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  1. What is this brake part

    They should be getting done for it! Claiming to have a sale when they are just making it up lol.
  2. What is this brake part

    ECP offers.. what a joke! They are like DFS.
  3. Mk3 focus washer pump

    Before you go chucking parts at it you need to check if it’s getting power.
  4. After Market Crisis!

    I’d go for NTK/NGK. I’ve found Bosch sensors can be a bit chunkier too which can be a problem.
  5. What is this brake part

    Those are pad retaining clips and caliper to carrier bolts. Basically what you have there is a ‘fitting kit’
  6. Advice on going DIY maintenance

    You got there in the end lol.

    Why did your mot guy have the locking wheel nut key
  8. If the system is low on gas/pressure then the a/c clutch won’t operate.
  9. wheel shudder

    Disc thickness variation, often called a warped disc which is incorrect. however, likely a new set of pads and discs will fix your problem.
  10. Rocker Cover Gasket Help

    It's never been a problem on any car I've ever worked on lol. you are not soaking it or spraying it over a prolonged period, a quick wipe over and it evaporates near enough instantly anyway.
  11. Rocker Cover Gasket Help

    I tend to fit genuine cam cover gaskets, regardless of car brand. In this case I'm sure they are around £45 from the dealer. No need to do anything other than make sure the surface is clean and no carbon deposits or anything stuck to it. I usually spray some brake cleaner onto a rag and give it a wipe. No sealant or anything required, the new gasket will seal correctly if the head is clean and the cam cover is in good shape.
  12. connect tdci ran out of diesel now wont start

    Be careful when front probing connectors, I’ve seen cases before where the pins have been splayed and give a crap connection.
  13. Bleeding Abs

    I normally use a litre for a brake fluid replacement.
  14. Alternator light on but alternator ok?

    If that’s that same bolt as the focus uses it’s a pain in the backside lol
  15. Alternator light on but alternator ok?

    Without a scope you ain’t going to be testing much. you should have a 3 pin connector on the alternator, this gives; Pin1 - feedback pin2 - command pin3 - reference voltage (you should see battery voltage here)