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  1. Hi, own a 2003 1.8 TDCI focus.. 130k on the clock, full service history.... Problem only started the other day, doing a slow U turn and it just lost all power and cut out. Started fine, did another U turn and it cut out again. Theres no smoke and it was running really well, Ive done 150 miles on the same fuel and still have over half a tank. Went to work in it that night and drive home in the morning with no problems. Loaded the car for a weekend away, it stalled twice on the drive but i put that down to me. Drive 3 miles down the road and it lost all power and the engine cut out. Managed to get it home by stop start driving. The last half mile it seemed fine so i nipped up the road and a couple of miles it stopped again. Im sure it aint the fuel but could it be the cam shaft position censor or the fuel filter housing ?? Any help would be good as i know nothing about cars and im pretty skint..... Thanks....Roy
  2. Ford Focus Cutting Out :(

    Hi, my 2003 1.8 TDCI has just started to do the same, and i think if i drive at low revs it seems ok..
  3. Focus 1.8 Tdci Cutting Out.

    Hi, only had the car a couple of weeks and im happy with it. Yesterday under normal driving it just cut out. I pulled over, started, drove a hundred yard and stopped again. Its just loosing power. On restarting the rev counter sometimes vibrates around the 2/3 k... Its been on the same derv for the last 150 miles so still has the 3/4 of a tank of the same fuel. It has a recut key so no buttons just normal key in the lock central locking.. Other than this it runs really good.. Can anyone help with ideas....Roy
  4. Welcome to the Ford forums roynomad :)