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  1. Mine wasn't in limp mode and ran normal, it might have been a little rougher but didn't stall / stutter or give coughing symptons It would have been cheaper to get a local garage with a full diagnostic reader to diagnose the problem than it was to replace all those parts - are you in the AA or RAC as you could call them saying the car wont start and they can run the test?
  2. I had a 02 sensor replaced on my 2018 ecoboost the other week as the EML light came on. The sensor was the 2nd (further down the downpipe) and this is the report the AA gave Patrol found the following fault code/s:System : Engine control 1 - 3Z1 / Motronic MED 17.0.7P013700 - O2 sensor (bank 1, sensor 2). Error Message : Signal too low.investigated engine management warning light on suspect oxygen sensor faulty sensor bank 1 sensor 2member taking into dealership for further diagnosis.
  3. robbyvrs


    You can buy wobble bolts as some people use them on VWs, etc to make 5x112 fit 5x100 - not very safe though
  4. Mudflaps stop a little spray but not all so wont stop back getting dirty Have you tried driving in reverse 😊
  5. Depends on reason they don't fit - wrong PCD, centre bore, size? Which alloys are you trying to fit - genuine Fiesta ones/ aftermarket/ ones from another make and model of car?
  6. Just ordered a black Mountune hard pipe, still waiting for primary and secondary Mountunes hoses (red) to come into stock Still thinking of the bonnet struts? Trying to keep things warranty friendly for now but if a Revo map comes out then ............................................ Got car booked in for convenience check at end of month and maybe oil + filter change - will have 1300 miles on by then 🙂
  7. yep - just saw how it didn't sit level in the pic so went out to have a look, hadn't noticed it wasn't located on the fixing either 🙄
  8. Yep pic was taken before i noticed and trimmed it 🙂
  9. I used the AA who came to my home and diagnosed a fault using their system, took 5 mins (was O2 sensor)
  10. I thought the brake fluid was changed every 2 years?
  11. Checked on Mountunes site earlier as i got a back in stock email - still no red hoses though 😞 It would ne good to know if the MK7 Mountune induction kits fit the MK8 as there doesn't seem to be anything worthwhile for the MK8 from Ford/ Mountune which seems disapointing, be interested in your replies
  12. Sounds like they didn't seal the joint with exhaust paste or tightened the clamp properly
  13. Go to an exhaust place or small garage, they should be able to weld a bracket on.