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  1. Timing Belt Or Chain?

    What??? wow..thats a long time....
  2. Hi Does my 59 plate 1.6TDCI fiesta have a timing belt or chain??? And if its a belt what are the changing intervals?? Mines coming up to 60000 now! Thanks
  3. Radio/cd Swap

    Hi, Thanks for the prompt reply. My head unit does not have the phone option or the extra numbers needed for dialling, unlike some of the other Titanium models with the same style radio [not the new new one]. Hence why I assumed I can buy the different headunit with the bits I need on it and retro fit the rest. So the bluetooth is not located in the radio?? Will have a look behind my glovebox and see if I can find any plugs with nothing in them.
  4. Sreetka Hazard Lights Wont Turn Off

    Hi Mine does this on the odd occasion and it seems to be a fault on the alarm system..in effect itd=s going off without the horn.. I had to have it reset at a ford dealer and it hasnt been any trouble since.
  5. Radio/cd Swap

    Hi I'm new to this forum so sorry if this question has been asked before...and if it has can some one point me to the posts?? I have a 59 plate 1.6 TDCI Titanium, which does not have the phone option on the cd/raidio unit. My question is can I add this to my car? Do I need any other wiring loom or will it all be there for me to plug into if I buy all the relevant parts I need off ebay such as new head unit..wiper stalk, microphone etc?? Or is it not that simple? Cheerz!
  6. Welcome to the Ford forums Curlytops :)