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  1. Side Skirts (need Help)

    On the whole insurance thing, what is everyone's experience about insurance quotes/prices/treatment? Do the insurance companies particularly load you for have the spoiler, skirts or full body kit? Do they cancel your policy or just say here's the increase thank you very much when you put any body mods on? I appreciate they are almost guaranteed to do so (& by some) when you mod the engine, suspension, brakes etc which really does affect the performance but the body when it is just aesthetics rather than performance (though it would increase costs of repairs I guess). Lee
  2. Paint Wax/treatment

    Hi Everyone, I have a FIesta 2010 1.4TCDI Titanium in Metallic Panther Black. I've not long moved out into the countryside and found lots of stuff seems to be attracted to my car (bird poo, mud, dust, odd small stone) and so wondered what everyone recommends for paint wax/treatments? Autoglym, Simoniz, Zymol, Ford (if they do one, any good?), K2, Mer etc. Money not too much of an issue although I do like to do things myself (grew up in age when the men washed the car themselves not too it to Tesco's to have it cleaned by a group of questionable looking workers with vacuums, hoses and sponges in hand ;) :P :D ) Thanks Lee PS no offence meant just like to do things myself and jesting!
  3. Replacement Interior Trim

    That would be great, obviously depending on price lol
  4. Replacement Interior Trim

    Thanks for all the info guys, very interesting. I had thought of this but thought buyng everything in one go, already coloured up (in Piano Black!) was more appealing hence me asking if anyone knew of the company or website, now wished I'd ordered it at the time I saw it :D
  5. Replacement Interior Trim

    Hi All, I would like to replace all the interior (silver) trim on my 2010 Fiesta Titanium as they are begining to look a little worn and dated (especailly pieces on the doors) I've previously seen a US company selling replacement parts for all the silver trim parts (Speedo & rev counter trim, around the radio, air vents, door trim) but cant remember the name or website, anyone know where I can get them from. Hope that all makes sense Lee
  6. Aux Function Stopped Working!

    Hi all, Thanks for all the advice & ideas. I've reset the Bluetooth module (thinks the thanks goes to Nathan & his YouTube video, if it's his hehe) and hey presto it's now working, quite how Ford design/make a system like this is a bit beyond me but never mind I have my iPod back! Thanks again guys Lee
  7. Aux Function Stopped Working!

    I've played the ipod through my home amp and works fine so doesn't need resetting. I've also tried connecting the ipod via an apple lead and tried plugging in an iPhone using the Ford lead as well, all to no avail. All the other functions, CD, Radio, Phone work ok, it's just the AUX button/function that doesn't! Doesn't something on the unit need resetting or could just that one function have broken (as I can't select it through the menu options I don't think it's the physical button faulty!)
  8. Hi all, Up to 2 days ago I've been enjoying the delights of my ipod whenever I've wanted in my '10 Fiesta 1.4TDci Titanium. Now I can't select the Aux function on the stereo, either through the button or via the menu. The ipod is also not being initilised as well so I guess the stereo isn't seeing anything there. Any ideas? I've checked the iPod & leads! Thanks Lee
  9. Hi All, As the title suggests I've changed the fuel filter over last night for a new one. When I turned it over it wouldn't fire up. No problem I thought, it should be self-priming (according to Haynes) but a fair few attempts still no joy! So any suggestions how to get my trusty Fiesta going again asap? I've been to Ford dealer and as usual they want an extortionate amount for the priming kit, £131.14 (no joking) conidering I will use it once! Any & all help greatly appreciated Lee
  10. Gloss Black Grill And Rear Diffused

    Hi, I currently have the Zetec S rear diffuser fitted (with parking sensors) colour coded. I personally think it looks great & much more classy than the ordinary matt grey (my opinion though). Here it is (awaiting for the parking sensors to be fitted!), hope it helps; Ooops, doesnt seem to like copy & paste! If you can tell me how to post the photo here (without opening one of these phot website account & linking it) I'll put the photo up!
  11. Your Fiesta

    Nice car, where did you get your wheels from? They are the first ones I've seen, apart from the 5 spoke 17" Fords (Zetec-S), that I like!
  12. Your Fiesta

    Cool Fiestas. Just begining to mod mine, in a gentle way lol Anyone care to tell me how to upload pictures onto the page as oppose to linking it to somewhere else? Will then upload mine.
  13. Ford Stereo Front

    Thanks Nath, you are the man! I'm now watch it so hopefully will put in a bit closer to the deadline. One question though, I have a Titanium with cruise control, do you think it'll be easy to cut out (when I added the sports difusser, it had marks where the parking sensors had to be)? Have you made any other mods to the interior of your Fiesta? I had a courtsey car the other day & it had a rear reading light in it which seeemed great though I couldn't tell which model it was as Ford seem to have debadged all Fiestas now! Thanks again
  14. Ford Stereo Front

    Thanks guys. I was looking only to buy the radio from ebay to strip off the silver front rim & get that sprayed black. I would then fit it to my current radio hence my question about whether the front will fit mine ie will the silver from from a 6 button radio fit over my 12 button radio so I still have the 12 buttons. Hope that makes sense! Nathan, thanks for the video, do i take you have taken the silver trim parts off & had them resprayed? If so they look really good as thats what i'd like to do so they match the bodywork, Pather black (like the Metal edition!). Thanks again
  15. Ford Stereo Front

    Hi, I've been trying to find a Sony cd player for a while now and just missed one on eBay yesterday! This has made me think of alternatives and about seeing if I can improve the look of the standard stereo in the interim by getting the front, silver part/frame, sprayed black (I have a brother in the trade who can get it done). Does the front come off easily? I've also seen a ford cd player on eBay to try it out on. It's a 6 button model although mine has 12 (I think) as I have the Bluetooth/phone connection. Will the front fit mine? Thanks