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  1. Mk2 Oil Change Question

    Brilliant. Thanks very much for your help guys. It is very kind of you.
  2. Mk2 Oil Change Question

    Thanks very much. What I didn't want to do was do it up too tight! I might go with the local ford garage as I bought coolant hose clips from them and wanted proper parts. Maybe best to go that way as they'll no doubt be able to get me the right replacement sump plug bolt. Do the sump plugs on the focus have a washer or is the seal part of the plug bolt itself? Thanks
  3. Mk2 Oil Change Question

    Hi, I am a new bod when it comes to car work but I have done the odd job on the car (minor exhaust work and change the air filter myself) and would like some advice on doing an oil change. I have a mk2 focus automatic 1.6 petrol. Currently has just over 4 litres of semi synthetic oil in it which is black and I don't think has been changed for over a year. 1. Is it necessary to use a torque wrench to do up the sump plug bolt.? For the price of the oil change I could go and buy the jack & axle stands, the oil, the filter, a filter strap, oil tray etc, but I don't have a torque wrench so that would put the cost a bit high (I am not frightened to have a go doing the change myself). 2. Where is the best place to buy the filter and a new sump plug bolt( incase mine is a bit worn)? I know to avoid Halfords but Eurocarparts tells me it's the right filter ( by reg no.) and then when you select it to buy it says it is not a match. Sorry, I have never done an oil change myself but am not scared of having a go. If any of this is glaringly obvious I apologise and am very grateful for any advice received.
  4. Fuel Pump

    Hi, Can anyone offer any advice or tell me anything about the rough cost of replacing the fuel pump in a MK 2 please? Mine makes a slight high-pitched noise (sounds like your ears are ringing a bit) when the engine is on, and when going over bumps there is a noise from the same area, like something moving up and down slightly (neither are loud). It is the fuel pump as you can hear the noise when you switch the ignition on but don't actually start the car - ie, when the pump kicks in. There is absolutely no difference in the way the car is driving at all. No hesitation or aything, just this little noise. If anyone can help that would be much appreciated. Many thanks, Kev.
  5. High Pitched Whistling Sound Mk2

    I had a listen when i got home last night and again this morning. I have a feeling it is the fuel pump starting to wear out a bit. I checked all around the engine bay, and although the engine noise would probably drown it out, I am sure it is not comimg from there. Definitely sounds like middle to rear of the car. Going to get it checked Friday probably, but does anyone know roughly how much a new fuel pump is at all please?
  6. Focus 1.6 Lx

    Hi, I have tried a couple of these, but have found STP to be very good. Also have an LX.
  7. High Pitched Whistling Sound Mk2

    Thanks. I'll have a look, but these were changed end of last year when the power steering pump went. I know the belts can squeal a bit if they're not right, but it isn't that type of sound. Thanks though I'll have a look.
  8. Hi All, Long time not here, but a question for anyone here who might be able to help. On the way to work this morning, I could here a high-pitched whistle, not loud, coming from my MK2 Automatic Focus LX. It is an 06 Plate. The noise sounds exactly like when your ears are ringing. It isn't loud at all, but is uncanny that is sounds like if your ears are ringing. I do notice noises and things very quickly so don't think it's done this before this morning. It doesn't seem to change in pitch or volume regardless of whether I am driving around or stationary and in neutral/park. The noise stops as soon as the engine is switched off. I have listened all round the car and it doesn't seem louder or quieter at any different area. At the front the engine sound drowns it out completely. I switched the car off and tried again after a couple of hours and it's still there. Any help or suggestions would be much appreciated. Many thanks.
  9. Hi Guys, Hope you can help. When leaving work last night my Focus started making a high-pitched whining sound and this got worse and higher pitched when the accelerator was pressed. It is the same whether driving or in PARK or Neutral (it is a Mk II, 2006 LX Automatic). Managed to get home ok and my Wife said the sound wasn't good as I pulled up at home and that there was a kind of dry heat smell as I drove into the car space. I let it cool down, lifted the bonnet and started it up again. It doesn't sound good.The sound definitely seems to be coming from the alternator area. I left it running quite a while and still the same. My father-in-law had a look on the way to his nightshift and said the same. Definitely alternator area. I do have some trouble starting it sometimes (previously posted and have tried everything) - it starts and then dies immediately. Normally after doing this once or twice it starts perfectly. I know it's a bit of guesswork but do any of you know what it could be or has anyone had a similar problem please? or are there any common problems like this please? I have left it at home today and have a mobile mechanic coming out to check it tomorrow, but it might help if I had a head start. i know the power steering pump is close to there too. Can't afford any repairs until I get paid at the end of next week, but at least maybe I can narrow it down a bit. Thanks very much for any help any of you can give.
  10. Knock From Front End

