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  1. My advice would be to strip down each side, clean off any grease and make sure all the mating surfaces are free of rust and crud. I use ceramic grease for the pads and a special synthetic grease for the pins/sliders.
  2. Without an impact gun you will most certainly need to lock the flywheel up. I found doing these before we got a ridiculously powerful impact gun that heating the bolt would help loosen up the bond and a run of the mill 1/2” impact was enough to loosen the bolt.
  3. Heat the bolt and use a decent size impact gun on it.
  4. Don’t get too worried over mot advisories. I would advise checking it out yourself and if you think it looks bad then replace/repair as required. You could take it to a different tester next year and he might say nothing about it. Without seeing it, it’s impossible to give an opinion.
  5. Giving the reg number to motor factors isn’t always the best way. some will take the vin number from the reg and look it up on another system to check what is fitted on the car (even euros can do this). but don’t automatically assume because it’s come up on the reg it is correct. When we have cars come in for a quote or we need to replace discs and pads through maintenance, we will always take a quick measure of the disc size as it can be a minefield.
  6. We are doing a tonne of rear bushes on fiestas of that era. Thankfully they are very simple to do lol.
  7. Recommendations are exactly that, just a recommendation. super dot 4 and dot 4, both compatible with each other. however if someone perhaps added dot 3 or even wrongly mixed a silicone based brake fluid like dot 5 and that caused damage to the abs pump for example which resulted in an accident then potentially if it could be proven someone could be liable.
  8. Ok slightly off subject but here’s one for you. We have 2 cars here which have collectively covered more than 300k miles on the wrong spec oil - neither have any issues and never have had any engine related trouble. We’ve also just got rid of a 14 year old mondeo which should have been run on super dot 4 for last 10 years, it’s never had a single brake issue related to fluid. We see many, many cars running fluids of all different and incorrect specs. The last car I remember having a super dot 4 spec stated on the cap, super dot 4 or dot 4. Spec isn’t always everything. it’s often a means to sell a product and corner a market.
  9. Super dot 4 is still dot 4, it has a higher temp spec. And yes, I have heard of it - funny that as I do run a garage. standard road use in a maintained vehicle, no one would know the difference. Too many folk get wrapped in up specs and numbers and info from google.
  10. Cars still under manufacturer warranty we will advise the customer to use the main dealer. Even using genuine parts under vat registered company they will always look for a way out or get huffy if they can - that’s our opinion. But to be honest, most cars under 3 years it would seem the trend is to use main dealer.
  11. oh and remember, the service stamp means nothing without the receipt. With so many counterfeit stamps on the market it’s easy to do. Super dot 4, a slightly higher temp spec brake fluid that in a standard road car makes no odds. I’ll bet there are tens of thousands of cars not running the ‘ford spec’ fluid and no one would know. The problem with brake fluid is no one changes it at the advised interval of 2 years. I’d sooner have standard dot 4 fluid than 5-6 year old super duper fluid which really is just marketing. Changing the brake fluid isn’t a nasty job, I’d sooner do 10 brake fluid changes than one DMF change on something like a mondeo with the subframe in the road lol. With vacuum bleeders there’s no mess or fuss.
  12. I wouldn’t use the main dealer for servicing but then I do run a garage. There seems to be a popular misconception that the dealer will care for the car more and do a better job - the reality is you are paying top dollar to the dealer and the mechanic/technician doing the job is being paid buttons so ask yourself if they really care lol. To find yourself a local trust worthy garage is by far the best approach. We only use premium branded oil and filters etc, it worth making sure before you do go ahead with a service to ask what you are getting - some garages are still buying the lowest price products they can get their hands on. And anyone fitting a Fram filter should be ashamed lol
  13. Presume you mean 1.25 Zetec. There is no torque settings as these engines are considered throw away once the bearing caps have been removed.
  14. This was a relatively common issue, it’s been covered on here many times. replacement wiring harnesses required.