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  1. Happy Birthday K2008!

  2. Thanks shaolin2000, I'll give it a try!
  3. Hi, The other day my fob stopped working. Seeing as I've had the car 4 years and not ever changed the battery in the fob, I just assumed it was dead so I changed the battery for another today, but it didn't do the trick. My dad tested the battery I originally had in the fob and it was in fully working order, so it was not dead. Does anyone know what might be the problem? I'm lazy and prefer locking the car with the remote buttons on my key rather than using the key hole Edit: I have no clue about these types of things, but this is the only key I have for my car (I decided against getting another, too expensive!) - so please excuse my ignorance, but if the key/fob thingy was 'broken' (not the battery) would I no longer be able to start the engine with it?
  4. Hi, I was just wondering what your Focus is like on petrol (please state year/engine size and price per litre etc). I own a 2002 1.6 Zetec Focus and at the moment, I'm barely getting 25 miles to a gallon (where I live it's 109.9p per litre, so roughly about £4.95 per gallon). I'm not sure whether this is average, good or bad? that's why I made this thread. I don't always use the same garage either, I use a mixture. Sainsburys, Asda, Morrisons, Shell and BP (mainly Sainsburys and BP). It's weird, because in December 2008 (around that time anyway) the average price per litre of petrol in my town was 116.9p and back then I was getting about 30 miles to £5, so I can't work out why I'm now getting 5 miles less and it's 7p cheaper per litre - I'm not doing anything differently . I used to always use Tesco garages, but I've stopped using them now. I have two Tescos in my town and have been to both and had the same problem... when the pump resets to £0.00 I pull on the petrol pump lever to fill up my car and the first 40-80p is just air! I can fill NO petrol running through the pipe/pump! I thought it was just a one off, but it did it the 2nd time I went back... and at the Tesco garage at the other side of town . I got the car in Jan 2007. Back then I used to get near on 50 miles to £5, so basically now I am doing half, yet the price hasn't doubled... sometimes I start to convince myself the petrol pumps are rigged! There's no use me moaning, I just have to put up and shut up. Petrol will only continue to rise anyway... It's just lately I feel like I am constantly sticking money in my damn car! I don't earn a great wage and spending £40 a week on petrol to get me to and from work isn't great! that's 1/4 of my wage gone already LOL :o. I no longer use my car for 'unecessary' trips, basically, it's used to go to and from work, leisure journeys are long gone.
  5. Heated Front Screen

    Mine does this too. It says this in the manual though... Mine does stay on for longer than 30 seconds, but often goes off before I need it to.
  6. How To Get Headlight Bulbs Out

    I've had a headlight out for about 2 months now... (drivers side), mainly because I find it a nightmare changing them
  7. Why do people jam up to you

    I know what you mean, I'd feel/be exactly the same. Luckily on our road each house has a drive way, so I only have to put up with my brother/dads annoying parking! lol. But I hate it when I pop into town or something and have to park like that and get trapped in . I always get paranoid someone might have cuffed my car. Another thing I hate is parking in supermarket carparks... some idiot always manages to smack their door on yours! . Why can't they just be more careful! or try to park better and not so damn close. All I can say is these types of people can't care much for their cars, otherwise why do it. I try to look after my car and avoid opening my door to quick/hard and smacking it on someone elses, because it doesn't only damage theirs, it damages mine too. People who drive up my backside is another thing I hate, especially when they do it in bad weather or at high speeds. They're just trying to make me go faster, no thanks... I actually slow down to annoy them even more.
  8. Why do people jam up to you

    I wish I could get into such a tight space! my parking skills seem to have gotten worse rather than better :P I know what you mean though, it is annoying!
  9. Antifreeze and Oil question

    Thanks B) Don't worry, I am aware of this ;) I've been reminded enough by my dad and my brother. I don't really have an excuse, other than I have no idea how to do it myself... being female maybe I should learn so I don't have to rely on other people. (I just bought a Haynes Manual - maybe that will be of some help). But from now on it will be done yearly, no more slacking! I will be keeping the car for at least another 3 years, hopefully. Another question to anyone who might know, should the antifreeze mixture be 50/50? I have no idea where to get the Oil Filter from, is any car shop ok? (Wilco, Halfords, Motor-World etc) or should I just get one from my local Ford garage.
  10. Antifreeze and Oil question

    Thank you :D My car has done bewteen 53,000 and 54,000 (only done 8,000-9,000 miles in it since buying it 3 years ago). Could you possibly suggest which one out of these two Oils would be best/better to use? Castrol Magnatec 5W30 Oil or Halfords 5W/30 Part Synthetic Oil
  11. Can I just use any type of antifreeze? If not, what type of antifreeze do I need to buy? (I read on the Halfords website I need a 'Organic Acid Technology (OAT)' one... - my car is a Focus 1.6 2002). I looked in the manual but it just tells me about the ratios being 50/50. My brother will be emptying the coolant for me and refreshing it. Also, what oil do I need to buy? I haven't had an oil change in the 3 years of owning the car and have no idea when it last had one before that. It does say in the manual what type, I think it was 5W/30, but someone told me the other day that it's not the one I need to use now because the car is older and because of that I now need a thicker one? I told my brother lastnight, that I was going to call in my local Ford garage to buy the antifreeze and oil and he replied "don't be stupid, they will charge you a bomb".
  12. Thank you both! (why isn't there a Thank button feature on this forum :o ) Thanks for the tips/photo Vas, that could come in very handy indeed. I have saved the picture just inacse lol. I was actually wondering how on earth the door trim came off so I'll be sure to search it on here/the internet now you mentioned it. I'll probably get my brother to do the window/door trim rather than me though, although I really should start to learn to do things for the car myself. I just thought it was rain getting in, because I noticed it had always been raining when it stopped working and would normally start the next day or two days later - maybe just coincidence, but my brother said he doubt water is getting in (he did give some explanation as to why but it was complicated car talk for me to remember :D ). The window was working again by Sunday morning (I thought it was because the weather had dried up)... then while I was in Asda it chucked it down with rain, so I tested the window when I got hom expecting it not to work because of the bad rain... but it worked fine - I haven't tested it again since though, I don't use my car every single day, so will check it the next time I go out in it. Thanks again.
  13. It's a 2002, I have had it since Jan 2007. I have no idea what it is, wish I did then I wouldn't have to pay someone else to find out.
  14. That's what I am worried about :o . I am in Suffolk.
  15. I'm probably going to pop it to my local Ford garage to get them to take a look. Unfortunately, I have no clue about cars and fixing them in any way what so ever. Probably a really silly question, but do you or anyone else know/guess what I'd roughly be charged for them to find out what the issue is, and then to fix it? I probably wont like what they charge me! lol. I remember them quoting me over £100 for a new key!