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  1. Hi jeebowhite, Thanks for your reply. However, I see the schematic of focus MK2.5 (C307), it seems connected to headlamp internally and controlled by the relay R15. How can I jump the wire to the parking light?
  2. hi everyone, Since I followed this article a long time, and I didn't to do it. I just have a question is that can DTRL light up the parking light rather than headlight?
  3. Does anyone can provide part number of KVM (keyless vehicle module)?? thanks.
  4. Hi all, I would like to migrate the BLIS (Blind Spot Information System) from Mondeo to Focus. My car is MK2.5. Does it possible porting to Focus?
  5. My car has these features, so I don't activate them. Does your car have these features? The autolight and wipers need sensors. If you have these sensors, you should activate them. Or, you would activate nothing.
  6. Hey mate, you are so considerately. :) Actually, I would like to find the source code but I can't find anything. Besides, I may write a program by myself if I have enough knowledge and resources. Maybe one day you will see my program in the future. :D Just maybe. :P
  7. I think it is legal because this program is free and claim on it. It just translate from Russian to English, it should be stable as Russian version.
  8. Hey guys, I found the English version of ELM-FF2 program. I put it on my space and link as below: http://www.mediafire.com/?t2xryfy3132h491 Enjoy it!! :D
  9. Hi Jamie, I am sorry about MK3 program because my country doesn't have MK3. If MK3 sell in my country, actually I can, but I don't know the protocol for MK3. Also I can't make sure the protocol MK2 is the same with MK3. Meanwhile, I can capture the signal from logic analyzer to parser the MK2 or MK2.5 protocol. But MK3, I am sorry I don't have any car to test.
  10. Hi, Psyence. I used your software, but I found it seems a bug. When I tick the DDS box and intent to write to HEC. It shows "Download data from HEC first". But I done it before I tick the DDS box. Is anything I miss or wrong operation? Thank you.
  11. Thanks for your replying. BTW, do you have used the software which design by Psyence? Because it's English version that I can understand. However, if the Russian software only, I will try to study it...
  12. Thanks for your software. However, I am a new guy for ELM327. Can I modify the instrument cluster information by using modified ELM327 connector and this software? And how do I start the procedure? Does anyone tell me how to do? Thank you very much.
  13. Welcome to the Ford forums roger7313 :)