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  1. I have done all the above and it is still not working, i have also tried a reset, I have tried it with doors open, nope she is not having it. Looks like I am going to have to splash the cash on a new unit. Many thanks for your help with this issue....... any info would be still welcome. I am away for two weeks so wont get round to purchasing it till then....
  2. Thanks for that.... I will take it off and give it a good soaking, any other things it maybe?
  3. Please help me.... My Mk4 mondeo 57 plate has finally let me down (not in a big way). I locked it up the other day and noticed the rear passengers door did not lock. You a can hear the motor trying to pull the lock on though. I have taken the door panel off and all is ok. The cable moves just fine. The door will lock manually.......It just seems the motor has lost power. Any ideas on this? Is this a common fault.... Your help is most wanted
  4. Well my Mondeo is back to its self, fitted a new pair of tyres.Sweet music to my ears....What a massive difference. It was the last thing I would have thought due to the noise all of a sudden coming on, May I thanks everyone for their input..... All the best, and once again thaks a million..............
  5. Yeh, plenty of clearance there.... it more of a hummoing throught the body..........
  6. Ummm. The only thing Stef, I did have alot of weight in the car, well we were moving some turf and the van broke down. So we had to load my lovely car up. I wonder if it has damaged tyres. Noise started 2 weeks after that........... it did have alot of weight in ........
  7. That had crossed my mind, I will have to jack it up on the next dry day and do so, I have had a browse in more detail under the car and it is perfect, suspension rubbers and bushes ok....... it has been well looked after....... anymore ideas would be great... Thanks Stef.... I
  8. I have just finished changing my Rear hubs on my MK4 Mondeo (57 Plate) TDCI. I was very please with how the job went, also with memebes input of how to do the job. But the humming continues. I know its hard to describe without actually lisening to the noise, but its sounds like a humming, whirling sound just like something is traveling up the boby. This is in the boot area, you can hear it more on rougher roads, but is still there on smoother, around around 50mph..... Anywhere else I could check where noise or vibrations would travel up the car. Ive even got in the boot and had someone drive me around ( i'll try anything to solve this with spening loads at the dealers) This noise come on all of a sudden. The tyres are both just below half worn (Goodyear, Eagle) This car is as quiet as a mouse normally..... I hope someone may be able to shine anymore info on it.................
  9. Superb help, Its the hub to the arm... I see what you mean about the hole. What a dummy...... Its easy when you know how. Your help has just saved me time and a whole day of sratching my head..... Great site and valued help.....
  10. Superb, I will purchase item in the morning. I will also purchase a manual for car as I have had no trouble at all from this motor (apart from these bearings) and its going to be with me for a while. It still looks a bt of a tight fit to get socket onto bolts though. (the 4 bolts in question are the ones that bolt the hub assembley to the car)
  11. This site has helped me loads... I need help once again. I have recently purchased two new rear hubs for my mk4 mondeo tdci (57 plate) I am going to change them this weekend, but, theres always a but, I have looked at the new hubs, Does anyone know how to remove the torx head bolts without rounding them off. The part of the hub seems to be in the way (part that wheel bolts to ), so you cant get a torx head to make a good fit on the head, or a socket between the torx head and part with the wheel studs attached to.... Excuse my none mechanical description. I want to get it right to save my car being off the road. I hbope someone can help?
  12. Mate, I have a 10 plate Fiesta 1.4tdci. The brakes are superb. The Modern cars these days have excellent brakes. I had a pugeot 308 on a 58 plate and the brakes were as you described. I loved the way it pulled up. \someone borrowed it and they wished they had brakes like it.
  13. I know what your saying. They are as free as a bird. No probs there. I know all the moves with this car, and if they were sticking a little bit i would know.
  14. Gents, please help. I was driving back from town today and my lovely quite running Mondeo started to hum from the rear... Its sounds like bearings to me. The car has done 60.000 miles. It is so quite as a rule. I have checked for play in the rear wheels and any grinding noises. All OK, could it still be bearings if none of these signs are evident? If I have to change them do you buy them as a complete hub assembly or just the bearings... I have had no trouble from this car in the two years i have had it. I did change the rear pads about 2 weeks ago and I did have to hit the rear calipers to try and free them a little. But like I said it has run perfect.... I hope someone can help???
  15. Problem solved. Ford replaced fuel lines and brackets. Done deal