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  1. stef123

    EML Issue

    Funny, because this guy claims to be failing a lot of cars on oil leaks. I’ll be staying clear of him anyway as his understanding doesn’t match how I interpret the mot guideline.
  2. stef123

    EML Issue

    Oil leaks are that a local test station to me seem to be doing wrong by what the books says. Failed a car for having a damp sump/surrounding area and subframe but wasn’t actually dripping oil and no oil on the ground where it parks each night. That’s not the definition of an excessive oil leak.
  3. stef123

    Front Wheel bearing replacement

    Never fitted one with a step like that, i can’t see what the relevance of it is. Bearings are easy to line up so can’t see that it does anything there
  4. stef123

    EML Issue

    Yes that’s right, sorry I had it in my head it was a petrol engine. Ian would know for sure but I suspect if the blank is easily spotted it’ll be failed.
  5. stef123

    EML Issue

    Used on or after 1st July 2003 that applies to MIL.
  6. stef123

    Front Wheel bearing replacement

    When you put the key in and turn the ignition on, do you see an abs light illuminate?
  7. stef123

    EML Issue

    The EML or MIL must illuminate then go off. Innoperative or indicating a fault is a now a major fail. Section 8.2
  8. stef123

    Front Wheel bearing replacement

    Looks like you have more than enough kit to do a wheel bearing. You can do it on the car with the red kit, providing the chocolate bolt doesn’t shear or chew the threads. That’s the reason I replaced the one in my kit with m20 bar. The blue kit will be handy to remove the inner race from the hub, otherwise I’d use a grinder and a hammer. if you intend on doing the bearing on the car, you’ll need to pull the hub from the knuckle somehow. I use a slide hammer for that job.
  9. stef123

    Front Wheel bearing replacement

    Ok so an update and an apology lol. forgot the bearing I was doing today comes out the rear of the knuckle not the front so I did indeed have to pull the abs sensor - managed without breaking it which is a bonus lol. So some pictures of my cheap Chinese kit, my upgraded thread bar and some pics in use. I used m20 thread bar instead of the cheap 3/4unf chocolate bar included in the kit. The circlip at holding the bearing in I tend to use a punch to try and rotate it round, makes removing it much easier, when the bearing is out make sure the groove is clean for the circlip. Also make sure to clean the face of the hub up, I sometimes use a purpose made hub grinder but 120 grit emery cloth also does a good job.
  10. stef123

    Front Wheel bearing replacement

    As above, the new bearing will possily have a plastic cap over the magnetic side. If not they are easy to identify. The magnetic side must go in first. Be careful not to snap off the abs sensor. Very rarely do they come out without damage, I use plates with slots cut in them so I don’t need to touch them. What type of kit are you using? I always used to remove the knuckle from the car and use a floor press, I now do them on the car with a modified kit. I’m doing one this afternoon actually so could post up pictures.
  11. stef123

    Engine malfunction (MAF sensor)

    I can’t see what engine you have? A check of all intake and boost hoses would be first on my to do list.
  12. stef123

    Mot failure?

  13. stef123

    Battery drain

    First thing you need diagnosed is what’s drawing the 4.7amps. I’d probably start by using a clamp on ammeter and pulling fuses for circuits you suspect. Another primitive method is to measure voltage drop across fuses.
  14. stef123

    MK2.5 1,6 Zetec TIMING BELT

    Just a little overdue? Lol
  15. stef123

    MK2.5 1,6 Zetec TIMING BELT

    Missed this post, but i'm glad it's done and out the way mate