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  1. I’ve got one to do on Friday night if you want some more advice I can take pics
  2. I generally just remove the pinch bolt, use a small chisel to open up the slot and lever the control arm down. Ball joint splitters are a waste of time in my opinion plus you’ll be lucky to get in with a scissor type.
  3. It looks like a 580 bulb to me. It looks chunkier than a 501?
  4. I buy 380 and 382 bulbs from my local factors for less than £3 for 10 including the vat so yeah sounds perfectly reasonable.
  5. My guess would be there was nothing wrong with the original sensor, more likely a wiring issue somewhere. have you done any testing of any form?
  6. The plastic wings are common on many genuine and aftermarket cables I'm afraid, I think you would be lucky to find anything different if the original Ford ones use plastic.
  7. Does you car still have the original steel pipes or have they been replaced with copper?
  8. The nut should rotate around the brake pipe, it will be stuck with corrosion.
  9. Always change the slave cylinder when changing the clutch, or you’ll end up paying to remove the box again later if it fails. Unfortunately it does sound like this is what you will be doing. Is the underside of the gearbox wet?
  10. Time to find someone who can do proper diagnostics, with the use of an oscilloscope. Throwing parts at it is not going to fix it.
  11. It won't matter to any decent tyre fitter if it has tpms valves or not, there is a 'procedure' for another word to use when removing or installing a tyre so the valve doesn't get trapped or damaged. It's nothing special.
  12. Yes, you are looking to try and expand the metal around it to crack the corrosion loose.
  13. A good question, I apply heat around the threaded area and also the area where the shank of the bolt goes into the knuckle. Depending on the situation, sometimes rust will grip the shank of the bolt, other times it’ll bind the thread.
  14. Rough when started plus white smoke, presumably once warm it clears? Sounds like an injector issue to me.