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  1. Shall I Kill Mk5 Xr3I On Trak

    yea m8y dun all me online research but best tu speek tu the fordys who bin ther n dun it so all advice is more than welcome
  2. Shall I Kill Mk5 Xr3I On Trak

    understandable loads ov ford history ans evry stamp thing is its the 105 with a previous rotton but proply welded in new battry tray and not the rear disc brakes model for wat i wood get ebaying her ??might aswell hav sum fun :D
  3. Shall I Kill Mk5 Xr3I On Trak

    i got van and towing kit and will be hieing trailer for the day jus wanted to kill her with my lad on the track i wont get a great deal for it so this seems to be the best way and i wanna go light real light so any mot issues????taaass
  4. own a mk5 3i 105 mot due soon as she aint a sh*t box but not a stunner either had new bat tray welded in and ok car good engine BUT mot due soon and i hav another car so im not gettin rid dont need to so was thinkin cheepo trak day 3i but i never dun or built trak car quite good with spanners and always wanted to trak day bin to a few but total beginner duz car need mot and insurance?? and i wanna rip er to bitz to interior n stuff anythin in paticular i shood b carefull of not rippin out and do i need a roll cage and how r they on advertising is it allowed its just i hear some events dont allow ?? any help wood be gladly appreciated many tas oh its a k reg pacifica blue ....
  5. Welcome to the Ford forums XR3I TO DIE? :)