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  1. Mk 7 St2 Delivery Tomorrow.

    Getting mine tomorrow morning :) :)
  2. My Possible St

    Not normally a fan of Black Alloys but that does look good. Thinking of getting my alloys painted white to match better with performance blue, sort of like the S1600
  3. Keyfob Image For Ford Fiesta Ecoboost Zetec S 1.0

    If its a Zetec S, its a flip key, I believe the not flip key (Static) are the low end models like 'style'
  4. Had An Accident :(

    Nope no booklet, guessing cause I didn't hit a car?.... Garr what a mess around all this is. Had to go to the garage to sign their paperwork to agree damage. Problems is they also said to me they will only quote and repair the car after I asked about getting Ford to foot the bill instead of Admiral. Now have managed to get Admiral to move it to Allen Ford, not a bad thing I brought it from there. Hopefully they will be able to exam it and hopefully sort it in warranty.
  5. Zetec S Ecoboost 1.0

    Have they stopped the aluminum pedals? This is a Zetec S Right?
  6. Had An Accident :(

    Sorry forgot to say that, the person that was helping me out, did phone the police. In fact I think police came from two different stations because we were between time in the middle of both of them, think that what the person said to me. So we ended up with the police cars at the place They checked my Drivers Photo ID and done a search on my car.
  7. Had An Accident :(

    Hi Guys... I don't remember any noise, so I'll say the second thing you said (or did it just glide across the road into the bank) I wasn't going fast I would say, I know some of this corners on this country road can be dangerous, I always slow down before every corner to be on the safe side. I ok, lucky this wasn't on a main road, would have been much worse. So who needs to exam it, so it the garage who as hopefully received the car now, I have informed Admiral I believe this accident to have been caused by the fault of the car. Have I got to get a report from them and give it to ford to claim? Or will the garage give the report to Admiral and Admiral sorts it with ford, or will the garage just give the report to Ford? Will be ringing the garage soon to make sure they have instructions to check this out so we can claim against Ford.. Does all this sound right?..... Also thanks for your repies
  8. Had An Accident :(

    Hi there Sorry for long post and no pictures before I begin Can I get a bit of advice here please? I had an accident Saturday Afternoon. Was going round a corner at a decent speed. I was turning the wheel to the left, however the car turned right, so I went on the wrong side of the road and went into a bank (Mud/Small Bushes/Really small thin trees) Damage is Front grill came off Bumper damaged cracked so basically the whole front Maybe a bit of damage on the bonnet One of the fog lights gone and housing broke Skirting Damage I think 2 of the alloys are damaged, maybe tire too, not sure. Think the rad is leaking too Wing mirror - Casing is broken, mirror actually not smashed Some other random plastics that fell off, that I don't know where they were they came from. Maybe some other small stuff, not sure, only seen the damage at night conditions. Should of took some pictures, didn’t think. When some nice helped me, he got his mate to the road with his 4x4 and pulled it out. One wheel was straight and one was at a angle!!!! Most of the tire was of the alloy, such a small bit was off, problery would have come off if it wasn't for the alloy being in the way, has it came off the other way. The steering wheel will on control the left wheel. The AA guy said he has known the motors of the electric steering have gone wrong, but never when driving before. AA had to get the on a transporter, the steering rack is broken they told me. Annoying I got AA to take it to a car park that's near to a bodyshop my insurers used before when some decide to crash into in my old Fiesta. Plus it was also near a Ford Dealer (Auto Essex) Car was sitting the for like 2 days before being moved, was worried that place was not secure, then again I suppose no one can drive it with the steering knackerd. Just reading on the net that I could of choose the place of repair is that true? Yesterday (Monday) it was again transported to the garage Admiral want FixAutos. Took the transporter guy a heck of a long time to get it on. Garage was closed by the time he got to me, so it had to go the transporters base overnight. Hopefully it should be at the garage now, will check in the morning, Now my main question is there a good way to prove that the steering fault causing me to have this accident. Which means if its fault with the car (Which I believe it is) Ford should pay for the repair cost, which means I wouldn’t have to lose my 2 years no claim and pay insurance exass. DOes the repair garage need to write a reported and send it to Ford/Insurance or something. Or is this the sort of things, that's not goanna go my way, and I’ll have to pay? Thanks for advice in advance
  9. Buying New Fiesta Metal

