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  1. Ecoboost Gearbox Noise

    Hi. I bought my 1.6tdci with 17k on it. After I had it about 6 months the gearbox sounded a little noisier than when I first got it. I had the gearbox oil level checked and it was low. Got it topped up and the noise went. I suggest you get it checked
  2. 17" Alloy Wheels Swap

    I currently have the 17" Street pack 5 spoke alloys on my fiesta. I'm giving the car to my parents, but they didn't like the wheels. Does anyone have a set of 16" Zetec S or Titanium alloys/tires that they would like to do a swap with? I'm in Manchester.
  3. Washer Pump

    I have a 2009 Titanium. The other day the front washers stopped working. The rear works ok. When trying to use the front washer there is no whirring sound from the pump, but works fine on the rear. I've checked the fuse (there is only one in the manual). As far as I'm aware the pump just changes direction for front or rear. I don't think that there are 2 pumps. The only thing I haven't checked yet is the relay. Does anyone else have any suggestions? Anyone else had this problem?
  4. Egr Valve Removal

    Does anybody have a good guide to removing the egr valve. I've looked around on the Internet and can't find one. Even if its just a photo of it and the bolts that hold it on.
  5. Anyone Soundproofed/ Deadened Their Fiesta?

    I've used Dynamat and acoustic foam everywhere I can get it. Doors, under dash, above roof liner, wheel arches. Also used lots of adhesive felt. Now sounds almost civilised. I hate squeaks and rattles. Not sure if was just my car or if they're all like that.
  6. Hi, we did you buy the electroluminescent wire from?
  7. Heated Seats

    The kit I bought has relays included. It looks very good quality and I can't fault it really. I'd recommend this kit to anyone. It was easy to fit with a good manual.
  8. Heated Seats

    Does anyone have genuine heated seats fitted? Can you upload a picture of the switch and where its fitted. Thanks
  9. Heated Seats

    I have just fitted a Weaco MSH-601 heated seat kit to my Titanium leather seats. To be honest fitting the elements in the seats was fairly easy. Finding a good spot for the switches was harder. Wiring is easy too as there is a fuse already for heated seats. Took about 4 hours in total.
  10. I'm in the same boat. 1 needs a refurb and 2 are buckled. I've already replaced 1 as it was so badly buckled. Thinking of replacing the entire set with none ford alloys. But then I'm sure the insurance company will gey all grumpy and want to add their slice on.
  11. I have a Titanium and have had the Zetec S front splitter fitted by a local body shop. It was bonded onto the original bumper. I bought the splityer off ebay for about £100
  12. Plasti Dip

    I've gone for carbon. I've got a nice warm garage to do it in. What has been the most difficult piece to dip or what do you think will be. I think the top dash cover where the display is mounted. Maybe the dial surround. Any tips?
  13. Plasti Dip

    I've just bought all the stuff to hydo dip some of my interior plastics. Will post pics if it turns out well
  14. Aftermarket Fog Lights?

    What about fitting the titanium chrome surrounds?
  15. Car Insurance Loonesy

    Personally I like the VXR. And it would have to be in Arden blue. As a car it's supposed to be the most sorted VXR model. The Nurburgring version is better still. Yes an S3 or RS4 would be nicer, but more expensive to buy for an older car and higher insurance and maintenance. I'd go for a Fiesta ST, but more than I want to pay at the moment. And my choice if slightly more expensive car would be a Mk2 Focus RS, in ultimate green of course.