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  1. stef123

    MKIII Estate Flexi Section

    aftermarket cats compared with OEM are dog poo. There's a good reason OEM fetch good scrap value and aftermarket are laughable to the scrap man
  2. I’ve fitted a few Starline parts, yellow and black packaging? Never had any issues but it’s already been a last resort lol.
  3. stef123

    Rear Hub to trailing arm bolt torque

    That would have been a Saturday disaster lol.
  4. stef123

    Rear Hub to trailing arm bolt torque

    Hang on, do you hear that Ian? DUGGA DUGGA DUGGA
  5. stef123

    Rear Hub to trailing arm bolt torque

    The real world version is, just tighten them up lol
  6. stef123

    ford fusion management ligh problem

    Another parts changer mechanic!
  7. stef123

    Camshaft Sensor

    I hate to say it but a fault code reader, assuming this is where the code has come from does not tell you what is wrong. It’s give information on what is out of perameter or detecting an anomaly.
  8. 2 guys I used to work with that own pipe dynamics. Good value for money on their custom work and repairs.
  9. 1 is more common on low mileage cars or ones that sit about for days at a time. 2 and 3 are relatively common issues on the focus. Nothing major really.
  10. Guessing the garage have never done one before If they didn't know about those parts..
  11. stef123

    Replacing rear coil springs on Mk1 Focus

    This is the spring compressor I use to get them back in place. I had experimented with a scissor jack instead of someone prying the suspension down but in all honesty it’s a waste of time lol. By far the easiest way to remove the old ones is with a pry bar. I go with chopping the drop links off for a little more play. Unbolt the lower shock bolt and have someone hold the suspension down with a bar for whatever method of fitting you choose. Make sure the spring is sitting in the correct position in the lower cup and that the rubber boot on the top is in the correct position.
  12. The same is also true of cheap ‘new’ parts lol
  13. My question is, what’s wrong with the driveshaft and why has it failed previously? Maybe that’s my 2 questions then lol
  14. stef123

    Front strut torques please

    Does anyone know the specs, or do you mean, does anyone actually torque these lol. Never once torqued up any of these suspension bolts in 12+ years of doing repairs.
  15. stef123

    Wet-belt or chain _ 1.8tdci Jan 2008

    Don’t need to touch timing or anything like that but be warned it’s quite awkward to get into. The attached pic is of the engine stripped down to replace the wet belt but you don’t need to do this. Power steering pump unbolted and swing it out the way will allow access. The red circle is where the tensioner screws in.