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  1. I believe there is a shift one, but I think it is for performance rather than mpg. Take it to 6,500-6750rpm and you'll probably see it flash on the screen. - I believe I have seen it once, as I generally don't take it that high (even though the power is at 6,500). Definitely not until the engine is warm...
  2. Haha, yes. Very strange experience of not being allowed to smile in a photograph... I’ve asked the guy who runs that section for any of the details they might have, but for the moment he hasn’t got back to me. – And I’m only contemplating pursuing it further for the moment. I didn’t primarily buy it for the ‘limited’ part of it, but it was a nice thing to have (and I did think about residuals) which is why I decided to highlight it. Anyway – I only did it for the fame… ;) :P
  3. Obviously this is only my opinion, but I feel that just because they do it all the time doesn't make it a right way of operating...
  4. Shame that Ford can so easily do that, I'm sure other sectors limited means limited. Why have you decided to sell yours so soon?
  5. Thats poor, go somewhere else or sell it privately... Did you get sold with the understadning it was limited to 1k production run?
  6. That's my issue with it really, thought having a 'limited' version would at least be worth something (even if it just makes it easier to sell, etc). But yes, they definitely saw the £ signs... Will I get anywhere with Auto Express? Maybe, but doubtfall.. Just want to see what Ford say when someone a bit bigger than just one customer gets involved.
  7. Hi All, Just thought I would share some information I got recently regarding the supposedly limited edition Fiesta Metal. I was told, plus it is well publicised, that the Metal edition was limited to a run of 1,000 cars. I found out a week or so ago that actually Ford has made/sold coming up to nearly twice that amount, which Ford admitted to in reply to an email I sent. However what they did say is that it was never limited... I thought I would do a bit of investigation, and even managed to get hold of the press release Ford gave out to the media for the car which states that it is limited to 1,000. I now have the Auto Express watchdog team on this, who will be asking Ford why they felt it was acceptable to do that. I'll keep you updated. Great car, not so great company.
  8. Well, I went for the bulbs I listed above (including osram 'cool blue' side lights). Finally installed the new bulbs, and going to test them tonight. - I wanted to be legal by just changing the bulbs instead of going for HIDs. Simple process overall. Took much longer on the first one (decided to do the one near battery first and take my time with it) and the second one went much quicker. Only bit I don't like about changing them is the 'lovely' plastic clip which feels/sounds like you are breaking something. And that I didnt hear it clip go back in really, however it must be in, as they both fit perfectly back in place. I'll report back again later if these bulbs are worth it. Maybe even a picture. However no before shot... I'm not that organised.
  9. Adding to iNath, when a car very kindly drove into me my ar was still easily roadworthy so Admiral agreed to wait on the repair to see if it would be settled by the other insurer. The other insurer admitted fault on behalf of the other driver as they recieved no response and I didn't have to pay any excess when getting it repaired - which helped my cash flow a lot. Didnt take too long to sort either... (Probably thanks to the evidence I provided). Although, strangely about 10-11 months later, Admiral wrote to me saying Direct Line changed their mind and were fighting the case and was asked if I was prepared to go to court. I however didn't have time to do this. Either way, my case was settled and any changes between Admiral and Direct Line wouldn't affect me.
  10. Darker grille is nicer, however i'm still not sold on that front end...
  11. 3K deposit on Ford Options I'm sure would be fine... You can get one with no deposit. I got my Metal on options with only a little more deposit in comparison of car cost.
  12. Yeah, white ones do seem to be popular at the moment. However, getting a brand new car for the same payment (I assume with the same spec) is a good deal.
  13. Any reason for the change? - Other than colour
  14. With it starting to get darker earlier, I have been out more recently driving in the dark. I've noticed the throw of the light on dipped beam is not very far (although bright enough). I was wondering if I changed the bulbs to some like these if it would actually make any difference? - Wouldnt want to waste £30 on bulbs that are just brighter and will not last as long. Thanks in advance for the responses.
  15. I was wondering if changing the bulbs classes as a modification? Thinking of these: As it is just a bulb change and not 'modifying' the unit, would that matter or do they have to be changed with exact bulbs used by Ford?