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  1. titch

    Who drives an older fiesta?

    i drive a 1.3 1998 mk4 finnese
  2. titch

    Dress up kit, Painting primed parts?

    Yh go for it mate I hope they look good what paint u going to use
  3. titch

    Dress up kit, Painting primed parts?

    Hi how big are the parts if they are small use aerosol as black is a easy colour to spray just apply a thin layers at a time
  4. titch

    If you won the lottery?

    wooops sorry
  5. titch

    If you won the lottery?

    id buy more money
  6. titch

    Funny Clips

    never letting a girl drive my car lol
  7. titch

    dial kits for mk4

    hi does anyone know if i could put this dial kit in my fiesta as i want a rev counter but my one doesnt so will these kit fit straight in or do i have to run wires for the rev counter http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/Lockwood-WHITE-Dial-...A1%7C240%3A1318 thanks
  8. titch

    Aerosol Painting

    i would give it till its about touch dry or could wait a couple hours for it to properly then go over it with a bit 1500 sand paper then do another coat for a really good finish and then leave it for another couple hours then apply the laquer then leave overnight
  9. titch

    Aerosol Painting

    hi it is quite an easy job i would advise shaking it for a good min or two and apply layer by layer till your happy dont hold to close hold about 5 inches away or it will run and laquer is clear anyway so just trying to rember where u sprayed and thats about it. :)
  10. titch

    Word Association Game

  11. titch

    Ford Fiesta mk3.5 1.6 Si rebuild

    Nice Is it running
  12. titch

    Fiesta Exhaust

    hi mate try powerflow at rsr they are good i have one on my mk 4 1.3 fiesta and they make it custom
  13. titch

    Word Association Game

    baked beans
  14. titch

    Ford Meet Ideas

    i would be up for a meet so i can get to know people
  15. titch

    What Do You Do?

    i am IMI level 1 qualified mechanic but currently work as a powder coater
  16. titch

    Happy Birthday Oldmiller8

    happy birthday
  17. titch

    Happy Birthday Black Focus Phil

    happy birthday
  18. titch

    tyre problems

    Hi have u lowerd your car at all
  19. titch

    Word Association Game

    Steven Hawkins
  20. titch

    ford meets

    i know of car show in may called BHP performance it is car show with track time
  21. titch

    ford meets

    hi does anyone arrange any meets on theis website if so where do i find them thanx :)
  22. titch


    it would powerd steering mate
  23. titch

    Ford Fiesta Finesse 2003 - Choking!

    hi mate do you the fault code that come up?
  24. titch

    rear speaker wiring

    have you got 2 door or 4 door if youve got a 4 door youd be better off putting them in doors mate i tryed fitting them in the rear of my car dont fit properly and i couldnt find any wires either mate :)
  25. titch

    Introductions .....

    hi my name is paul i drive a 1.3 ford fiesta finnese i have just put a powerflow exaust cat back system and a green panel filter. i live in carshalton surrey and i am a paint sprayer :D