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  1. I feel like mine doesn't have enough grunt low down in the gears, I'm forever changing gear I feel like to get the most out of the engine.
  2. As much as it pains me to say, I don't think there will ever really be a market for serious performance parts for our pokey 1.0's... It's been a huge gripe of mine since getting the car, that the naff halogen bulbs are impossible to upgrade to LED / HID because no one makes an aftermarket bulb holder. On a plus note, there is quite a bit of cosmetic upgrades floating around.
  3. I know the horn beeps if the car hasn't locked properly
  4. So yeah... tried it on the way home and it doesn’t stick through the gear changes. As you say it must be due to the adaptive cruise control
  5. I need to try that on the way home... My Fiesta ST didn't and I kind of assumed it was a Ford thing.
  6. The cruise control in my Audi A3 was the best, it would maintain the speed even through gear changes!
  7. I've got the same engine in my ST Line X and pulling off from a standstill really does sound like a diesel, I've just put it down to being such a small engine capacity and having to work harder to get itself going
  8. My girlfriend has a Nissan Qashqai and that has a heated windscreen too, a load of volkswagens have them too. The patent ran out some time ago
  9. That's right, but Ford give you 3 months or 3gb of free data to use, outside of that you've got to buy your own. You set it up through the Ford Pass app on your mobile
  10. Totally agree! I'm not one for usually de-badging my car but I couldn't get on with the spaces between the characters, almost looked like it was trying to be too Porsche / American ish 😂. Plus it kept snaging my cleaning mitt, so off they came!
  11. I thought I'd re-introduce myself and the new car here. I've been a member on and off for many years. Starting with my Fiesta S1600, moved away to an Audi A3 before coming back with a mk7 FIesta ST. I've now joined the Focus club. I picked myself up a Focus ST Line X with the additional heated steering wheel on a pretty good deal. I'm loving the change from the Fiesta so far! Here's a couple of pics of the car.... I don't plan on doing loads to the car, so far I've wrapped the wing mirrors gloss black and debadged the rear
  12. Are they not daytime running lights? If you put the headlight control to 'O' it should light up, Or maybe a cornering bulb, so with dipped beam on, turn the wheel full lock one way and see if it lights up
  13. Hi all, I've just made the change from my Fiesta ST180 into a '69 ST Line X Focus. I've got to be honest I was a little doubtful prior to delivery, but I absolutely love my Focus now. Such a nice car! Anyway I was wondering if anyone knows the wheel hub size of the mk4, or does it follow it's older siblings of being 5x108? I'm looking to buy some spacers
  14. Yeah they will fit but bare in mind you’d probably want to lower the car as well or risk looking like a tractor. Also i assume you’re currently on 16s? The 18s will be significantly heavier so they’ll slow you down a bit 😆
  15. Question is... why would you spend money modding a car with a black box?? You’d never be able to fully appreciate your mods. Just buy the ST!
  16. There's plenty of videos on YouTube that show the sound difference after fitting one.
  17. It's also worth lookIng into a forge motorsport one. I've had a few of their products over the years and they're top notch quality and often very reasonably priced. Im looking to get one on my ST in the not so distant future
  18. I'm totally with you on that... they come standard as red, it seems like too much of a faff to change them to green or another colour though. im looking at the badges as well, but DMB don't do them anymore so I'll have to have a hunt
  19. Thanks all! I really like the green lip, amazing what a £4 roll of pin stripe tape can do :)
  20. Having owned the car for a little while now, I managed to finally get some pics that weren't just on my driveway! Comments welcome...
  21. If you want silicone pipes, I'd recommend Forge motorsport. They're cheaper than mountune and amazing quality. I've fitted one along with a k&n panel filter. I cant really see any performance difference but induction noise has definitely got louder. Alrhough im going to getting the Forge cone filter with heat shield in the next month or so.
  22. Again mines on an ST but I noticed a difference in sound more than anything. You could hear the turbo dumps slightly better. I guess through sucking in more air
  23. I thought they came with 16s as standard then the street pack bumped them up to 17s...
  24. Marcr1


    Yeah I bought an already modified elm 327 from eBay with the switch. That's the thing, I've tried searching but not having much luck.
  25. Marcr1


    Ok thanks, I'll have a look at this. Do you have a guide or any useful links on how to do it?
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