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  1. Turbo Problems On My 56 Plate Mondeo Tdci!

    Hi Emma It sounds to me more likely the turbo actuator has failed or it may just have a vacuum leak on the rubber pipe to the actuator, if you need a turbo cheap call my friend John he will do you a good turbo for no more than £100 easy to fit if you know someone with spanners and knowledge Johns NUMBER IS 01795 580454 AND HE WILL POST IT IF YOU WANT IT POSTED
  2. Lost Key Mk 8

    Hi Easy enough to get a new key cut but costly to have it programmed roughly £180
  3. Engine Malfunction? Mk7 16 Tdci Fez

    Hi Jack I hate to give anyone bad news but it will come back on and you will loose power,you need to get a local garage to fit a new egr valve it will be a lot cheaper than a main agent,unfortunately this is a common fault with newer fords like the Tdci
  4. Recently Purchased Car Broken Down, Plz Help!

    Hi Faraz If the problem with your car is the gear shift actuator,this can be reconditioned we actually recon these units and they are just bolt on and drive away,however if it is the clutch actuator then this has to be reprogrammed .
  5. Engine Malfunction? Mk7 16 Tdci Fez

    Hi Jack 7 The cog with the explanation mark flashing is the PCM light,eventually your car will go into limp mode,the problem you have is your EGR valve which is located under the fuel filter housing on the right side of the engine if the car eventually fails to start take the ait box of then remove the fuel filter housing to gain access to 4 wire plug on egr once un-plugged the car will start but you will need to purchase a new egr valve these are £150 + vat from Ford then you will need a code reader to put the engine management light out.
  6. Fiesta Mk7- Ecu Reset

    Hi Blade Unfortunately unlike the earlier fords you can't reset your ECU the old way by disconnecting the battery supply you have to use an IDS system
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