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  1. Door Edge Protectors

    Hi, been a while since I posted anything but back again and with a new car. Picked up my 14 plate St last week. When I ordered the car Ford 'kindly' decided to give me the door edge protectors at no extra cost, great I thought, if it's free then happy days. Well, got the car home, had a good look round (found a rip in the rear headrest - Ford are sorting this out) decided to close the passenger door, heard a strange snap noise then found the door edge protector on the floor. Tried to reattach it only to find that the clip bracket has snapped !!!! Considering I had owned the car for all of 4 hours at this time it's pretty poor. I know I was given this option free of charge but some people will be paying the £80 extra for this very flimsy novelty. Anyway, car has to go back to my local dealer for the item to be replaced this week. Has anyone else got these protectors and if so what's your experience of them thus far? Thanks
  2. New Car

    Had a phone call from the dealership this afternoon, mine should be arriving later this week and I will be collecting it at the weekend (focus ST3).
  3. Hi, the alloys are the standard street pack issue, just powder coated black.
  4. Hi, these are the bulbs I used:- http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/EXTREME-6-BLUE-INTERIOR-501-W5W-LED-BULB-CAR-VAN-12v-/130500472249?pt=UK_CarsParts_Vehicles_CarParts_SM&hash=item1e626f2db9
  5. Once again thanks for all the positive feedback. To answer the above questions the car matts are from........ Tesco lol (only £12 for the front/rear set and they do look good). When I first got the car it'd been debadged, I thought the rear end looked a little bare but didn't want the silver badges as they don't stand out against the white so ordered some new badges off ebay and sprayed them black myself, simple job but makes alot of difference to the appearance.
  6. Gotta be blue, especially with the sony head unit.
  7. Many thanks for all the positive comments guys, and tunne1rat, I know exactly were you're coming from mate lol. Thought I'd also make my own contribution to the old 'what colour footwell lights' debate, it's gotta be blue, too much red makes it seem like I'm touting for business lol.
  8. Evening all, thought I'd ad a few more pics of my 'mid life crisis' car lol. Would love to hear any feedback and any recommendations you have. Cheers Kieron
  9. Footwell Lighting

    Cheers mate, I agree, the blue looks good and i think it'll be a better match for the illumination on the sony head unit.
  10. Footwell Lighting

    Hi guys, just thought I'd say thanks for highlighting this topic, didn't have a clue the footwell lights were there, checked my car and found the holders/wiring then out of curiosity borrowed the bulb from the boot courtesy light just to check if they work and hey presto... we have light!!! Well chuffed. Just gotta decide what colour bulbs to order!!! Once again, many thanks.
  11. No Zetec S Badge on new fiesta

    When I purchased my 61 plate (6 months old at the time) it didn't have any badges, thought it looked good at first but then seemed a little bair at the back so bought a set off E-Bay, sprayed them black and stuck them on in what seemed the best places, didn't turn out too bad.
  12. Hello

    Evening all. just wanted to say hi. Thought I'd join the forum after lurking here for a while, found tonnes of great info on here so far and look forward to getting much more. Currently drive a 61 plate Zetec S, looking forward to the release of the ST when I may consider a trade in lol. Cheers Kieron
  13. My Fiesta

  14. Welcome to the Ford forums Kieatky :)