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  1. Engine System Fault

    It was serviced in the summer and the fuel filter was changed on that service. I have a tuning box on the car, could this be causing the warning message?
  2. Engine System Fault

    Hi, I have a Ford Focus Titanium 1.8TDCi on a 57 reg, and last summer a warning light on the dashboard came up saying: Engine System Fault. My brother-in-law managed to get rid of the message by turning the key in the ignition on and off several times, which he said used to happen on some Fords when he used to service them. This has now happened several times again, when looking in the book it says contact your Ford Dealer, has anybody had anything similar, as I don't want to take it the Ford Dealer and then have them charge me ridiculous money and say there is nothing wrong. When I have turned the key on and off several times and the message disappears there is no loss of performance. Help??
  3. Hi, I recently bought some rear LED tail lights for my Focus, but when I tried to fit them they wouldn't light up properly, they came on when I pushed the bulb into the holder, but when they were seated properly then won't come on. I have taken them out and re-fitted the original bulb, but this now doesn't come on either and I've bought some new 380 (P21/5W) bulbs to try and these don't work as well, can anyone help? Thanks Pete
  4. Hi, I have a 1.8TDCi Titanium (2007, 57 reg) with automatic headlights, and was wondering where the sensor is located, as when the lights come on after going through a tunnel etc, they stay on and do not go off. I have tried to turn the lights off and then back on to the auto switch, but they still stay on. The only way I can get them off is too turn the engine off, then on again and then they turn off. Can anyone help?? Thanks Pete
  5. Welcome to the Ford forums a19rsy :)