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  1. Yh go for it mate I hope they look good what paint u going to use
  2. Hi how big are the parts if they are small use aerosol as black is a easy colour to spray just apply a thin layers at a time
  3. titch

    Funny Clips

    never letting a girl drive my car lol
  4. hi does anyone know if i could put this dial kit in my fiesta as i want a rev counter but my one doesnt so will these kit fit straight in or do i have to run wires for the rev counter http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/Lockwood-WHITE-Dial-...A1%7C240%3A1318 thanks
  5. i would give it till its about touch dry or could wait a couple hours for it to properly then go over it with a bit 1500 sand paper then do another coat for a really good finish and then leave it for another couple hours then apply the laquer then leave overnight
  6. hi it is quite an easy job i would advise shaking it for a good min or two and apply layer by layer till your happy dont hold to close hold about 5 inches away or it will run and laquer is clear anyway so just trying to rember where u sprayed and thats about it. :)
  7. hi mate try powerflow at rsr they are good i have one on my mk 4 1.3 fiesta and they make it custom
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    Ford Meet Ideas

    i would be up for a meet so i can get to know people
  9. i am IMI level 1 qualified mechanic but currently work as a powder coater