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  1. Did mine a couple of weeks ago, tried to get the local motor factor to buy the tool so I could hire it. I'll keep you in mind the next time I have to do mine. Cheers Paul-S
  2. Heres the settings M12 - except alloy wheel security nuts = 140 NmM12 - alloy wheel security nuts:With conical washer = 110 NmWithout conical washer = 140 NmM14 - including security nuts = 170 Nm With conical washer = 110 NmCheers Paul-S
  3. Intermittent Poor Starting 1.6 Duratec

    Hi, I've got the 100hp 1.6 and had various warm/hot start problems and all these were fixed with ecu updates. The car had been dealer serviced for a year but then independent garages had done the servicing, So none of the fixes that Ford dealers should apply at service time were getting done. The fixes really made a difference, there were fixes for cold/warm and hot start problems and some power steering problems. Cheers Paul-S
  4. Ford Focus Roof Bars Sealant Question

    I just put in some bolts with rubber washers to seal the holes. Cheers Paul-S
  5. Focus Mk2.5 Clocks

    Has anyone upgraded from the Mk2 to Mk2.5 clocks?, what exactly did it entail. Then if it they can be fitted, would things like eco mode etc work? Cheers Paul-S
  6. It can be done alkyz89, as people on the Russian forums have added their own switches to the steering wheel, it would be cool if someone could come up with a walkthrough for fitting remote switches, as the 4 spoke steering wheels seem to be quite difficult to get hold of. Cheers
  7. Anyone know if the auto heated screens come on with the orange snowflake? I've enabled it but the screens didn't come on when the temp was 3c. Cheers Paul-S
  8. Psyence, programs looking good, any idea of a release date? Cheers Paul-S
  9. Great walkthrough Pidu, been looking for a steering wheel for a few weeks now, those wheels are rarer than unicorns. Cheers Paul-S
  10. Thanks for the info Pidu, all I really wanted was the instant fuel consumption but its nice to get other stuff for free. Cheers Paul-S
  11. My cable turned up today, added the switch and enabled instant fuel consumption, autolocking and auto heated screens. Everything worked a treat, thanks for the work on the guide Preee :) Has anyone tried enabling the radio-cd info on a mk2 or does it need the bigger display of the mk2.5? Cheers Paul-S
  12. Welcome to the Ford forums Paul-S :)