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  1. robbyvrs

    Ecoboost engine cover

    I fitted 1 of these to my 125bhp - bought it direct from Ford as it was cheaper the Pumaspeed. It looked identical to yours and all i had to do was loosen the clamp on the air dudt to push it slightly out of the way to get the cover on then retighten afterwards - i'm sure i read somewhere someone else cut a corner off the cover to get it to fit? maybe the cover design has changed?
  2. robbyvrs

    ST-Line traded in

    Engine cover now sold 🙂
  3. robbyvrs

    ST-Line traded in

    PM sent 👍
  4. robbyvrs

    ST-Line traded in

    Yes delivery is ok - £5 should cover that 👍
  5. robbyvrs

    ST-Line traded in

    Footwell lights sold -
  6. robbyvrs

    ST-Line traded in

    Pics of other items for sale 18" brand new Rock machined alloy Footwell lights
  7. robbyvrs

    ST-Line traded in

    Pumaspeed list the engine cover as fitting the MK7 - Photos taken today after removal of items Engine cover inc fittings Spare wheel kit (inc new nuts, fixing bolt, jack, brace, foam holder)
  8. robbyvrs

    ST-Line traded in

    Hi Nick - the spare wheel was from my previous Fiesta MK7 and will fit most Fiestas as the fitting are the same, the engine cover should fit all 1.0 ecoboosts as they were fitted to the Focus models (not Fiestas for some reason - cost saving?) but you could try it to make sure 🙂
  9. robbyvrs

    ST-Line traded in

    Well after just 3 months i've traded in my ST-Line for another Golf MK7 GT. Not really got into this Fiesta so just another week and it's gone. I now have a few bits for sale if anyone is interested, collection from Huddersfield or can post out (UK mainland only) 18" ST-Line Rock machined alloy sill in box - brand new, never had a tyre fitted - £130 Full spare wheel kit - 175/65/14 tyre unused (standard spare size), jack, wheelbrace, foam holder, retaining bracket - £70 Genuine Ford footwell lights (used for 3 weeks) - £20 Genuine ecoboost engine cover (fitted for 4 weeks) inc 2 fixings - £30
  10. robbyvrs

    New owner questions

    Rust on hubs is normal on most cars due to steel used (not alloy) - i usually paint them with Hammerite smooth if they get bad
  11. robbyvrs

    Water in the boot

    The rear light don't have any seals, they just fit into the holes then tighten up and any water running down the inside of the rear wings should run past them. Check to make sure the water does run past them by pouring some down the inside of the rear wings and then check under the car to see if the water runs out, if not make sure there's no blockages around the bottom of the hatch area, Do you get the leaks after driving in rain/ after washing car/ all the time even when it's dry on the roads? Does the water look and smell clean?
  12. robbyvrs

    Racing Stripes

    If they've been on for several years then the paint underneath will be a slightly different shade and should have no swirls/ scratches. A good session with cutting polish and maybe a DA on the whole car should match the exposed paintwork to the covered Ford paint is quite easy to correct with a DA and cutting polish, i've done a few of my Fords and they come up great
  13. robbyvrs

    What is going on is this normal??

    So where was the water? coming from?
  14. robbyvrs

    What is going on is this normal??

    Did you have your aircon on when driving? the aircon drips water out underneath (not sure which side on the Festas) and when dried leaves no residue