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  1. If you put the AC on full and run the engine with the bonnet open can you hear a loud clicking from the compressor clutch operating? Maybe slightly different symptoms but on my ST I had issue where the AC would work initially then stopped once the car had run for a bit. Checked gas pressure expecting it to need a regas but that seemed ok so it left me stumped and I just left it a while. Then at random I found via youtube videos it was due to AC clutch slipping - bit of work to pull the outer plate off the end of the compressor, remove a shim and refit it. Now works a treat. Coul
  2. Not sure being honest, quick search threw up a youtube video of a Mk3 ST clutch pedal and there's no other springs to be seen. May be built into the master cylinder that's part of the clutch pedal assembly.
  3. That part is what's called the pedal force reduction spring - it actually helps you press the pedal down. They can be known to fail at least on earlier Focus models but that one looks ok I'd say.
  4. That was my first thought, or possibly something ACC wire related but hadn't got as far as starting to check cables for voltages etc. In the meantime I'd mailed the supplier through Aliexpress and they actually got back to me pretty quickly. There's an ACC connection in the quadlock harness that needed to be disconnected - I'd just connected the harness as it was supplied. They also gave me info on entering Factory Settings for picking the correct canbus box though I'd more or less worked this one out myself while digging into things. Fixed the main issue now with the car not locking
  5. Am in the process of upgrading my old WIN CE based head unit for an Ownice Android unit like this for my mk2.5 Focus ST https://www.aliexpress.com/item/32818482860.html Wiring it in seemed pretty straight forward apart from the previous quadlock harness being stubborn to remove. New unit came with harnesses and plugs etc so is basically wired into the quadlock connector via the supplied harnesses with a piggy-back CANBUS box connected in. Initial start-up was good - reverse camera working, steering wheel controls etc but am having some power-up/power down issues. Basically
  6. Usually if the boot has gone you'd know about it once you had a look - tends to throw grease all around the wheelarch area 😬
  7. Having managed to do some more digging it looks like Kuga mk 1 or late model Focus CC would be the best donor cars for this, and sods law those are the hardest or most pricey to find 😞 Plan B I'm looking at getting a later unit e.g Mondeo or later C-max and swapping my internals into it - can see people must have been able to open them up to do SMD conversions etc Anyone got experience of doing this? Thanks
  8. Apologies digging up an old topic, I'm looking at options for replacing the silver climate control panel in my ST with black coloured equivalent, to match some of the other trim I've got inside the car. Mk2 Kuga and Focus mk3 looked possible apart from the RHS dial/button having different function (Max AC instead of Mono) and info above confirms the unit is technically different which doesn't surprise me coming off the later generation Focus. So am looking at either mk1 Kuga or what ebay suggests is 2010-2014 Mondeo, also seen some identified as Mk4 Mondeo - example below from a list
  9. Finished job on the car replacing the headlamp washer pump on my ST today, this info a great help on how to do it. A fair bit of pink coloured gunk in the tank which I cleaned out, this may have clogged the pump and could possibly clean out if soaked in bleach etc but with MOT looming I played it safe and put a new pump in. Helped I took a couple of photos of where the pipes were routed before dropping the bottle out of the wing, if they're of use to anyone. Also on one of the washer hoses I taped it either side of the joint before splitting it so didn't get them mixed up putting eve
  10. Hello Troy. About a year ago, you put a post on fordownersclub about a broken clutch pedal return spring. I think the post number is 67564.


    Did you ever get around to doing the job ?

    Cheers, Matt


  11. You might have gotten away with a different set of wheel nuts on the aftermarket wheels - Ford oem wheels have much larger holes for the wheel nuts to seat into, their standard wheel nuts have a couple of mm lead-in with no thread present but the larger bore holes lets the nuts go further onto the studs. I had same problem originally trying to use the Ford wheel nuts on my Oz wheels, had to bite the bullet and use the aftermarket wheel nuts my mate gave me with the wheels when I bought them. You get 6-7 turns on these before they go tight. Just need to be careful using these nuts on standar
  12. Example here http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Ford-TDCI-Badge-Fiesta-Focus-C-Max-Mondeo-Kuga-S-Max-Galaxy-Mondeo-New-/151707711860?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_3&hash=item23527bf974
  13. I'd suggest tracking down an alternative tailgate badge off another Ford model that fits with double-sided tape (e.g. onto boot or tailgate) and simply stick it onto the grille. Even with only a small amount of grille surface to stick to, the ST badge on mine is stuck on just fine :)
  14. I'd dread to think how much I've spent on mine - have kept a fair amount of receipts over the years but never added them all up, plus I carried over some parts from my previous ST so would have to add those in too. Fair amount of my money seems to have been spent at some place called Collins Performance
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