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  1. Fan Problems On Mk 1 Focus

    Hi. Thanks for the the reply. The problem is, is that it has never happened on any of my other focus cars I have or have had in the past?!
  2. Fan Problems On Mk 1 Focus

    Hi guys, Just had a lot spent on my focus. I am still having problems with the fan kicking in.it happens when the fan setting on the knob is on the windows setting (all the way to the right) it also happens when it is sat on the drive idle, but more recently when I have the A/C on. I actually counted how long and the fan kicks in every 15 seconds. Its more embarrassing than anything. I don't know much about cars but have been searching the net and told it could be a problem with a sensor on top of the engine? Any truth in that? I would be very grateful for any help possible. Many Thanks, Gavin.
  3. Focus Wiper

    so it is supposed to do a full cycle? if it is i will get it sorted out at a garage?
  4. Focus Wiper

    My 2002/01 mk1 focus front wiper problem....Is it a problem. When i press the wipe switch down i have to hold it down to do a full wipe. Should i only have to press it once? if i should be able to press it once what is the problem? is it a fuse etc? Im sorry to ask so many questions but i know nothing about cars! Gavin.
  5. Little Parts For Focus Mk1 2001

    I have tried ebay but the one thing i am finding hard to come by, is the boot light lense case. Ok, a bit more technical....i know its an old car but any idea why it is spluttering when i put my foot down on the gas? I have already tried what a mechanic suggested in replacing the ht leads. It has also just had a service (was doing it before then)
  6. Hi guys i am new to this forum so hi. I also apologise if this is not the right place for this but i am after a few little bits that i can't find anywhere. I was wondering if anybody had a good place to buy these: I am after: A gear stick cover and knob. A battery cover. A boot light cover (or lense) i cant seem to get these anywhere. I hope someone can help :D Many Thanks. Gavin.
  7. Welcome to the Ford forums gav2085 :)