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  1. My tyre disposal cost is up £1.44 per car tyre at the moment!
  2. Never found Bridgestone tyres to be very good. Done a load of them on VAG group cars at around 2 year old due to them perishing and cracking badly. Had Bridgestone tyres on my bike, had to change those for splitting less than a year old.
  3. My 2p worth on this would be, on cars that do low mileage I would rotate the tyres. Tyres perish and crack after a few years. Some brands are worse than others and I’ve changed a few big brands at just a couple of years old. so to keep a ‘balance’ on the tread and not have all the wear on one axle if age is going to kill them first. ive just changed 2 Michelin tyres yesterday, 2017 and they look like they could pull apart any minute.
  4. The last one of these I done I’m sure the bushes were something like £20 each from ford. 1.5 hours would cover it, it’s an easy job. add to that wheel alignment if you want it checked afterwards.
  5. Prime example of when the customers states, I just tighten up the handbrake without inspecting or adjusting the shoes! 69k miles on this example.
  6. I’d want to know what the fuel pressure is like.
  7. What annoys me is you can buy one brand of pads for 100 different vehicles, some come with a pad fitting kit some don't! It's so irritating especially for giving quotes out. Some customers are lucky to receive a discount when it comes to fitting lol.
  8. I just replaced a set of discs and pads today for a customer. Complaint was brake squeal and a brake judder. Discs and pads were only fitted months ago by a big well known garage. Upon stripping the brakes down it was clear to me the cause of failure, the cheap crap unbranded parts for one but mainly the huge amount of rust build up on the hub face! very disappointing.
  9. Don't just tighten up the cable without inspecting/adjusting the shoes inside the drum.
  10. But no motor factors will sell you one, if they do, let’s know who they are.
  11. If it’s gear oil, I’d say likely gearbox output seal.
  12. I’d want to see the prep work done in the process of fitting the new discs and pads. Also, what brand of parts are being fitted? Runout in the hub caused by rust build up/surface not being cleaned properly is a popular problem.
  13. Took the words right out of my mouth Ian Gotta be careful with the dugga duggas on these Milwaukee 3/4” guns
  14. I’ve got 115Nm here but close enough lol