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  1. Early Hand Back On Options

    Thanks Clarky I got a Focus in January on three years options, so around September time there should be no problem trading it in for a Fiesta but on Aquire scheme rather than options
  2. Reading the small print on the paperwork on ford options there is no mention of an early hand back to trade in Anybody know what the minimum period is on options before you can trade the car in Thanks
  3. Ford Options Plan

    Jordanch I currently have a Fiesta Zetec Ecoboost 100ps only option is the SYNC system Focus I'm looking at is a new Zetec with the same engine and with 17inch alloys and privacy rear windows
  4. Ford Options Plan

    Jordanch, I'm looking to do the same as yourself Got a Fiesta Zetec Ecoboost last January on three year options, looking to it change it this month for a five door instead of three Was down at the dealers last week and the salesguy said if i was looking to change it this month there would be no problem changing it but the repayments would be bigger on the new car to make up the price difference on the car im changing Deal they put down was £277 for the five door Fiesta Zetec Ecoboost, to much for what it is. They changed this to a Focus Zetec Ecoboost for £260 Not sure what to do stick with what i have or go with the Focus, tried to get the repayments lower but they say £260 is the best they can do
  5. Buzzing Noise, Fuell Pump Priming ?

    Cheers for the reply Had a far idea that's what it was just checking if it was an Ecoboost thing Seems strange to do it opening a door rather than ignition
  6. Have the Fiesta 8 months and first I heard this noise was last night, quiet work car park Opened the car with the remote key and when opening the drivers door there was a 1-2 second buzz from the car like the fuel pump priming Is this what it was or something else, Fiesta is an Ecoboost, never heard my 1.25 do it
  7. Leak At Back..

    This is most likely just condensation from the back box itself, there is a hole in the bottom of the box and condensation drips from there. Most noticeable after a short journey
  8. Colour Help!!

    Only colour you missed out on is Midnight Sky, a forgotten and rare colour that's why I got one lol Three colours you have I'd go with panther black if I could change or ink blue if its still available
  9. Secret Compartment Help !

    The airbag on/off panel replaced this compartment on the 2013 models What was the idea behind this compartment, was it the ashtray with the smokers pack
  10. Titanium X Badge On 2013 Fiesta??

    Not too worried myself about a lack of trim badge, I know I have a Zetec if people think its a Studio with alloy's then so be it lol
  11. Titanium X Badge On 2013 Fiesta??

    Ford deleted the trim level badges from 2010, Ford blue oval and Fiesta badge now Ecoboost models come with a econetic technology badge on the left of the tailgate Looks a lot better without
  12. Round Thing On Dashboard???

    If its the small dome in front of the windscreen air vent it's to do with the climate control
  13. Zetec S Ecoboost 1.0

    Currently getting 44-48 around town with just 3,000 miles, could see this going up to low-mid 50's with longer runs I change gear at 2,500-3,000rpm. Give it a bit more revs once its warmed up to hear the turbo whoosh
  14. Zetec S Ecoboost 1.0

    Maleforce, the Ecoboost sits at 2,500rpm at 70 the same as the 1.6 diesel. Relaxed cruiser it is as the engine drifts into the background. Don't know where this thing comes from where people are saying the Ecoboost has to be revved to get performance from it or its stressed out, don't think Ford would put it on sell if they had doubt on it and it has just won the sub 1.0l engine and engine of the year award again. The formula Ford puts out over 200bhp with the same engine but with the 1.6 ecoboost's turbo. I have mine since January and I can change gear from 1,500rpm too and ride the turbo boost. It'll never get what Ford say it will as it is driven in the real world and not in a lab, but I'm impressed with what it can do and the economy it returns compared to my old 1.25
  15. Air Conditioning Problem Or Something Else?

    That's good to hear, can't beat the air con in the summer if it arrives May get mine looked at, revs drop when it's on but no cold air or compressor clicking