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  1. How can they charge a full hour for the update if you're having the car serviced there anyway? they should be able to plug it in while doing the service and let it do its thing?
  2. Could be a sound deadening pad - factory fits them to absorb tinny sounds, you'll also find them on the back of each panel behind the plastic trims (doors, side panels, etc)
  3. robbyvrs


    Does it have the origional windscreen fitted? I had a Focus many years ago which leaked resulting in wet carpets at the drivers side, turned out it had had a replacement screen (previous owner) and the sealant (not rubber seal) had a tiny gap and let water in there - screen out/ clean/ re-seal did the job
  4. "I've left the car in twice before during the warranty period a few years ago when I first noticed the engine noise" I don't think you'll get far with a solicitor if you expect the garage to fix the repair for free after a few years if you carried on driving the car with the "problem" You should have got a second opinion at the time if you thought there was a problem, leaving it so long something else could have happened so it may be a fault that's developed since
  5. The snapped brackets are a common problem, i had both my lights replaced on my 1st ST-Line due to this and were covered under warranty
  6. Hammerite smooth is great for calipers, always use it on my cars Did my Leon this weekend -
  7. Mountune primary hose - red Mountune secondary hose - red Mountune hardpipe - black Pipercross drop in filter Ford led footwell lights
  9. I fitted a console to my old MK8 ST-line The console had the led rings where my old 1 didn't but when i swapped consoles the 2 plugs were the same for new and old and when plugged in the leds worked 🙂 no wiring needed
  10. Just traded in my ST-Line 140 last week due to problems, mainly EML kept coming on Parts replaced Body control module, Power control module, OBD port, ECU, O2 sensor Also had headlight replaced due to defect
  11. I hope it's a problem free car, looked into Celtic tuning, remaps The Seat Leon (5F) 2013> ECU remap takes the power from 150bhp up to 186bhp and the torque from 184lb/ft up to 214lb/ft. £360 for the mobile service and includes 12 months warranty if the car is still under manufacturers warranty 🙂
  12. I'm getting a facelift 1.4 FR Titanium 150bhp in grey (has the rear spoiler, 18"s and side blades as standard, Had a 2016 Fr same model a year or so ago, nice car which i should have kept, looked nice in white with the skirts, 18"s rear spoiler, used to get mid-late 40s around town and it was nippier than the Fiesta, new car being facelift has slight differences to exterior trim and different display, leccy handbrake 😞 and who knows what else (only seen pics of it) I've had the same 150bhp COD engine in a few previous cars - 2x Polo GTs, Leon FR, Audi A3 S-line, 2x Golf GTs so know it's reliable At least with having a SEAT there's a dealer on my way to work - no more 1 hour out of my way trip every time something goes wrong (thanks Ford)
  13. Mountune hardpipe (black), Mountune primary and secondary hoses (red), Pipercross drop in filter, centre console with armrest and cupholder lighting from a Titanium model, Focus engine cover (trimmed to fit) I also have the factory fitted spare wheel inc tools but need the temp kit in p/x before saturday
  14. If you find the sill cover then use a cable tie when refitting it so it doesn't come off completely in future 🙂