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  1. As above, the Irwin sockets or a set of stilsons should grip enough. the Irwin spiral sockets are superb!
  2. Yes the petrol engine doesn’t have a filter as such, more like a strainer on the in tank pump.
  3. Atleast you are sorted now. i once had a slider seized on a Lexus caliper carrier. Normally takes me a few mins and a bit of heat if required to get them going. This one was proper stubborn, gave it a good bit of heat and went to try twist it with a spanner, it took off out of the carrier like a rocket and just missed my mates face!
  4. If you fancied a drive into Fife I would help you out at my garage. oddly enough I’m in Glasgow working this week but it’s contract work so I’ve no room to deviate.
  5. If I recall the plug gap was reduced from 1.3 to 1.0mm to put less strain on the coil pack
  6. For the 9 years I had my mondeo I left the aircon on permanently. Under a certain temp it will not kick in.
  7. Most of the black boxes I’ve come across are just stuck to the top of the battery and use fork type crimps. Whenever I’ve got one in to repair I just disconnect it. The light stays flashing for a while so they must be able to self power for some time. i wouldn’t worry too much about it, if it needs disconnected then i would go for it.
  8. The new Milwaukee 1” gun! 2400Nm breakaway torque, I find it very good for sump plugs. Saves me getting the 14lb hammer and flogging spanner. Some of the crap jobs I’ve been asked to do lately (refused and sent them away) I would happily thread lock and over tighten the sump plug, sealer and thread lock on the oil filter and tighten to the point of it self destructing! Sorry Tom, been quiet lately due to a new business venture and an illness over December time. Hope to be back annoying you all soon. 👍
  9. Anyone who has a dynomec kit will have that locking nut off in less than a minute. The AA used to carry them.
  10. The bearings on the focus are 78mm, that kit says 82mm
  11. I’ve got one to do on Friday night if you want some more advice I can take pics
  12. I generally just remove the pinch bolt, use a small chisel to open up the slot and lever the control arm down. Ball joint splitters are a waste of time in my opinion plus you’ll be lucky to get in with a scissor type.
  13. It looks like a 580 bulb to me. It looks chunkier than a 501?
  14. I buy 380 and 382 bulbs from my local factors for less than £3 for 10 including the vat so yeah sounds perfectly reasonable.