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  1. thing is, if your mechanic can't work this one out.. pretty basic stuff and diagnostic to work out what the problem is.
  2. stef123

    Mk2 Stuttering Check Engine light Acclerating

    Fix the water ingress problem then there isn’t an issue. Plugs that are removed routinely generally don’t seize in place so are not an issue. I've had great success with new washer jets and silicone grease, the few focus’ I look after have never had the wet spark plug wells return. these engines didn’t come with a cover as standard, there is one available for it albeit the only one I have seen wasn’t a ford part.
  3. stef123

    Struggling to start when cold

    Perhaps a very crude and ‘field’ type test but it does prove a point lol.
  4. stef123

    Struggling to start when cold

    Disconnect the wiring from them and test the resistance of each, they should be around 1 ohm give or take. Removing them is simple enough, if they are seized however is when the fun starts. Access on the 1.8 is pretty good. There are lots of ways of testing them, for example I have an amp clamp i can put round the cable and test how much current each is drawing without even disconnecting them.
  5. stef123

    Struggling to start when cold

    I still have 4 working plugs but they are likely getting lazy to heat up.
  6. stef123

    Mk2 Stuttering Check Engine light Acclerating

    Ideally new spark plugs should be fitted 'dry'. NGK are one manufacturer who state there is no need to use an anti seize compound as there is already a factory plating on the threads but also by applying an anti seize compound you will also over tighten them, risking more damage than not applying anything. NGK also have an official technical bulletin regarding this, says USA but i'd imagine it applies to all of their products.
  7. stef123

    Mk2 Stuttering Check Engine light Acclerating

    Without seeing a car no one can speculate what a car really needs, with that said water in around the ht leads/spark plugs could reduce the ability of the spark plug to ignite fuel because some of all of the energy will be wasted, resulting in similar symptoms to what you describe. An hours diagnostic would likely reveal the solution and what needs repaired. Without a bit of time into issues you’ll just end up throwing parts at something in hope of a fix. regarding the washer jets, silicone grease is my preferred fix for these providing it’s also got the revised washer jets. This is something you could do at home, removing the water in the top of the cylinder head shouldn’t take you long and may also cure the issue you are having for very little cost.
  8. stef123

    Struggling to start when cold

    I’ve found in my experience of these engines that I’ve worked on and also the one I own right now that they don’t seem to like the cold and al have behaved in a similar manner. i have tested the glow plugs on mine and the cable to them is capable of carrying current so what I have concluded is that my plugs probably need replaced as I need to cycle the key 3 times when it’s cold to get it to start without an extended crank and a puff of grey smoke lol. They seem slow to heat up but if the key is cycled 3 times it starts effortlessly. I’ll get round to them eventually. So you could start by verifying the plugs and supply to them are ok. Or even try cycling the key a few times before you crank it.
  9. run the circuit with the level sensor bypassed and see if it occurs.
  10. stef123

    Alignment or worse?

    you could do the alignment 1000 times but its pointless if there are any worn components. Before an alignment it is good practise to go round the suspension to check for wear/play.
  11. stef123

    Fuse problem

    If you have disconnected the amp and the fuse does not blow you have proven the wire is ok so no need to change it.
  12. stef123

    Fuse problem

    That is correct, the output tail on the piggy back is the top slot. I'm no audio expert but I'm of the opinion a remote wire should only draw something in the milliamp range so very small. If it doesn't blow with the amp disconnected, it would appear to me you have a faulty amp.
  13. stef123

    Fuse problem

    What size of fuse are you fitting for the amp? And also which of the 2 fuses blows? By free of damage I mean it hasn't been trapped anywhere. Disconnect the amp and see if it blows the fuse still. The amp should be the smallest fuse rating you have as it’s only a signal not to carry any power. Depending on what way round you fit the piggy back fuse holder will depend if the loads are independent or if they both go through the primary fuse first. If the live side of the fuse is on the left as per the top diagram below that is the ideal way to orientate it. I’ve drawn you a quick diagram to try and explain this.
  14. stef123

    Mk2 Stuttering Check Engine light Acclerating

    You’ll need a code reader to find out.
  15. stef123

    Mk2 Stuttering Check Engine light Acclerating

    What codes does it store when the light comes on? Gonna guess p0300 or p0301, p0302 and so on..