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  1. Latest Mod - 42 Smd Led #plate Lights

    i like that a lot
  2. Hello All

    whats the chances of you having a focus st10(mk2) spoiler, preferably in moondust silver but im not picky :)
  3. All i see is the same faces responding to posts lol...where is the new post tab lol???
  4. Red Bull Addiction?

    Not good for long drives if you put some vodka in them though :)
  5. Red Bull Addiction?

    the sugar free one is like bubble gum :) Now thats addictive lol
  6. Red Bull Addiction?

    relentless is where its at :) The sugar free one, with a dash of vodka! :)
  7. I have a mk1 2ltr (2001 plate) and love it. Love the way it looks, love they way it drives, and it's big enough for me the wife and the kids. I've not had the chance of driving any other mk so my opinion is pretty one sided Lol. But leaving the french car scene was the best decision I did lol
  8. Alloys Wanted

    I'm running speedline comp 2's and love them( 195/45/16's)
  9. Alloys Wanted

    I'm running speedline comp 2's and love them( 195/45/16's)
  10. You guys were right by me then lol. As said can I grab a set of stickers please( 1 for each rear window please) ? obviously I will contribute so money;)
  11. Abs Help Please

    Well my abs and traction control light has been on since i got the car , and now the dreaded time of the year is nearly upon upon me, so i need to sort it. Basically i have been told the traction control light is on due to a faulty abs sensor so....... is there a way of checking ABS sensors apart from visialy checking them? Would it be a fault stored on the ECU to indicate which one has failed?? Any help would be muchly appreciated . Cheers Carl
  12. Abs Help Please

    I left my self open for that one really lol. Cheers for your help though. I appreciate it
  13. I got to the meeting point at 9am( as i thought that was when we were meeting )and there were massive amounts of people leaving the car park( I stopped to let people go lol) so pressumed that it was us lot lol. Then the Marshall's separated us and I ended up parked right down the bottom by the car park( be hind the annoying bloke who was speaking in the Booth lol). I scouted the place out looking for oc stickers but found none. Can I order a couple from somewhere?????. either way I thought it was a good day out, just shabbily organised by the parking marshalls! BUT THE SUPER VAN ROCKED
  14. To Wrap Or Not To Wrap?

    heat.... patience and a dam sharp scalpel blade :) . GOOD quality vinyl apposed to cheaper stuff really helps. Buy bubble free if you haven't done it before as the adhesive backing has a honey comb effect to disperse the air bubbles easier. For me the harder ones are the interior mirror covers, passenger side is easy, but the drivers is a !Removed! because its 3 sided and a weird shape lol
  15. I have no answer for you, but i feel your pain lol, hence im subscribing and hoping someone answers :)
  16. To Wrap Or Not To Wrap?

    the bit your on about looks nice wrapped. I wrap mk1/2 Gear surrounds, Door handle inserts, wing mirror caps, and ash trays and the wing mirror control panels. To be honest its a nice way to lift the interior ,as they can be quite plain and boring. Here is some pics of the things i have done for mine, and sell on ebay :) This is mine Handles, and wing mirror interior cover Ash tray And a better look at the interior panels is on my ebay page (Honestly not a shameless plug) http://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/carlablett_2007/m.html?hash=item4ab64dc361&item=320886129505&pt=UK_CarsParts_Vehicles_CarParts_SM&rt=nc&_trksid=p4340.l2562
  17. Abs Help Please

    Legend But how do you do the "Let me google that for you" link..that impressive :)
  18. Abs Help Please

    Jack up the car and take off the road wheel. The ABS road speed sensor cable should be visible within the wheel arch. Locate the connector (usually 2-pin) and disconnect it. Behind the wheel hub should be the road speed sensor, which is bolted on and near the crown wheel. With your DMM set to ohms, connect the probes to the connector, road speed sensor side (so it measures the sensor and not the ABS system). Take note of the value with the road wheel stationary. Now rotate the wheel hub and you should observe the resistance changing. It may not be a smooth transition, but it should change. If the resistance value does change, then the sensor is OK. If it doesn't, then you may be looking at a new sensor, or there is a broken wire in the small amount of cable form leading to the sensor. Just to make sure im not reading this wrong lol. are they impling that i disconect the plug( not the sensor in the back of the hub) and put the multi meter into the lug on the the sensor cable its self?..And many thanks for the link, :)
  19. tried meeting up but no couldnt find any one from the club?? where were you guys hiding :(???
  20. When you go to book the ticket, use the discount code ford2012, hit apply and it gives you the ticket for 2quid cheaper But they charge a pound booking fee lol.
  21. Just for some final help and to clarify for anyone else( as well as me lol) which colour for the meeting point lol
  22. FREE STICKERS!!! now your talking my language lol. I have some business cards and stickers for my mates vinyl business if anyone wants some galpinautovinyls.co.uk .Unfortunately my undented front bumper wont be on but it WILL be cleaned lol. Looking forward to meeting a lot of you!
  23. Has a time been sorted yet about meeting up out side to convoy in???