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  1. Winter Sealant?

    I agree with sambooka , I find that peanut butter works for me. Its something to do with. the peanut oil. Just put a bit on a cloth rub it in, leave it for a few mins and remove. You may have to reapply if the polish stain is old/really ingrained.
  2. Best Colour Fiesta?

    Dark Micastone.... bit of a marmite colour but I like it. :)
  3. Pinking Metal??

    I noticed my zetec s was pinking slightly when under load/going up hills etc this was when the temps were up around 30c last week, but it seems not to be doing it now, so maybe temp related. higher octane petrol may help , i used to fill up with 98 ron when i bought the car and it did seem slighty more eager. The 1600cc engines do have knock sensors to pull the timing back when the engine starts pinking, so the performance goes down until pinking stops.
  4. My car makes the same noise, a series of clicks, On mine it comes from the two oil control solenoids (small cylinders near the cambelt end) on the camshafts for the ti-vct units. they are only fitted to the 1.6 petrol. i think its just resetting itself for the next engine start.?.. (car. is 2011 3500miles)
  5. Serious Paranoia With My Fiesta Metal

    My cars only got 2500miles on it and it has a bit of valvetrain noise and ticking from the injectors but this is probably because the engines have solid tappets not hydraulic. TBH I had a 1.8T audi A4 before the fiesta and that had as much valvetrain noise even with hydraulic tappets. I'd let the dealer look over it as your doing, for anything loose etc.
  6. Further to my old post, Had my car serviced today, it had quite a long travel on the handbrake. They adjusted this on the service and now the brakes are a lot sharper. So on cars with long travel on the brake pedal like mine had, It maybe something to do with the handbrake adjustment/shoe adjstment, possibly...
  7. My 2011 Zetec S seems to have quite progressive but heavy brakes as did another 2011 Zetec S , I test drove. My mother has a 2008 Zetec 1.25 like yourself, and the brakes on that car are very sensitive and way too sharp for my liking. It seems a bit odd to me that different examples of the same car can have such different brakes as they are the same on all models. .
  8. When Should The Cam Belt Be Changed?

    On cars I've owned before mostly vw & audis I changed them at about 4 years / 40000 miles with pump. It's usually the rotating parts, (ie) idler bearings and tensioners that wear more than the belt.
  9. Poll on Fiesta Mk7 Colour Choice

    My Zetec s is Dark Micastone, Not seen any in my area. Grey but with a bronze/gold tint in the sun. ^_^ Gets my vote..
  10. Welcome to the Ford forums Geevx11 :)