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  1. Hello Troy. About a year ago, you put a post on fordownersclub about a broken clutch pedal return spring. I think the post number is 67564.


    Did you ever get around to doing the job ?

    Cheers, Matt


  2. You might have gotten away with a different set of wheel nuts on the aftermarket wheels - Ford oem wheels have much larger holes for the wheel nuts to seat into, their standard wheel nuts have a couple of mm lead-in with no thread present but the larger bore holes lets the nuts go further onto the studs. I had same problem originally trying to use the Ford wheel nuts on my Oz wheels, had to bite the bullet and use the aftermarket wheel nuts my mate gave me with the wheels when I bought them. You get 6-7 turns on these before they go tight. Just need to be careful using these nuts on standard Ford wheels as they're too narrow for mating well with the larger bore holes.
  3. Example here
  4. I'd suggest tracking down an alternative tailgate badge off another Ford model that fits with double-sided tape (e.g. onto boot or tailgate) and simply stick it onto the grille. Even with only a small amount of grille surface to stick to, the ST badge on mine is stuck on just fine :)
  5. I'd dread to think how much I've spent on mine - have kept a fair amount of receipts over the years but never added them all up, plus I carried over some parts from my previous ST so would have to add those in too. Fair amount of my money seems to have been spent at some place called Collins Performance
  6. Apparently you can get a build up of algae inside the washer tank, perhaps running empty has dragged some of this through into the pumps or any internal filters. Try draining some fluid out then sticking a hosepipe into the filler to add a bit of pressure to the fill and possibly dislodge any rubbish in the tank. You may just have to cycle the washers several times to empty some fluid out. Also try disconnecting the pipes from washer jets in the bonnet and pump some fluid through that way - that will narrow down if you have a blockage at the jets or further back towards the pump/tank.
  7. Maybe a shutter sticking on the lamp? giving it a gentle tap may free it off if so.
  8. Thanks for the comments, the photos really don't give the whole picture but it's turned out well so far :) The centre console is lit with a section of LED strip, maybe 9 in total tho I can't remember for certain. When I put in the lighting for the vents I piggy-backed the power feed off the illumination feed where it went into the 12V power socket in the ashtray compartment, used the earth from here too. That way the illumination increases or dims in line with the rest of the back-lighting. LED strip is squeezed in just behind the lower edge of the fascia and above the garage door - there's a flat section of the dash housing there, think I put a small hole into the side of the housing as well to allow the cables through to where the main feed was running - trying to route a cable down and through the holes for the power socket etc was way too fiddly. Clearance for the garage door opening is tight but it does just miss the LED strip - I had it wired in but held in place with some PVC tape initially to check it was all ok. Also rubbed down the surface of the strip giving a rough texture to help diffuse the light better.
  9. Latest update with this - now moved onto the door release handle, and the door pocket too with LED strips. Works ok, you don't get the whole effect from the photos Just not looking forward to yanking the drivers side doorpad off to do the same mods.
  10. Couple of live feeds, earth and a canbus input as far as I'm aware.
  11. Unless the 165 refers to power at the wheels it's pot luck what figures you'll get from a dyno run - it's all smoke and mirrors once they apply correction figures or coast-down measurements to calculate power back to the crankshaft.
  12. Even though the gearboxes have same numbers of gears, if the ratios are different then the characteristics of how the car drives will be different. If the focus gearbox has a taller first gear then it will feel more sluggish pulling away, but would get to a higher speed for the same revs compared to a lower first gear. This could be compared back to back with the equivalent Mondeo. Also same engine but in a different car, can run different engine calibrations which also affect how they run - harder to evaluate without some decent technical information.
  13. I'd have been very surprised if the old battery at 10.72V would have had any chance of turning the engine over at all.
  14. Nick has fitted vents to cars other than Focus ST's - so he'd be able to work out where they need to go just fine :)
  15. Good mate of mine does mobile fitting service for RS bonnet vents into ST's, and other cars too. I would estimate he's done hundreds of the things, so lots of happy customers out there. He's based in Doncaster but travels all over the place on weekends, Nick aka RSParts Can get prices if you want?