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  1. either do that or just keep spraying it lol. fill with cold water and do the same.
  2. Stage 1 - 1 ugga dugga Stage 2 - 2 ugga duggas Stage 3 - 3 ugga duggas Stage 4 - give it all the gun has got?
  3. What have you filled it with On a serious note, stagnant water? empty it and fill it with fresh water and a strong dose of screenwash.
  4. It’s far too much of a coincidence that the belt has just been done and now you have problems. New timing belt and multiple cylinder misfires.. i know where I’d be starting, as already pointed out by Ian..
  5. Someone needs to stop firing parts at this car and diagnose it. has he physically checked the timing? Not just saying it.
  6. There’s no danger anyone will tie a lift up for a shift to do coolant, it’s a standard procedure. An hours labour plus coolant. I’m annoyed enough right now I’ve got a Megane tying my lift up for a Renault only brake hose! working on the ground it shouldn’t take you longer than an hour to do. Takes longer farting about getting access if it has an undertray.
  7. The guides can say what they want, just think of how much it would cost you in labour if a professional garage had to tie up a lift to change your coolant.. let the system cool off if you have driven it before hand, more so important because you don’t want it all over yourself. Then it’s perfectly fine to fill the system, run it up to temp/bleed it and top up as required. I always check the system lsvel again when cold or advise the owner to do so if it’s leaving me before it cools.
  8. Drain it and refill, doesn’t need over complicated. Preferably drain when cool to avoid scalding.
  9. Does it by any chance have the old style degas hose? These fracture and fail, causing a loss of coolant.
  10. Do you know exactly what work was done to the car? Is it a petrol or diesel?
  11. Of course it’s doable, if you have the right tools.
  12. We need a bit more info, does it turn over by hand (spanner on the crank pulley)?
  13. If you’ve ever worked under a gazebo outside, you’ll know it doesn’t take the water long to pour in beside you and make the gazebo seemingly pointless lol. The idea of that being sealed from the ground seems a good idea, although how waterproof it really is? Only ever used a gazebo on a couple of occasions, absolute waste of time.
  14. Anyone for a shot of my parts cannon?😂