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  1. Happy Birthday Simon098!

  2. Engine Systems Fault

    Similar but not quite. I'm wondering if some sensors need cleaning or if something is about to fail such as the diesel common rail pump. When I go to turn it back over it sounds like it can't get any fuel but once it turns over enough and gets going it runs fine.
  3. Engine Systems Fault

  4. Engine Systems Fault

    This has happened twice now. I start the car up, pull away and it stalls on pull away. Engine system fault message comes up and red light comes on Turn car over and it hesitates but after turning it over for a continuous 5-10 seconds, it starts again and the message clears. I have a 56 plate mk2 1.8tdci focus Anyone else had a similar issue and be able to point me in the right direction?
  5. Hi, I was wondering if anyone knew where I could get my 56 plate TDCi Focus remapped in the south? I've looked about online and nowhere seems to offer this service for Fords. Any recommendations? I WILL NOT resort to cheap chip methods as I believe this causes more harm than its worth.
  6. Whining Noise

    Is the noise apparent throughout a certain rev range of all the revs? E.g. Only noticeable between 1500 and 2000 revs or is it the entire rev range?
  7. Remap Focus Mk2 1.8 Tdci

    HI, Has anyone had their version of this focus remapped? If so how much difference does it make? Secondly, I'm having trouble finding remappers in Southampton or nearby. All the well known ones are up north and I was wondering if someone could recommend a company too me that is trust worthy. Is it worth having it rolling road tested too?
  8. Ok took it to the garage to have the timing belt done as it was required. Asked the guys there to investigate if possible, they put a torsion bar on a mount for the engine located somewhere near the bottom at the back of the engine bay and found that applying pressure to the mounting (I think that was what it is, but I've not looked myself yet) appears to be the cause of the noise I replaced the alternator and that was not it, waste of time but at least I can change the thing in about 30 mins now lol. Will let you know if I can be bothered to get it replaced and if it fixes the problem, but I am tempted to put a jack under the engine to test it myself at some point.
  9. It doesn't get noiser with anything on such as windscreen heater, headlights, main beam all on etc. But I think it could be because there is a bearing failure. But I'm wondering how I would tell which part is at fault?
  10. Hi, I have a Ford Focus Mk2 1.8 TDCi 2006 model with air conditioning. I have a whiring noise not a screeching noise coming from something when the aux belt is driving. I took the belt off and the noise disappears. Started about a week ago just suddenly, it got louder as time went on and now its gotten quiter again. Just to clarify, I was suspecting the alternator and put a bar on the alternator to listen and it did not sound too good, sounded alotlike the noise I had been hearing even after revving, but now the noise has died off for some reason? Another thing to mention is that the alternator was getting way too hot to touch but now this morning after driving to work (which is about 15 miles) its not hot at all...? I replaced the aux belt and tensioner a little while ago, but now I'm wondering, what the hell is this noise? Anyone have any ideas or do you think that I am right to suspect the alternator? P.S. Noise is apparent at standstill on tick over and gets worse when revved, but again, seems to have gotten much quieter this morning when last night it was horrible??
  11. Have you tried reprogramming the key? Unlikely problem, but it's worth a try. Also if you lock the car with the key, does it unlock fine?
  12. Suspension Squeaking On 2005 Focus Ghia

    First thing I would check is your anti-roll bar on the rear. If that fails then check the balljoints. If its the anti-roll bar it won't usually be obvious though.
  13. Whirring Noise, Any Ideas?

    Ok, so I replaced the aux belt and tensioner which was noisy and I'm pretty sure its not the alternator. My question is, what would create this whirring noise, its temperamental, I can start the car up and it'll make this noise other times it won't, doesn't seem to matter if its hot or cold. I'm wondering if its a potential bearing failure on the shaft that leads to the alternator or a turbo failure. Definitely hear it at idle and on the move. I have a 1.8 TDCi Mk2 Focus (56 plate - Jan 2007 production) Any ideas? Just to make sure there is no confusion with the bearing on the alternator; the aux belt drives a shaft which then links on to the alternator which is independent to the alternator.
  14. Hissing From Brake Pedal

    If you wanna know why it does that, its because when the engine is running you have a vacuum being pulled on the servo which makes it easier to push the brake pedal when the engine is running meaning you don't have to press so hard to apply the brakes. When its off the vacuum from the engine is no longer created meaning that the servo has no vacuum. This makes the pedal stiff after a few pumps. If the pedal is still light after a few pumps when the engine is off. THEN WORRY because it usually means your leaking brake fluid, lol.
  15. Intermittent Electric Window

    Probably dirty contacts in the switch or a relay contact not making if you can hear it clicking in. Considering your car isn't that old, I'd question it again anyways. Just as a quick question, does it even ATTEMPT to close and doesn't get all the way?