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  1. My Focus had the over-revving issue. It happened only the once, but that was when the flywheel was dancing all over the place as it was worn out. A new flywheel cured it. I also had a new clutch fitted too as the old one was >50% worn (84k miles) and was caked in swarf. I paid £810 (£900 to regular people) for a new Ford flywheel and clutch, fitted by Ford mechanics. This is extremely cheap for main dealer work in Burton On Trent as they have a garage there on the same site as Ford, but with ex-Ford mechanics. The aim is to get other car brands in there, yet they still take Fords?! Makes no sense to me, but they are very good and very well priced when they use genuine parts. Luckily I did not need a new slave cylinder. A dual mass flywheel can sieze up and act line a single mass one, which will cause torque spikes to go through your gearbox. Not good. Mine was failing the more common way, with excessive play. Just touch your foot on the clutch, so there is some pressure but it is not depressed. If the engine sounds like a bag of spanners and/or the clutch pedal vibrates violently then the flywheel has excessive play and is dying. If your injectors start to leak then one day there will be so much diesel in the oil that even when you remove the key from the ignition it will still be revving itself. The fix for this is a £1500+ new injector set. The only thing to do here is to change the oil, so the car runs perfectly again then part-ex it in ASAP.
  2. Hey all. I think I need a new DMF. It makes nasty noises at idle and very nasty noises if I just dab the clutch slightly with my toe. A garage that is on the same site as a Ford dealer has given me a special discount for a new DMF, as a relative is a long term customer of his. I have a price of £630 all in for a new genuine Ford parts DMF, with £170 extra for a clutch if I need one. The main Ford dealer wants £466 for the flywheel kit alone! Is this a good price? I have heard I can get an LUK flywheel and clutch for far cheaper - £200 for the DMF and £120 for the clutch.
  3. Looking To Get A Remap

    Sounds good :-) Did the Bluefin graph show yours making more power than it should before the remap? Their graph says 152hp yet the 2.0TDCI is supposed to make 136hp.
  4. Looking To Get A Remap

    Hey all. The car: Focus MK2 57 reg Ghia 78,000 miles 2.0TDCI Non-DPF Car in good nick but all engine parts are the originals still. I am looking to get a remap for more power, better pick up from low revs and a touch better economy. I have found that Bluefin are on offer at the moment for £327 inc. VAT and postage. They seem to have a good reputation. Any other companies come recommended? I am wary that many maps claim silly hp figures and/or can damage an engine. Elephant wanted £150 EXTRA per year for a remap up to 25hp (over this they won't insure) - I am 24 with 6.5 years driving and 2 years ncb! Bluefin put the Focus on a rolling road and got 150hp standard. There is a video review of a Passat 140 tdi that was similar. It seems cars make a bit more power than they are sold as. Thanks Matt
  5. Alloy Wheel Refurb Questions

    He wanted £55+vat per wheel plus £10 per wheel for taking the tyres off. Speedy wheels in Burton has been the best price - £180 for a refurb and £220 if they need shot blasting. Wheel wizzard do them for £160+vat and I will go with them I think.
  6. Hey all. My MK2 Focus alloys look a mess with the white mould effect under the paintwork. These are the wheels: http://www.tchfordpa...nwards)_1447901 Ford quoted £20 per cap (unsure if this included VAT) and £65+vat per wheel, diamond cutting would need the wheels sent away and would be £120+vat per wheel. My preferred areas are Burton or Loughborough, but could go to Stoke or Derby if the place is particularly good. Thanks.
  7. Afternoon all. I have just purchased my dad's Focus and it is a 2007 pre-facelift 2.0 TDCI Ghia Euro 4. It has a reasonably nice looking Sony stereo but it has no USB port and no sat nav on it. I would like to change the stereo but I have no ideas on price, or if the wood-effect surround would fit anymore. I have just given my brother my babe magnet (2000 1.0 Micra) and so know very little about the MK2 Focus. In the new members thread someone mentioned I could vinyl wrap the old man wood-effect surround to make it look better. I just want something that looks smart and is a direct replacement for the current unit. I don't want any motorised screens that come out or anything that doesn't look like the car could come out the factory with it :). dogrosie
  8. New Member To The Forums

    Might even add a sat nav stereo. I haven't looked into it though and the Ford one has quite a small screen.
  9. New Member To The Forums

    Thanks :) My plans for the car are: 1) Refurb the wheels. They aren't kerbed but the paint and centre caps look a mess. I won't do this right away as with my old car I didn't worry about the wheels (they were just old wheel trims) and I need to learn to be more aware of wheels hitting kerbs. 2) A remap. Not saying I will, but I will look into it 3) Perhaps spray the front fog light surrounds to make the car look a bit smarter 4) The car is a Ghia trim so has a horrible wood effect around the stereo which would look far better in brushed aluminium I forgot to mention in the first post, the car is a pre-facelift.
  10. Hey all. I am new to the forums. Ever since I passed my test I have had a Micra, which I kept for 6.5 years as it was simply fantastic whilst I was doing my udnergraduate as it never broke. However it is time for an upgrade and this week I am buying my dad's Focus off him as it is in very good nick. The car is: Focus 2007 57 reg 2.0 TDCI Ghia 77,000 miles Euro 4 diesel - No DPF :) Sea grey Wheels need a refurb as they have that 'white rust' effect on them where water has got under the paintwork. The price was £4000 as that is what Motorpoint offered him on trade in towards his new Focus! I live in Loughborough as my postgraduate is at the University there. I am looking for somewhere to get the wheels refurbed and also for any potential mods I can do to the car.
  11. Welcome to the Ford forums dogrosie :)