    Nope dealer didn't ask me for any extras, this one was all ready built the day before when I ordered it. Looking at the terms and conditions, I can back out of this http://www.ford.co.uk/BuyingandprotectingyourFord/FinancefromFordCredit/FinanceFAQs/tabid=tab2 Can I cancel my finance agreement? You will have 14 days to withdraw from a regulated finance agreement starting the day after you receive confirmation that the agreement has been executed by us. It isn't been 14 days yet. If I can't cancel im not fussed, i'll still enjoy this nice car :) Reason I want a white colour of the car is that I have a black one at the moment and want a change and Im not a big fan of black alloys. Reason I wasn't really looking at a S1600 is that are harder get new and probs been sitting there for quite some time? and you can't order from factory so even less chance of getting the extras I want as there is not many around. Ok I have just looked at the site I used where I brought my old car. Autoebid - All this site does is you put an auction up on there site of what car you want with the extras you want and the car dealer give you a price for it, and they should get to the target price or better. (For a 321 fee to list a auction) Wondering if I should print this list out, hand it to a few dealers, see what they can do? to try and avoid this fee. Two weird options on this, it has an option of Performance Blue and White Alloys. This is very weird considering they supply these options for this model! Option I just chose on the autoebid site and there guide price Paintwork UK RRP Max Price Metallic - Midnight sky £495 £396 Metallic - Panther black £495 £396 Metallic - Performance blue £495 £396 Special solid - Frozen white £200 £160 Trim UK RRP Max Price Leather upholstery - Ebony with blue stitching £0 £0 Driver Convenience UK RRP Max Price Bluetooth connection with voice control, USB port and trip computer In Pack In Pack Rear view camera + rear parking sensor + auto dimming mirror + auto headlight and wiper £475 £380 Entertainment UK RRP Max Price DAB radio module with USB + Bluetooth + voice control £275 £220 MP3 compatible radio/single CD player STD STD Sony DAB radio with CD and Bluetooth with USB + voice control £475 £380 Exterior Features UK RRP Max Price Automatic headlights + automatic windscreen wipers In Pack In Pack Privacy glass £75 £60 Special solid paint £200 £160 Packs UK RRP Max Price City pack - Fiesta £300 £240 Safety UK RRP Max Price Curtain airbags £275 £220 Security UK RRP Max Price Keyless entry with 'Ford Power' starter button £425 £340 Keyless Start In Pack In Pack Wheels UK RRP Max Price 17" 5 spoke silver alloy wheels £50 £40 17" 5 spoke white alloy wheels STD STD Full size steel spare wheel £95 £76 Tyre inflation kit STD STD Total RRP £17,860 Target Price £14,326 Min Saving £3,534
  10. My New S1600

    Very Nice Indeed! Is this a brand spanking new one? If so I would you can't order this no more unless your lucky to find one in stock at a dealer.
  11. Buying New Fiesta Metal

    Hi there I have already signed the paper work for a new Fiesta Metal, using Ford Options. I haven't got the car yet, it's been built, it was already built before I even signed the paperwork (The car was built on 30/03/12) I'm having second thought's now :( The extras on this car I believe from what I remember is: - Frozen White Colour - Alloy (Silver)- 17"x 7", 5-Spoke , 205/40 tyres - Bluetooth & Voice Control - City Pack - Privacy Glass - Maybe Spare Wheel I have at the moment a Fiesta Zetec S (Built in 2010) This has nearly all the same extras - Old One Doesn't have Heated Seats, New One Does - Old One Doesn't have Door Scuff Plates, New One Does - Does the Metal have the lluminated gearstick as we have the scuff plates, which in the normall pack you get the gearstick in it too. - New One Doesn't have Power Start Button, Old One Does :( REALLY LIKE THAT BUTTON LOL I would like to have the following extras on the new one if possible. - Frozen White Colour - White Alloys (Can't Get This Unless Respray, Prefer Silver To Black, how much you think it would cost to respray to white?) - Rear View Camera (Includes Rear Parking Sensors, auto dimming mirror, auto headlights and auto wipers) - Sony DAB Radio, Bluetooth & Voice control - Privacy Glass - Keyless entry including Ford 'Power' Start/Stop Button or Just The Power Button Can you still order a Fiesta Metal from the factory? As I would like these extras! Also how easy would it be to apply these two decals to the car? (Blue Colour) Are these the official ones, the company is licenced by Ford. http://www.dmb.uk.co...stripes#colours http://www.dmb.uk.co...t-viper-stripes This would make it look like a white S1600 from the outside of it. (Hopefully with white wheels too) It's a shame you cant order the S1600s anymore, I love the performance blue colour! Many Thanks EDIT: What exactly is the difference between the Ford DAB Radio to the Sony One? I know the look is different! More Speakers? Sony Speakers? Sony Woofer?
  12. Welcome to the Ford forums pritchardavid :)