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  1. crazylad10

    Mk6 Door Tilt Cable Broken

    One day when pulling the tilt lever on the drivers seat to get something off the back seats the seat wouldnt tilt at all.... after looking at the mechanism i noticed one of the sides the cable wasnt pulling at all.. so im guessing from this the cable has snapped and im just wondering how to fix this problem Thanks
  2. crazylad10

    Looking At Buying A Mk6 ... Any Tips Ect?

    Make sure that the engine sounds like its running sweetly and check the oil! Also check all the of underneath of the car for any signs of rusting at all. Check all of the paint work to make sure thats in good condition. finally that i can think of it just make sure that at idle it is constant on the revs aswell.
  3. crazylad10

    Mk6 Fiesta Radio

    Hey there guys i have a mk6 fiesta with this stock radio in im just wondering is it possible at all to be able to change it for a after-market cd player and if so is it a pain in the rear or is it not really worth all of the hassle. Thank You :)
  4. Just a quick question guys as i only have the mk6 fiesta finesse it only came with standard central locking and im just wondering is it possible to upgrade it to remote central locking and what sort of price would you be looking at for it. Thanks.
  5. crazylad10

    Oil Light Flickers

    it could just be a faulty sensor or something. The best way for you to find out would be to take it to a garage and then ask them to put a diagnostics kit on it. This should then find out if there is a problem with any sensors, switches and what not. It could even be just a loose connection in the back of the dash causing it to flicker???
  6. I would of thought the turbo would have some sort of oil line just to keep it all lubricated all dandy. From what i can guess is that a seal or something is broken and oil is making its way out and possibly it is loosing pressure on the blow out resulting in your very slow acceleration. that would be my best bet mate.
  7. crazylad10

    New Fiesta - Only Done 100 Miles

    I would say take it back to ford and it could just be a faulty sensor....
  8. crazylad10

    Car Crash

    So sorry to hear about your crash mate! From what i can tell from what you have wrote, she is the guilty party if she has pulled in front of you and cut you up without indicating then she is the causer of the crash. As of this you should be able to claim off her insurance as it was her fault which shouldn't effect your insurance premiums as you shouldn't be having to claim off your own. Was you able to get any details from her at all?
  9. crazylad10

    Washing The Engine?

    From what a lot of people have told me its best not to use a pressure washer on it as it can cause damage to the engine. Steam cleaning is better, thats if you have one of course but they say that if you have the time and can be bothered clean it all by hand with a small sponge or a small fabric hand mitt is always your best bet. always remembering to protect the battery, oil filler and all those bits and bobs.
  10. crazylad10

    Hello From Me And My Order...

    Hi and welcome to the club.
  11. crazylad10

    So I'm New.....

    Hi welcome to the gang!!
  12. crazylad10

    Mk6 Alloy Sizes?

    What is the maximum size of alloys that will fit onto a MK6 fiesta?
  13. crazylad10

    Hi From Southern Lincolnshire

    Yeahh im just down the road im from spalding.
  14. crazylad10

    First Car Saying Hello From Lincolnshire

    Hopefully be able to upload some pictures in the next couple of days :)
  15. crazylad10

    Hi From Southern Lincolnshire

    Hello there and Welcome :) Where abouts in south lincolnshire are you from??