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  1. Hazza's Fiesta, Pics Finally

    Cheers for the response, but I am 100% clueless on this, how do I check for this mate?
  2. Hazza's Fiesta, Pics Finally

    oh grief, I just realised I have to take the whole light assembly off to change the indicators.... why do manufacturers insist on making bulb changes are painfull as possible, I am assuming I need to get the lights checked at a MOT center after?
  3. Hazza's Fiesta, Pics Finally

    The silver ones just look better, they remove the fried egg effect as I call it! ( de-tango) and only go orange when you use the indicators.
  4. Led Footwell Lights

    whats the canbus compatible mean? Will errors get thrown up using other bulbs?
  5. Hazza's Fiesta, Pics Finally

    cheers Gents, those footwells, both are just plug & play? Sorry for the thread Hazza!
  6. Hazza's Fiesta, Pics Finally

    Are these the bulbs for the footwells? http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1x-Blue-Interior-Courtesy-Light-LED-F6-264-42mm-Festoon-Upgrade-Bulb-/270994906924?pt=UK_CarsParts_Vehicles_CarParts_SM&fits=Cars+Year%3A2008%7CModel%3AFiesta&hash=item3f188e1f2c#ht_2020wt_1219 Also thinking of these for the indicators: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/2-x-SILVER-CHROME-Front-Signal-Indicator-Light-Bulbs-BAU15S-581-PY21W-12v-21w-/280826621717?pt=UK_CarsParts_Vehicles_CarParts_SM&fits=Cars+Year%3A2008%7CModel%3AFiesta&hash=item4162922f15#ht_1680wt_1219
  7. Hazza's Fiesta, Pics Finally

    You serious all you changed is the bulbs? where's the best place to get them? Man I need to get me some of those, very nice car as well, I wouldn't be able to part with it, if it was mine.
  8. Mk7 Bonnet Issues

    If the switch is connected to the bonnet catch, try putting some WD40 on there incase the catch is sticky?
  9. Any Ideas Of What To Change To My Mk7 Fiesta

    Zetec-S rear spoiler, and Asian market front grille, that's the changes I am planning to make.
  10. Front Grille

    I have been looking at some of the Fiestas on the forums and noticed what I think is the Asian markets front grille, iNath has the one I am looking at. The cheapest I can find this is one on ebay for £87 is that about right? And would this fit straight onto a 11 plate 5door Zetec? Also I am envious of the Zetec S rear spolier, I think from what I have read this is a straight swap? and remounting the hi vis rear brake light and rear washer jet?
  11. Front Grille

    If your listing those grilles Nath then if possible please let me know as I would be interested.
  12. yup missus wouldn't consider a Skoda at all for being a badge snob.
  13. tbh everyone I know who bought a Corsa regretted it. Honda Civic is pretty safe, wife has the 2.2 TD and it's a lot of fun, left a lot of people in the dust with that thing, and the Type-S is even more fun, deal maybe possible on those as the fugly new shape is out, looks like some one hit it in the face. Fabia VRS? reliable, and alot of fun.
  14. Front Grille

    ok that shouldn't be to hard we have rolls of cable at work, heat shrink etc. if I need to extend the brake light cable, does that mean the washer jet pipe needs some tlc as well?
  15. R.i.p Zetec S :(

    wow man your lucky to both walk away from that, all I can do is echo what others have said and say least you both have your lives and health, the car can be replaced. Also very impressed with how the Fez held up.
  16. Ford Fair 2012

    I will see if I can twist my bros arm into taking his focus RS.
  17. Help!!!!

    Like Sam said drivers door should open with the key. I have noticed my stereo doesn't appear to be 100% off sometimes, I clicked lock on the fob an extra time though and it seemed to resolve the issue.
  18. Fez Mk7 Jack

    I tried a search and couldn't find the answer. I have been looking for a MK7 jack kit but can't find one, would one from a MK6 or MK6.5 work. I found this on ebay: http://www.ebay.co.u...sid=p4340.l2562 He has listed this as a MK7, but the other parts seem to be a MK6+ looking at the dash and rear lights.
  19. Iphone 4 Issue

    remember with the icloud when you charge your phone it create backups via the cloud and installs updates, you don't have to sync via the itunes directly anymore. ofc this depends if you setup icloud. also I had issues like that, I did the firmware update to the car myself and all is ok now.
  20. Pot Holes!!

    If you damage a wheel in a pothole who do you contact? I assume insurance won't be interested. Should it be the county council who maintain the road? Reason I ask is a crater just put a decent sized dent in a front alloy on my Fez :-(
  21. Pot Holes!!

    uff mine was a little faster, was 60mph road, I slowed a lot as I thought it was a puddle and I couldn't swerve due to oncoming traffic, was 40mph+ when I hit it I think. but that poor alloy has taken 2-3 hard knocks the last few months, it would be nice if the roads looked less like the lunar surface really, the council here really should know better as the local papers reported recently on the council having a massive repair bill on a Ferrari damaged by pot holes.
  22. Pot Holes!!

    Yea those are the ones I was looking at, pretty good price. Garage I bought the car from wanted £125 + VAT. I am tempted to get 2 online, then all I need is the jack kit and I have a spare alloy! So far, local garage as said alloy is toast, but there is no suspension damage, I am gonna photo the pit tomorrow, then contact insurance and county council.
  23. Pot Holes!!

    looking at prices are the Zetec wheels all 15" as standard?
  24. Pot Holes!!

    btw is it worth making iNaths post a sticky, as that links really good.