as its currently just powered by the rear power outlet.
  14. Peoples preferences of music choice when driving?

    Trance / Old School House / Original Clubland (Early stuff)