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  1. Sussex & Surrey The Big Meet

    THE BIG MEET & CRUISE Pease Pottage Service's - Crawley Saturday 14th July 2012 Meeting 6pm for one hour then departing at 7pm for a cruise to Brighton. This is a one hour meet for ALL car enthusiasts in Sussex and Surrey. Immediately after the meet there will be a cruise to Brighton, you can either make your way home from Brighton or continue from Brighton back up to the M23. Whether its stock or souped everyone is welcome, we already have loads of people attending and have been asked to create a Facebook event so more people can join us. Its a brilliant chance to show off your cars, share tips & advice and make some noise. Many flyers have gone out and the event has been posted on several forums and websites, to name just a few www.vauxhallownersnetwork.co.uk www.migweb.co.uk www.vodc.co.uk www.totalvauxhall.co.uk www.vuaxhall-sport-forum.co.uk www.astraownersclub.co.uk www.peugeotforums.co.uk www.106owners.co.uk www.saxpreiance.co.uk www.fordownersclub.co.uk www.ffoc www.themgxr.co.uk www.forums.mg-rover.org www.corsasport.co.uk www.ukcorsa-d.com www.ukcorsa-c.co.uk www.allcorsa.co.uk www.fiatforum.com www.golfgtiforum.co.uk www.volkswagenforum.co.uk www.honacivicforum.co.uk www.toyotaownersclub.co.uk www.mk1oc.com www.mk2oc.com www.astra-mk2.com and more! If you know anyone who will be interested in this meet then please share this with them, show them the flyer below or share the Facebook event HERE. FLYER
  2. Welcome to the Ford forums Boy Racerworld :)