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  1. Well here's an update Car went into dealers wednesday afternoon to be left until friday. Collected car friday and was told they'd replaced the power control module, OBD port and another module (can;t remember which?) as well as a software update. Drove car home fed up but slightly happier knowing it was now sorted Saturday morning (today) driving to work got approx 1 mile from home and the light came on yet again FFS!!!!!! Phoned dealer up as soon as they opened and was told ford knew about the problem and were waiting for a software update???? (thought they'd just done 1) - was told to ring back monday to rebook when a mater tech was available Car has now done 1800 miles - what an unreliable thing this is, even ford don't know what the problem is, dealer keeps replacing parts with no cure i've reset the light myself so i can look around for a new car - this is a disaster which is a shame as it was a car i was looking to keep longer than my usual 3 months
  2. I'd say the full console is a better option, more storage room under the armrest, looks as though the factory fitted it (as it is standard on some models), the brighter cupholder light rings look sweet - 90 euro more than the other isn't too bad
  3. I think the spacer is only needed if you fit a skinny space saver spare as it isn't as wide , my full size 14" doesn't need 1 and the carpet is flush
  4. Mine is RHD (as are all UK cars) - ebay have them every now and then but usually daft prices
  5. Says it all really - dealer has lots of Titaniums and no ST-Lines, shows which is more sought after You also need to think about future value - ST-Lines will be worth more where Titaniums will have a limited market - older people/ people on a budget When i p/x'd my last ST-Line ( 67plate - 125bhp model) with 3000miles i got £12k My current ST Line (18 plate - 140bhp model) i bought with 500 miles for £13700 - p/x price now is around £11500
  6. I bought a used centre console with armrest from a Titanium model for less money - condition is "as new" so was very pleased when it turned up (from a breakers) Great thing is as it's a standard fit on some models (Titanium, ST-LineX, ST) it doesn't look like an add on Keep trying ebay and breakers as it took me a couple of months 🙂
  7. Easiest way would be to buy some red pinstripe in the correct width and cover the chrome
  8. I was told the MK8 is the same - flashing = don't drive, Constant = ok to drive
  9. The EML light is always amber - if it's constantly on it safe to drive, if it's flashing then not safe to drive (mines constant)
  10. When i phoned trust ford in Huddersfield they said they didn't have a loan car for 4 weeks, i asked if they could collect mine from work, fix it and deliver it back, she told me they don't pick up cars with warning lights on????????????
  11. Which Evans Halshaw? mine is booked in with the Batley branch next month for the headlight, drivers window rattle and the convinience check which should have been done last month to top up the breakdown (they did a health check instead which doesn't include the breakdown), tried to get it booked in for the EML but they don't have a loan car for 3-4 weeks
  12. now on 1700 miles, 1st sensor went at 900 miles (2 months ago)
  13. Well 3 hours after calling the RAC and being told they would be here within 2 hours, any later and they'd call me to let me know - well they failed to show 😞 phoned them back as they didn't call me and was told they'd be at least another hour....................... i get up at 3am so cancelled them for tonight Did a scan on a generic fault code reader which came up with the same o2 sensor as the 1 replaced 800 miles ago - not happy - are they using the cheapest parts? I booked the car in at 12 months old for the convinience check and oil + filter change, upon collection they'd done a free health check instead and didn't do the oil + filter change as the mileage was so low (1100 miles) - rebooked for June when i'm off work (also having other issues sorted) so have no Ford assistance till then - sods law The last time the EML came on no dealer could fit me in for 3 weeks so i called Ford assist, the AA turned up and diagnosed the sensor in 5 mins I was actually looking to keep this car for a while (ordered a Pipercross filter yesterday) but with repeated problems and not being able to get a dealer to fix it within 4 weeks i don't think i can live with it - time to look for a replacement i think
  14. Well spoke to 2 different dealers trying to get my shed booked in for the EML issue which came back again this morning and got nowhere. I had this problem 800 miles ago which turned out to be the o2 sensor and took 2 visits to sort, The light came on again this morning and the car has a loss of power as though it has no turbo but isn't in limp mode (revs all the way up). I phoned the last useless lot who said it would be a month before they could book it in with a courtesy car (needed so i can get to work for 4.15am), wouldn't let me call in after work for them to plug it in and wont collect it with the warning light on( but it's ok for me to drive)???? phoned another dealer who said i would have to leave the car with them for the day, no courtesy car for 4 weeks, told them my work situation but she didn't care What is the point of having a newish car when it has problem after problem, isn't reliable enough to get to work and back and the dealers don't care then when fixed it breaks down again? totally fecked off with the service idiots attitudes, don't want to help, expect me to lose a days wages to sit in their showrooms while they plug the thing in then tell me they have to order a part and repeat the process again Phoned RAC who are calling in the next 2 hours who will diagnose the problem then as before dealer will take no notice and insist on their own diagnosis so back to square 1 rant over - for now