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  1. An hours labour should cover it
  2. If the rod has snapped then it’s a new master cylinder.
  3. stef123

    Mk3 Mondeo 2.2TDCi Limp Mode

    if the rod moves free and smooth then the vanes are not clogged up/stuck. looks like you have a bad actuator. As you say, at least the access is good on them.
  4. stef123

    Mk3 Mondeo 2.2TDCi Limp Mode

    turbo actuator would be where I'd be looking first i think. They are known to play up and i should think you'd get a fault code along the lines of what you have there.
  5. stef123

    Oil leak

    Sounds like you have a burst slave cylinder. Is your brake fluid level low too?
  6. stef123

    Stripped bolt

    Have you stripped the head or the thread? If it’s the head, heat the threaded part of the knuckle and use a spiral extractor on the bolt head. Done so many of these now, would seem most folk do the same thing lol.
  7. stef123

    Mk6 fiesta clutch slipping

    2002-2008 for a mk6. Your clutch is hydraulic.
  8. stef123

    New MOT Rules Today

    There have been a few cars in for their mot early lol. Straight away there must be tens of thousands of cars that will never pass another mot now.
  9. stef123

    Smoking with glow plug light flashing

    What was the reason for changing all those parts? Or was it just guess work? Were the parts fitted by a garage? my only experience with these engines (having owned mine for 7+ years) is that white smoke on cold start was down to worn injectors. This would clear after 2-minutes of idling and the car would perform flawlessly for the rest of the day. I know of guys who have fitted injectors to engines which need coding but they never have and they have never had any issues but I’m going to ask anyway, have your new injectors been coded to the ecu?
  10. Funny how they can offer a part refund straight away! Tell them to ram it! Refund the full lot. Open a paypal dispute too just to be annoying for them.
  11. stef123

    Smoking with glow plug light flashing

    New injectors fitted I take it?
  12. Why throw parts at it without properly diagnosing it, that gets expensive quickly.
  13. stef123

    Removing this broken bolt

    Without doubt get some heat on the area and a pair of mole grips that’ll come out easily.
  14. stef123

    Should I send it back

    A turbo for £103? No thanks lol.
  15. stef123


    no one does this, does that count for your answer lol.