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  1. you can certainly try. Also, give the connector a wiggle.
  2. Heat the threaded area, it’ll come out. I’ve done tonnes of these after someone has had a go and rounded it off.
  3. Do you know what brand the pads are? Someone fitted cheap crap pads to my van before I bought it. I’d decsribe the noise like you, a bus coming to a hault and a horrible resonance/groan.
  4. Well that makes life a bit easier 😂😂 It might clear itself after a few drive cycles without a misfire.. if not it’ll need cleared with a scan tool.
  5. stef123

    Fuse Tap

    You need to provide a ground from elsewhere to whatever you are powering
  6. I've drilled a few heads off the screws on the older mk1. drill the head off them get grips on the remaining part once the coil pack is removed.
  7. Yup was gonna reply and say I have just done one recently and it was 270 or 290nm but 290nm it is lol.
  8. If you want it to last you need special tools. These are gen2 wheel bearings that require special clam shells to press in properly. I wouldn’t entertain anyone doing this job without.
  9. Its needs hooked up to a scan tool and diagnostic started from there.
  10. It could be absolutely anything, related to the work you’ve just done or coincidence so there is no point in anyone guessing until it’s been plugged in.
  11. Needs hooking up to a scan tool to look at some live data.
  12. One thing I always recommend to anyone is don't use cheap lambda sensors!