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  1. Car Booked In For Remap

    Thats fair enough mate. Each to their own. Especially if you have a lot of warranty left. They did say dealers shouldnt find it but i wouldnt be surprised if manufacturers have got something in place. Doesn't bother me tho :)
  2. Car Booked In For Remap

    Well to be honest ive only got a few months left on it anyways. The remap comes with a 12month warranty that if found somethings gone wrong due to the remap and the dealer wont touch it then I should be covered *touch wood
  3. Car Booked In For Remap

    Hex Flag??
  4. Car Booked In For Remap

    Thanks for that Lenny... Good to know! So...The cars been remapped and on the rolling road. All I can say is GET IT DONE! Its now performing like the car should have been when it left the factory. Going from memory (need to find the dyno sheet) the cars original output when they put it on the dyno was 100bhp and 160Ibft. So started off slightly above fords claims from go. It now stands at just under 127bhp and over 200Ibft but was increasing each time they dyno'd it. Although not massive gains for a diesel... its alot compared to mountune and other places have advertised for this engine. I was worried that it wouldn't be that noticable but it deffo is. Traction control is busier than before too. MPG seems unchaged once I drove it normally too. Rev limiters been upped and has a smoother torque curve and doesnt run out of puff at higher revs as much as before. Overall I'm very happy. Celtic have a good set up and seem to know what they're doing and were friendly so I recommend
  5. Car Booked In For Remap

    Which is why I asked the question and gave my opinion, although reading back contradicted myself a bit I'm aware its owners responsibility and don't intend on breaking laws Stoney it sounds like I dodged a bullet then? Someone I spoke to today with a focus 1.6tdci said he had the same engine as me and his was 110bhp... I take it this is just ecu or the injectors are different.... or are there bigger differences between the two?
  6. Car Booked In For Remap

    Celtic tune £295. Agreed launch control would be pointless. I will no doubt cause controversy but whats the point in telling them? (Yes I know you should) and I agree they should be aware of mods.
  7. Car Booked In For Remap

    I enquired to Angel tuning Plymouth but they quoted an extra £100 compared to Celtic and with less power gains. Hoping I wont have the same issues you've had. Lenny, whats the exhaust like on a diesel?
  8. Car Booked In For Remap

    Couldn't tell you that bud. Ping an email to mountune. I'm sure they'll tell you what they can and cant do. I know of a couple of people on here that have had the MP and MR kits. Best search for their threads, may help you decide better.
  9. Car Booked In For Remap

    Tbh Mountune's MP140 and MR155 seem like the best options for petrol Zs. Im sure you could stipulate a slightly different exhaust when they fit it or get it modified???? I know a remap alone on N/a Petrols dont make as big a difference as diesels.
  10. Car Booked In For Remap

    Got my Tdci zetec s booked in for a remap at Celtic tuning. Thought I'd do a thread and let people know the end result and how I get on with it. I know some people have had remap and 'tuning boxes/resistors/chip'(whatever they're called) so any experiences people add would be good and hopefully this thread could be useful to people considering something similar. I've chosen Celtic as they've said It'll add +30bhp and +49Ibft of torque which is higher than mountune and I know a few people who have good things to say about them as well as ok price... and its just down the road :)
  11. Squeal From Wheels After Braking?

    Sorry I did ask but didn't really listen... all I remember is that he said its a common fault where the tolerances aren't right and the pad doesnt fully release off the disk.
  12. Squeal From Wheels After Braking?

    Mine was doing the exact same...annoying to say the least! My local Ford dealer said the brake (pad?) tolerances aren't quite right and that it was a common fault with the Fiesta. Left it with them earlier today and 2 hours later they had it fixed, all under warranty. Driven it quite a bit and no noise whatsoever now. Hope this helps.
  13. The maf is sensitive so could be that but your description still sound like clutch