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  1. Drive axle question

    It certainly doesn't look like it belongs on there anyway lol. job done then is it?
  2. Your council tax pays for that, what you pay is vehicle excise duty VED. Road tax was abolished in like 1937?
  3. Unfortunately it’s not road tax though lol. Hasn’t been for a long time.
  4. I’ll do it for you if you cross the bridge lol I can do the tyre too
  5. It’s entirely your choice, I would always advise to do both but most people I deal with don’t and just opt for the bare minimum to keep costs down.
  6. Drive axle question

    I’ve never seen one of those before lol. out of interest though, does the box the driveshaft come in smell like marijuana? I’ve found quite a lot of the time they do for some odd reason, even the last load of cv boots I bought had that same smell
  7. Ford focus 1.8tdci thermostat change

    It’s just a rubber seal on the thermostat, nothing else to worry about.
  8. Hello From Scotland

    Hello and welcome, fellow Fifer too
  9. You could argue it but you’ll get nowhere lol. changing it again in 3 years? What is the need? It’ll last another 8 years easily.
  10. Is my car a write off

    that's a goner mate
  11. Good luck claiming a timing belt failure after 5 years of being fitted at a garage after all, it’s to you to provide the evidence those goods were faulty to start with. As the legislation says, this doesn’t mean a product has to last the 5 or 6 years (depending on country) but is your window to claim.
  12. Clutch advice

    You probably annoyed them with supplying your own parts on a job they knew they were making nice profit. £450 you paid, did they actually change the master cylinder or just use it to bump the price up?
  13. How low do you go before refuelling?

    I’ve had my mondeo diesel now for 7 years and always run the tank down as low as possible before refuelling. Never found any ‘crud’ in the fuel filters I’ve removed and cut open. I also only use shell or bp diesel. I’ve had one clogged filter and that was in the winter, presumably with the diesel waxing as on inspection there was no dirt in filter.
  14. Rear top mounts

    His profile says 2003
  15. Rear top mounts

    It’s just metal on metal fit