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  1. FOC Age group Poll!

    Sixty seven and been fixing Fords for fifty years now. Best motors I have ever worked on were the Kent cross flows and the Pintos.
  2. Really!! our 2012 Ka Edge has electric door mirrors and they are fab. What a bunch of cheapskates not fitting electric mirrors...
  3. Jump Starting - A Problem Or Not

    Booster packs is the way to go. Throw them jump leads in the attic (copper will be worth more in the future)!
  4. Jump Starting - A Problem Or Not

    I have a battery pack just in case any of our three cars (two sons and our car) needs a jump start. Jump starting is no real bother just double check the connections before attaching leads and always earth the car to be started to an engine lifting eye or a large rust free bolt then you will be ok. Battery packs dont cost a lot and are real handy. Keep them 'topped up' this time of the year by regular charging monthly and store indoors in the warm.
  5. New Ka Start Stop / Lights

    Reliability is 100%. Economy is fine too 48mpg on average. My stop/start works fine in the summer (?) but lately it hasnt cut in because of the drop in temp and the heater blower being on and short journeys otherwise we are very pleased with our new Ka. I would certainly recommend it to you.
  6. Black Smoke

    Uh oh MOT fail coming up.
  7. So far Im getting over 48 mpg. Thats an improvement over my old MINI One 38 mpg.
  8. "exclusive Closed Sale Discount Event" ???

    Do they do food and drinks? Ive been around the motor car salesmen for over forty-five years now and know how to wind them up and let them down. Just turn up and have a good time but DONT take your documents. Have fun!
  9. I remember this iconic car being launched back in 1962. I remember seeing the TV adverts and the new Cortinas in the Ford showrooms at the time. Later years I also owned several and fixing them and servicing them were childs play to any competent engineer. Needles to say our factory's car park was stuffed full of them all shapes and engine sizes. One of the best examples was the 1600E which was a very sought after model.
  10. Showroom Shine

    Meguiar's is the best I have found yet. Not cheap but boy does it give good results and lasting shine for ages! http://www.theultimatefinish.co.uk/meguiars.aspx?gclid=CPeQwtavuLICFVMbtAodXUUAag
  11. Eu To Outlaw Car Modifications...

    I have used the FOS and it certainly makes things work a whole lot faster.
  12. Cam Belt/chain

    My workmate had his cam belt changed on his Scenic by the local garage. Within a year it had snapped. The garage fitted a replacement engine at no cost to him.
  13. Eu To Outlaw Car Modifications...

    Can you honestly see the Greeks, Italians,Spanish,etc etc taking any notice of this? They dont even bother with seat belts or motorcycle helmets (although its the law). But I expect it will be heavily enforced in the good old UK though. But wait a minute the well off with their expensive classic Sunday cars will be heavily hit as most of the spares arnt available anymore they have to buy NON STANDARD parts. Last year on Crete we saw a wrecked car being used as every day transport, nobody took a blind bit of notice not even the cops!
  14. Kerbed White Alloy

    Fear not my friend. I repaired my sons expensive alloy wheels on his MINI Cooper with this Planet Polish Alloy repair. Just rub the scratch smooth with the sandpaper, mix the filler, sand again till smooth then paint but you are going to have to spray yours white though. This stuff really works. He couldant see the repair! Heres a link for you. Delivery is swift and a great product. http://www.planetpolish.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=1&products_id=1