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  1. barble23

    Which Is Best ??

    my wife travells to work around 40 miles tound trip each a diesel is required....we also like the which one???we are looking for reliability and cheaper running/service costs rather than speed....which is better the 1.8tdci or the 1.6tdci????a little concerned with the stories of failed turbos on the 1.6 but like the sound of cheap tax...also does all the 1.6tdci have the eollys additive system and if so is it a concern???and i realise the 1.8tdci is the slightly older type engine.... we would be looking at 58/59 plate onwards with no more than 40000 with service history a must... what do you think???
  2. are there any issues with the 2009 1.6tdci engine?i know there were issues with the 1.6tdci but was it resolved by 2009...i know it has dpf but would it have the eollys fuel additive system??car has 14000miles...
  3. i am looking at a focus 2009 plate 1.6tdci with 14000 miles on it....i know this has a dpf fitted but it should not be an issue as we will do a 20 mile each way work run....what i dont know is would it have this eolys additive system on it....???i have read about the 1.6 having turbo failure issues with a new engine remedy,was this sorted by this time???other option is the 1.8tdci engine which i know is a solid unit...but so is the cheap tax on the is cheap but does it come with cost risks????any help i thankyou for... :D
  4. barble23

    Help With Engine Choice Please

    thanks for the help everyone...i am looking at a 59 plate 1.8tdci focus this everyone says just worried about dpf..we will be doing 60 miles a day so fingerscrossed we will have minimum issues....dont fancy the 1.6 just too many turbo problems around...and not that much difference in mpg..yes i know tax is cheaper....wish me luck...!!!unless anyone thinks its a bad idea..
  5. we are looking at buying a diesel engine vehicle for my 60mile daily trip to work.....need to get this right as we have just had a nightmare with a renault megane diesel.(dont buy 1)....we have owned a focus petrol and loved it so another would be good.....we have read so many bad things so would appreciate a straight honest opinion...which is best the 1.6tdci or the 1.8tdci???....also a bit worried about dpf and fuel additive system ...we know very little about these or the costs or which vehicles these are fitted on...we would be buying 08 onwards............which should i buy???or not!!!! or is the vauxhall / peugeot engines any better???
  6. barble23

    Which Should I Buy?

    how do i test the clutch as to good or bad?
  7. barble23

    Which Should I Buy?

    thanks for that....we would prefer the diesel....which engine is best 1.8td di or 1.8td ci?????....any common engine faults ???leaks etc...
  8. barble23

    Which Should I Buy?

    we are looking to buy a vehicle to replace our present too small vehicle....looking at a focus...prob about 52/54 plate as budget is tight....have looked at the 1.8tdi and the 1.8tdci...what is the difference and which one is best in your opinion?also as we are likely to buy private what should we look for when what are the common issues..... also looked at the 1.4 petrol dont know if this is any better as you can tell we are looking for efficency and reliability over wife presently works local but may have to travell 60 miles per day after xmas... whats you advice...any help will be good....
  9. barble23

    Advice On Buying 1.6Tdci Focus Estate

    wow thanks for the replies.....i have to agree i will never buy a french car ever again!!!....i have always bought fords or vauxhall and one bmw and never had any problems apart from normal things........i would still plum for an estate focus if i can find one just need the extra room,i also have a dog which we squeeze in at the moment and with a pram it could be tight for him......looks like the 1.8 diesel maybe the better buy(do you agree)cheaper tax and we also travel to devon a few times ...if i bought a 1.6 petrol how do the figures compare ie mpg and road tax.....................also if i looked at a mondeo which engine types are safest to look at................can i also say what an amazing feedback and replies thankyou.....
  10. barble23

    Advice On Buying 1.6Tdci Focus Estate

    never knew about the dpf!!!!what would the preferd option be,taking into consideration costs of tax and insurance and running costs....any advice is great as i cannot get this decision wrong which i have in the past(dont buy a renault megane)..........what should i buy?
  11. hi. we are looking for a estate car due to imminent baby arrival.....we have owned in the past a focus sport which we liked so we have looked at a few focus 1.6tdci vehicles...the vehicle would be around a 56 plate..what are the things we should be looking for?we would be buying a car with f/s/h/ and we would like to know if it is safe to buy a car with 100,000 miles on or are they money pits?just the budget is tight.........if there is anything else in should know please let me know any input is welcomed as cannt afford to make a mistake on this purchase....... :)
  12. Welcome to the Ford forums barble23 :)