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  1. Streetka Engine Warning Light

    Bizarrely the warning light disappeared on it's own today! We are hoping it won't come back..... :)
  2. Streetka Engine Warning Light

    Thanks. :) I'll show your reply to the man in this story. He was the one who did all the work and told me what to write here. Sadly I don't have much of a clue....
  3. Streetka Engine Warning Light

    Hi. Hoping someone can help. I recently bought a Ford Streetka - it has been my dream car for ages and I love it already. :) However after purchase I was driving it home when after about 30 miles, the engine warning light came on. The car still drove fine apart from being a bit juddery. Got it home and we have changed the spark plugs & ignition leads, and the juddering stopped but the engine light was still there. Took the car to a EX Ford man with a diagnostic checker and it had logged a misfire which was now clear. He also said fuel injector 4 was runniing lean. Then he wiggled it about and the light disappeared. He cleared the DTC and we took the car for a spin. Got back and he ran the test again - everything was clear and the light was gone. Happy days until the next day, when the light appeared again. This time we cleaned the fuel injectors wiith carb cleaner, and refitted them. The light is still there. Some other notes: the pre cat oxygen sensor was replaced to pass the MOT just before purchase, but only just passed. However it wasn't an official Ford part which I understand can cause problems. Also while the light is generally solid, it occassionally flashes at tick over. Other than this the car drives like a dream, If It wasn't for the light, and the slight lumpy tick over about 950ish RPM I wouldn't even know there is a problem. The car has only done 37,000 miles and is a 2005 model. Thanks for your help. Ps: Ran a DTC check at home and the code DT 412 showed up. Have no idea what this means or even if it is an error code.
  4. Welcome to the Ford forums I_blame_the_Magpie :)