    Hello, I had a previous post for a knock coming from the front of the car under braking. I thought it was maybe faulty pads or a retaing clip/spring on the calipers, however these have both been tested and replaced this is not the case. The scenario is, drive around, put the car in reverse, brake and there is 1 knock sound from the front end. Put the car back in drive, brake and 1 knock sound. It only does this one time in each position. Took it to a local place last week and they did some checks and couldn't find anything loose underneath (bolts or the like), but didn't strip anything down so didn't charge me. They took the car out and did hear it though. Me and the wife drove it back and forwards in our parking space over the weekend a bit and it sounds like it's coming from underneath the car (did it with the bonnet up incase it was coming from the engine bay). I think it is more to the passenger side but definitely sounds like underneath. It is a mk2 LX Auto. I was wondering if it could be a bush or spacer of some kind that has worn out on a link or the anti-roll bar or something like that and that is what is doing it. It does only seems to do it under braking. I don't have access to ramps but is there is anything I can look for from the sides or any advice anyone could give it would be much appreciated. Thanks.
  11. Random Fails To Start

    Same here. Will let you know if I find out anything.
  12. Random Fails To Start

    Same here. Shall let you know if I find out anything else.
  13. Crunch From Rear Passenger Side Wheel!?!

    Sound like the brake shoes/drums at the rear for me too. Had a similar problem with our Saxo a few years ago and they seized up completely. if that wasn't bad enough they seized up at the in-laws place :o so we had to stay longer while it got sorted.
  14. Random Fails To Start

    Exactly the same here. Once I didn't think it was going to start and my Wife was driving it. On about the 4th or 5th attempt she pressed on the accelerator a little bit and then started it - it started quickly and I didn't get any problems for a few weeks, then trying to take my Mum to hospital one night it played up again. If you google "ford focus starts and..." then the next suggested words are "dies", "stalls" and "stops immediately" etc. There are loads of people who report similar issues (not just with Petrol models either). In the end a mechanic friend of my Dad's said it might be a case of waiting until it actually conks out or puts out a fault code. Ford advised that while there is no codes you could throw all manner of money at it and it might not sort it out. I like the car itself but between this and the brake knock/clunk I have it drives me mad (my work is an absolute nightmare to get to without the car - walk, train, bus, walk - takes about 2 hours each way - I did it for a few weeks last summer and is was horrible). Sorry I don't have the precise solution but at least you can eliminate a few things from what it could be (and hopefully spend less on it than I have).
  15. Random Fails To Start

    Mine is the same Alec. I have a 2006 LX Auto that sometimes fails to start properly. Sometimes it cuts out, others like it is struggling then apply the accelerator and it's fine. I have been trying to sort this out for 18 months and no joy. I have tried everything from diagnostics, cleaning the throttle body, used a high quality fuel/system/injector cleaner, using better petrol, fitting a new air filter. Alot of the Mk2's also have no fuel filter (it is part of the pump) so that can't be done easily. I sometimes give it an "Italian Tune Up" combined with a high quality fuel system cleaner which helps a bit but the problem has never fully gone away. What year/model do you have? I had a little improvement after I found out thet the spark plug well was full of water and windscreen wash. This was because the jets on the bonnet had no rubber seal and the geniuses at for design put the spark plugs directly underneath them - any screenwash and rain could get in there. Over time it had filled up with about 2 to 3 inches or more. I replaced the jet washers, then actually used the nozzle & tube from a water sprayer bottle (like you would use on plants and flowers) and pumped out as much as possible. Every couple of days I checked the wells and when they were finally dry I bought a spark plug cover and bolts from volvo (cost less than £25 total) and fitted (despite Ford telling me I would not be able to get anything to fit), and this helped a little in performance - it has kept the spark plugs dry anyway. There is no idle air control valve on the Mk 2's either so it's not that. I have come down to 1 of 2 conclusions - it is either the TMAP sensor, which gives the engine information on air inlet vacuum & temperature, or the EGR, where some of the exhaust gases are recirculated within the engine to help with emissions - therefore the air/fuel mix isn't quite right when you start the car (ignites quickly and causes pinking). Sometimes mine runs like you are driving a brand new faultless car and others it's not great at all. Sorry for all the infotmation but if I can help anyone go through less time, grief and money than i have then I will be very pleased.